Your Good Planets Bring Good Times, Bad Planets Bring Bad Times

Uploaded by Astroved on 22.07.2011

My definition of Astrology is: it is a science on time. Astrology, in other words is a science
of time. We recon time through the planets. There was a time when there was no distinction
between astronomy and Astrology, they were together. But now there is a distinction where
Astronomy is simply the position of the planets in the sky and study of these planets and
Astrology is the influence of the planets on human life but for the Yogis, this distinction
between Astrology and Astronomy does not exist, they are one and the same. Basically for them,
it is just an understanding of time, the movement of time. Just think about how you can even
understand the time change without the reference to the planets. We have just solar calendar,
we have lunar calendar, and both of them are just based on the movement of the Sun and
the Moon. That is a larger unit. But go to daily movement of time, for example today
is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. So we can reckon 24 hours in relation to the planets
and today being Thursday, the ruler of this Thursday day is Jupiter and however this Jupiter
is aspected in your horoscope; it is going to bring good or bad results. So time matrix
is the study of Astrology and going beyond the daily movement of time in terms of Sun,
Moon, Mars, Wednesday which is mercury, Thursday which is Jupiter and Venus on Friday and Saturday’s
Saturn and Sunday, these are larger units of the movement of time that we recon and
we have all accepted it and that’s how we look at time. But then there are also smaller
units of time movement, that’s very important to look at, that is the movement of time by
hours and this system is called the Hora system, Hora comes from the word hour. Every hour
the planets change bringing the planetary energies into the world. It is extremely useful
to look at the Hora and find it for yourself how the Horas affect your life. You don’t
want to do things during bad Horas and there are general rules of planets that are generally
bad and there are also particular rules that are particular for a particular horoscope.
For instance, Mars Hora is generally bad but it could be a very good Hora if you are running
a Mars Dasha and the Mars is favorably aspected in your horoscope. Then you don’t want to
discredit the Mars Hora, you may want to use it. For instance, yesterday I had a meeting
setup during Rahu Kala; Rahu Kala is the poisonous time. The reason why I said Rahu Kala is the
right time for the meeting was because the presenter of this project during the Rahu
Kala had the energy of Durga and it was a Tuesday between 3 and 4.30 pm that is the
Rahu Kala and a very powerful Rahu Kala and it vibrated with the energy of this person
and I decided that this is going to really help the project and it did. So people were
wondering why I am selecting Rahu Kala for the meeting and then I explained to them this
is why I selected the time. So you may want to consult a live astrologer and a knowledgeable
one in order to have an understanding of what planets are good and what planets are bad
for you. This is very very important. Generally we can give you an idea of what are the good
planets for you and what are the bad planets for you and you can go to the book and understand
them but it is better to go and have a live consultation with the live astrologer. Having
said that, you cannot simply discredit the general rules, the general rules hold good
for say at least 60% of the time. Only sophistications require an examination by experts but otherwise
I encourage you to follow the tables that are found in books which talk about good and
bad planets in general. As I said, you can get up to 60% results by following the tables
that you find in books.