Bulandi (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 9

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Remember, il you ever give wrong verdict, it'll be your last day.
Does anybody wish to say anything. - Nobody need say anything.
The teacher's suicide proves that she was raped.
And the cause ol it is Arjun Thakur.
And lor that, Arjun is declared an outcast lor ne_ 12 years.
Nobody shall talk to him, or help. Il anybody does so...
he and his lamily will suller the same end.
That innocent girl was a support to her widowed mother.
500/o ol Arjun Thakur's estate will be given to her mother.
This is my verdict.
Here are the keys to the larm house.
We're leaving...
We're going, sister-in-law.
Why did you do this? l know you're innocent.
You were never involved with her and neither have you killed her.
Then why didn't you tell your brother in the court?
He didn't ask, l didn't tell l've done what he told me to.
l've replied only to what he asked. You don't know it...
But my brother and his wile are God to me.
They've brought up Nakul and l like their won kids.
Their ultimate sacrilice is, that they've relused to have kids.
l don't believe in such things, and l'm in no hury to have a kid.
You're childless lor all these years, you tie them il you wish.
- What is it? Why are you cying? - l'm cying at my own mislortune.
Due to my immaturity l've insulted them both vey badly.
l've hurt them.
Pray that God keeps you, and, shows you the correct path.
l don't want happiness, Mother. l want that strength lrom God...
which will in able me to ruin. Dada Thakur's lamily.
Don't say that. God doesn't listen to such evil prayers.
But he's listening to me. The day l came back...
lrom 1$ long years ol exile, he sent his own brother into one!
This is a good beginning. Now see how terrible his end will be!
Dear Lord, will he never learn?
- How do you like her? - vey beautilul.
- Then shall l proceed lurther? - Pronto! Today l really respect you.^^
But lrom today onwards...
Call the girl's mother. Let's discuss the dowy too.
Chandni, my dear...
_ What's the matter, dear? - You're so cruel!
You left me holding an inlant girl. And today l met you after 1$ years!
Why did you play with my love? Why make me an unwed mom?
Forgive me, dear. l was helpless. My conditions were unlavorable.
Else, which rascal will discard a hot and sweet dish like you?
l was all alone after you left. And a lonely woman is ogled at.
That's why l've kept him with me. He's my rented husband!
- What! - Yes. And this is our daughter. - Daddy!
Daughter! Wile! There he goes with his kissing...
- Hey you! - This is my son, Gora.
- Son? Come and hug me, son. - Keep away...
Let me explain. This is your sis. And she's your step-mom, No.33.
You rogue. Till now you showed only cripple, deal and mute girls.
Today l lound someone better, and you made her my sister?
l won't spare you now!
- Brother! - l was going to be your lover, but l became a brother.
He's eating like an Ox!
Wait, dear husband. Where are you going?
Let me go, my dear. This rented hubby is line lor you.
- No! - But l promise to meet you in my ne_ birth as sweet 16.
- Nice and lresh. - No!
Today is a good day lor harvesting il you let me, l'll ask them to begin.
From today Nakul will manage Arjun's work.
- Be with him and help him. - Yes, sir.
Hey! What are you doing? Give that to me.
- This is a woman's job. - l know. But nowwhen he's pregnant.
- l'm going to be a mother. l'm not a patient. - That's just it.
You'll not do any work lrom today. l'll do it. You be happy.
lt'll allect the baby, you see. Understand? Now give me that.
- No! - Give, l say. - What are you doing? Give!
- Are you mad? - Yes l am. Now give me that...
l'll relay, while you sit here.
Listen. May l say something? Meena is pregnant.
Our heir will be born. She'll need a mother or a mother-in-law now.
Somebody who can understand her dilliculties. Who can console her.
Who can give her moral strength. That joy wasn't in my lot.
l just want to met her and present her with bangles.
l know you won't break the rule. But il you wish, it can be done.
No! The rule is not just lor the surrounding villages, but us too.
You can't meet her.
Can't your verdict bend a little?
All the courts allow the prisoners to meet their relatives.
But once your court brands a man as a criminal, he can't meet anyone.
ln Govt.Courts, a man has a right to appeal il he loses the case.
But your court, it starts, and ends, with you!
No appeal, no acquittal no solution.
Your court has discarded a mother's heart by out casting Arjun.
Eveybody is doing their duty. You're doing yours.
Meena did hers by lollowing Arjun. But what am l supposed to do?
Tell me! To your local-court, you're an angel ol justice.
But you're a criminal in the eyes ol a mother.
My love lor my Arjun, will never lorgive you.
Giving verdict is vey easy, but to bear the punishment isn't!
l'll insult your justice. l don't agree with your verdict.
- My respects... - Mine too.
- How are you? - Alright. - l've come to take you away.
lt's her 1st baby l wish to announce it in grand style.
- But what about Brother? - Nobody can object my decision.