UW-Stout's B.S. Degree in Information Technology Management

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>>With a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout
in Information Technology Management the job possibilities
are almost endless.
IT management graduates are in high demand
and the field tops the list
in the fastest growing jobs in the nation.
UW-Stout's program provides the opportunity for students to be
in valuable industry certifications while they get
their undergraduate degrees.
For each of the past three years our employment rate
in this program has been 100%.
>>Some of the careers a student would expect to get
after they graduated from the Information Technology Program
here at UW-Stout would be network administrators;
someone who goes in and sets up a network.
It could be somebody who does computer support,
designs different networks, getting into voice over IP,
security, wireless communications, we have people
who work on cell phones.
We have one graduate who designed the encryption
for the unmanned drones that you see in the army.
So it's very wide open on what our students can do.
Most of the lab time is spent hands-on on the equipment.
We spend a good amount of money every year updating our
equipment, getting in the new stuff
that the students can get their hands on using.
>>This major really allows you to work with the equipment
that you'll be working with out in the workplace.
It's a really great atmosphere.
I mean when I go to class, it's a smaller program.
The class size is...I mean the biggest class I've had
in the last three years has been twenty-four people,
twenty people at a time
so everybody really knows each other.
>>Most of the courses have a public speaking component in it;
how do we convey technology to management,
somebody who can make a decision.
That's what we focus on.
Our students do have internship opportunities that a lot
of times lead to full-time employment at companies
like Lockheed Martin, Target, Harris Corporation,
a lot of well-known companies around the area.
>>My internship was to create an AS-5000 software utility
so that technicians could install software.
>>When a student goes out and partakes in an internship
and they come back, we can see such a change in them.
They now see how all the puzzle pieces fit together.
How what we've been teaching them over the past couple
of years, how that actually fits in, and then how
that can apply to business.
What we teach the students is
on the technology that's current today, but we also show them how
to learn about new technologies of tomorrow too.
>>The year that I decided to go to college, Stout beat MIT
in a computer competition and that was my other choice.
I really feel that my education here at UW-Stout is preparing me
for the workplace and later on in life.
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