Russia's Vladimir Putin a kleptomaniac, new book alleges

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Russia's Putin a kleptomaniac, new book alleges
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
apparently likes to take thing that are not his.
Guggenheim Museum art consultant Nic Iljine
details in his new book "A Hedonists Guide to Art"
how in 2005 Putin was invited to the Guggenheim to open a show.
Afterwards at a tea party in the director's office
he was shown a large box containing
a vodka-filled glass sculpture of an AK-47.
Putin held the sculpture for a while
before putting it back and giving it to his bodyguard
who left with it rather quickly.
Those present didn't say anything.
Iljine said that the Russian PM has form for this kind of thing.
In 2005 in St. Petersburg the boss of the New England Patriots
Robert Kraft gave Putin his championship ring to look at.
He didn't think that after trying it on
Putin would put it in his pocket and leave.
Kraft afterwards said that he had given the ring
to Putin as a gift out of “respect and admiration.”
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