BratOK vs Slush - Game 5 - TvZ - America vs Europe - Scrap Station - StarCraft 2

Uploaded by HuskyStarcraft on 22.01.2011

Hello everyone. This is H to the Usky Husky. I'm going to be casting Game Number 5
which is going to be the last game between Slush as the loser spawning up here on the top, and his opponent, BratOK, spawning on the right side as yellow Terran.
Let's all take a moment to remember that last game to enjoy experiencing that for the first time.
That game was ridiculous. It's so funny, because at first, I was like come on, guys, you're making terrible mistakes.
But then it got down to the wire. I was biting my fingernails off. I actually had no fingernails left, as that game was so intense,
and really Slush has swung the favor back into BratOK's hands because with that 6-pool BratOK is like no! It's not going to happen boy.
And then in last game, I thought for sure, for sure that BratOK was going to lose, but somehow able to kill those Brute Lords, able to keep himself in the game,
he did some harass drops and was able to somehow do a victory in that game. I have no idea how he actually did that.
So, I'm really curious to see if he can keep that momentum going or not and Slush is not going to be doing a 6-pool this game - probably a good idea.
And it looks like the much-earlier scout this game than on Jungle Basin as he probably wants to be saved.
The barracks just now starting. Remember on Jungle Basin, he didn't scout until he started his refinery.
So you should actually see the refinery going down right now. Yes we do, so that means he is going to be producing that right now.
Oh god! My mind is just so blown by those last two games that I'm not even sure what to think anymore.
As the spawning pool now starting for the Zerg player Slush. It looks like he is going to be going for the early zergling stage.
Not a bad choice on this map as it takes a long time to get anywhere on this map.
It's like a long road trip, so you got to pack a lot of drinks and you're going to want to drive your fastest car which is going to be those zerglings,
so pretty standard here as the drone is looking to set up an expansion. Don't know if it's actually going to happen as he does have a very annoying SEV.
poking away at him, it's extremely frustrating. Oh god! Almost lost that drone. He needs to get out of there - the second one is going to come down and could kill the SEV.
No! The drone not able to actually kill that SEV, and this drone trying to duke it,
but there we go, had an SEV for breakfast as he slapped him across the face.
I always feel when I watch drones fight that it's like watching Rock'em Sock'em Robots. Do you guys remember that little toy, like red versus blue robots. Best toy ever by the way!
And it's just like watching them fight. So, we do have a factory on the way now for BratOK as he could be going for the dusty cloud fist if he wants. I doubt if he'll be going for a Thor job again.
Although it would be kind of hilarious if he actually ended up going that, but he could potentially be going for Banchees.
which is a slight distance between two points on this map - very close, compared with a lot of maps out there, especially 2-player maps,
so this is the only 2-player map with an extremely close spawn distance like that and this is a SEV -
Is he going to get some more scouting in? I think that BratOK is, once again, going to get a freebie scout.
unless the two zerglings here intercept him and that could be what he's trying to do - take - kill it off. Oh!
It looks like he's going to get in there. I'm not sure, though. More zerlings on the ramp are going to prevent that,
and actually this is a big deal. BratOK is going to see that there is no expansion here, kind of know in his mind that something is up,
so Slush is not playing Standard here. Slush is actually going a one-base play, and so BratOK is going to be like hmm,
What's going on here? And look at this, BratOK is so smart. He realizes that there is no expansion there. He knows that something is up and so
he's going to lift up his barracks here to secure the wall, and he's even got a bunker going on, and so he knows
it's either going to be Banelings, it's going to be Roaches? No. He knows it's Banelings, so he knows exactly what's coming his way.
He just has to prepare for it, and so BratOK is playing this out perfectly. He knows that a potential Baneling bust could happen,
it's not even a potential, it's guaranteed. Oh! He's so smart. He has a bunker placed not against this wall, because these two supply depots are going to get taken out very quickly,
as well as the bunker and so the other bunker is going to get placed down here, so BratOK is scrambling to get ready for this.
- is all going to come down to is this Baneling bust works or not for either player.
He's trying to get a Banchee out as quick as he can. He potentially needs another bunker going down. I don't know whether he's going to be able to though.
He doesn't actually have anything to put in it except one marine that has just now spawned. This is such a tense moment. BratOK has had time to repair.
Is it going to be an up, though? I am not sure. The Banchee is now being produced right now. Here comes the Banelings.
One Bainling goes down before it gets to the bunker. The other ones are going to get blown up. Here comes the zerglings running into the main base.
But the Marines were able to escape. The SEVs pull up into the line. The Hellions are going to try to guard this op.
BratOK is scrambling to try and prevent this from doing too much damage. It is not going to do any damage whatsoever.
Yes, he broke down the wall. It doesn't matter though, because he is not supply locked,
and he does have Banchees on the way, and if the Banchees finish, then all of these zerglings are going to completely destroyed.
And it does look like the expansion is never going to go down for the Zerg player, and wow!.
Slush GG is out of this game. The Banchee was seconds away from completing. As soon as this Banchee was out, all these drones would be dead.
The queen would be dead, and the Zerg player would be forced out of this game, so BratOK able to come from behind
He was down 2:0 he was, like, you know what guys? Come on! I'm just relaxing, having a good time. I'm going to win this next game. Oh, OK.
I'll win the next three, and take this series. So this series went to the ace match, a 3:2 game.
I just made the hand signals three two. You just can't see it - trust me. I had a cool hand signal going on there.
And he won it 3:2 so my hat is off to you, BratOK. I think that Slush played very well in the first two games and the 6-pool was kind of gmick-y.
This game he tried to trick his opponent, but BratOK did have time to prepare for it, and - this is so good.
He realized Baneling bust incoming. I'm just going to build a bunker back here with supply depots, and use the Hellions to kill of the Zerglings. Look at this.
Hellion has 10, 4, and 3 kills.
So they've definitely paid for themselves, that Banchee is so close, so very close to it. That is it. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
I am going to San Francisco now, so I will see you later in the week.
That is all, and I will see you guys next time. Hang on. I messed that one up.
[excited voice] And I will see you guys next time!
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