The Great Protein Controversy - Healthy Living Lesson

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 06.06.2012

Now, what is the controversy about protein? The United States of America has the Standard
American Diet (SAD), the balanced basic four food groups, it says that you need to have
about 30% protein in your diet. I am saying 5%, where is the discrepancy? Well, most people
say I need protein to build my strong bones, my strong teeth, my strong muscle, so I must
need a lot. So, let’s go back and talk about what protein is used for and where the most
protein is required in life.
Protein is for structure. Where is the most protein needed or at what time in life is
the most protein need ever? I hear childhood. I will give you an age category: how about
40-50 years old? 30-40 years old? 20-30 years old? 10-20 years old? How many think 10-20?
I have a lot of yeses, but no hands; none committing. Get bold. How about 2-10 years
old? How about birth to one year old? Well the handful of bold people put their hands
Dr. Andrea: Think about when you’re doubling and tripling your weight the most.
Dr. Jeff: A human baby will double and triple his body weight in the first year of life.
That is around average. A seven pound baby will be somewhere around 21 pounds at one
year. How many of you here are looking to triple your body weight at any time? None.
Dr. Andrea: Nobody. [everyone laughing]
Dr. Jeff: So you’re not. So now we’re talking about percentages, right? Because
a percentage is a percentage. It has nothing to do with actual quantity, of course a twenty
year old requires more protein in quantity than a newborn, but in percentage of their
diet, a newborn requires the most protein of any time ever in life. Now, you can’t
get this wrong. I will be highly disappointed if you do. What is the best source of food
for a newborn baby? Breastmilk. Although if you were born sometime in the 1960s, your
mother was told she was more like a dog if she chose to breastfeed. She was told that
modern technology had surpassed God and that you should not breastfeed, but rather formula
feed. We do know that breastmilk is the best source of food for a newborn baby.
How much protein is in breastmilk? In human breastmilk; it is different in other animals.
Ninety percent protein? Is it 30% protein like the Standard American Diet guidelines
say? Higher or lower? Everyone agree higher? No, much lower. Okay, how about 10%? We have
5%, where did you get 5% from? [everyone laughing] Did you know that human mother’s milk, wet
weight including the water has 1.2 to 1.6% protein. That is different than a dog, different
than a cat, it’s unique to a human mother. It has 1.2 to 1.6 protein. A human baby will
build triple its structure in one year of life on less than 2% protein. By dry weight
it is somewhere around 5-7% protein, meaning if you took the water out. Isn’t that fascinating?