UNC Charlotte IN:49 - What Are Your Summer Plans?

Uploaded by unccharlottevideo on 11.05.2012

>>My plans for the summer are to take some summer courses.
>>I am gonna be having an internship with Rhett's Marketing because
I'm a business major so that's probably going to take up a lot of my time.
>>I'll be going to Mexico in July just to be with family, to relax,
to get away.
>>I'm gonna be a summer corrdinator at Charlotte and plan on finishing my major.
>>I'm Sydney and this summer I'm going to be working and
I get to go to Cabo and I have to go to summer school.
>>I'm going to work as a lifeguard on the beach and just
make money all summer.
>>This summer I will be graduating from UNC Charlotte. I did a degree
in sociology. I'm excited about that.
>>I'll be working and playing lacrosse.