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Somewhere in an abandoned ruin, it is said that a god able to grant wishes resides
Within this place is an ominous drawing of a butterfly
If one were to stand in front of this picture and chant the words "Shirome, Shirome, grant my request"...
...and that request were pure of heart, then the god would turn their dream into reality
If one were to make a wish in ridicule or without purity...
...then the god, in anger, would reveal it's white eyes...
...and drag the victim, to hell
This is "Momoiro Clover", a 6-piece group commonly known as "MomoClo"
Formed in May 2008, they began playing shows in the streets, gradually building their reputation...
...and gaining popularity.
Whilst attending school, they held live shows on weekends
And began to refer to themselves as the "Weekend Heroine's"
After a couple of member changes...
...they decided on their current line-up in July 2009
In August of the same year, they signed with an Independant label...
...and released their first single, "Momoiro Punch", which debuted at number 11 in the charts
Following this they released their second single in November...
...entitled "Mirai e Susumu" ("Advance to the future"), which climbed to number 6 in the Oricon charts
In May 2010, they finally released their first major single
"Iku Ze! Kaitoushoujo" ("Go! Phantom Thief Girl"), that reached the top spot in the Japanese charts
They are now aiming to appear on the famous gameshow, "The Red and White Song Battle" at the end of the year
This film was to be shown as a satellite broadcast
But due to unforeseen circumstances, its release was delayed
And has now been re-edited
It has been speculated that the "Weekend Heroines", Momoiro Clover are cursed
All of the answers, will be shown in this film
(2nd June, 2010 - Dance Studio)
Reni, turn a little more this way...that's it. And bring your hands down in front of you
- Hey girls - Hey!
(The Director is explaining the plans for a TV appearance)
OK everyone, you all did a great job on getting your first number 1 single... to celebrate, we're gonna be making a TV special about Momoiro Clover for cable
Yay! Awesome!
So here's what we're gonna do...
- Wait, let's do a drumroll! - Yeah!
1,2,3 - (drumroll)
- What the hell? - Eh?
"TV Entertainment Survival MomoClo Special - Ghost Hunting"
Well, what do you think girls? Let me explain what's gonna happen...
(And so filming commences)
For this programme, we're gonna focus on an Urban Legend, so we want you to go to an abandoned ruin
Does anyone know about the legend of "Shirome"?
- Ah, you've heard of it? - Yeah
(The theme of the programme is the Urban Legend of Shirome)
You know it? How?
I heard from a friend at school. I don't know if it's true but I heard it has really white eyes
- A person with white eyes? - Yeah, white eyes
Is it a god?
Have you heard anything else about it?
I heard it grants you a wish for you
Like Akari said, it's a god that makes your wishes come true
But, about the white eyes, this is an ominous sign from the god
The scary part is that, even if you make a wish, if it's not pure of heart, then the god will drag you away
What?! No way!
I don't know much about Shirome myself
So we've got someone to come here and explain it more clearly to you
- I've got shivers going down my spine! - Don't say that!
What's happening?!
I'm so freaked out!
- This is too much! - Let's sing!!!
My name is Kyoujin Yoshida, and I'm a ghost storyteller
In Japan, we are blessed with many derelict buildings and abandoned ruins
In particular, in the Kanto region... is said that some ruins exist, with drawings of butterflies on the walls, but who drew them remains a mystery
There, a god named "Shirome" resides within
"Shirome" is able to make any wish become reality
And if you stand in front of the butterfly drawing and say, with vigour...
"Shirome, Shirome, grant my request" three times...
Then the legend tells that your desire will come to be
If that desire is pure of heart, your words will be heard
However, if there is doubt in your heart, you will be taken by "Shirome"
"Taken" means, you might become a missing person, be involved in an accident, commit suicide...
...or maybe you will simply, lose your mind
About four years ago, an unfortunate case occurred
In a countryside town in the Kanto district, there lived two Junior High School friends - Midori and Aki
The two of them were the bestest of friends
But one day, it was decided that Aki would be moving away to Hokkaido
Naturally they were extremely depressed, but they decided that, no matter where they were, they would always be best friends
As the day of Aki's departure grew nearer...
...they decided, one day, to travel to the next town, after hearing a rumour about "Shirome" living in the ruins there
Of course, their desire was to be friends forever, even though separated
When it became nightfall, they secretly left their homes and set off to the ruins
And yet, no matter how much time passed or how late it became, they never returned home
When their parents realised their daughters were missing, they frantically called their classmates
Some of their friends said that they had gone in search of some ruins
Their parents went to the next town to the ruins
It was terribly dark, and inside this wide building, they yelled...
"Midori?! Aki?!"
They searched high and low for their daughters, but all they could hear was the sound of their own footsteps on the floor
Soon after, they came to a long corridor, again with their footsteps echoing
Suddenly, they stopped in front of a sliding door
One of them put their hand on it, like this...
...and pulled it open
Just after, in the faint darkness, with the room becoming wider...
...they thought they could feel a strange presence around them
They steadied their eyes and gazed into the distance...
The parents screamed in horror
In front of them, from the top of the room, were two jump ropes hanging from a windowframe, at the end of which...
...were Midori and Aki's necks
Their parents quickly cut them down, but their bodies had already turned cold
But the other strange thing was, they were covered from head to toe in scratches and bruises
Just like that, it seemed as if they'd attacked each other
On a wall close by, was a black stain in the shape of a butterfly
I myself, checked the newspaper on whether this whole story was true, and made this discovery
This is an article reporting on two Junior High School girls commiting suicide
Additionally, after this case, other people started dying at the same place
Inside the ruins, three people committed suicide by inhaling poisonous gas
Lastly, about a year and a half after this...
...another girl entered the same building alone
This article reports on how she fell to her death
In short...In short, during these last four years...
At the same building, at the very same ruins
The death toll has risen to six...risen to six people...
Excuse me
Mr. Yoshida?
Are you OK? Stop filming!
He needs some tissues!
Clean this up!
Bring a cloth! A cloth!
Get a bucket too!
Let's go outside, Mr. Yoshida
- Is it alright to stop filming? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry umm...
Shall we go downstairs, girls? We're gonna move to the next studio
I wanna go home!
- Is it OK to move to the first floor? - Yes, that's fine. I'm really sorry about this
(40 minutes later, filming resumes)
OK, take a seat girls
- Ah man! - Just like always
- I'm cold - It's freezing!
Really sorry about that little accident back there
So, about tomorrow's schedule...
(The following Day's schedule is being explained by the director)
I'll explain what we're going to do
We'll be leaving Shinjuku tomorrow afternoon, it'll take about two hours... get to the ruins
Is this the place from the story before?
Yeah, the place where the two Junior High School girls...
- So, we're going to the actual place tomorrow? - Right
When we arrive, we're obviously going to get you to go inside
And try and find "Shirome"
Of course, when you're searching, you'll need to find a picture of a butterfly
So try and find where it is
When you find the picture, we want you to do something there
(The girls are being given a mission)
But before that, we'd like you to do an additional task
- We want you to sing there - Eh? Seriously?!
Which song?!
(The mission is to sing at the ruins)
At the ruins?!
Could we even perform properly?
We want you to sing and dance there
After the song, we'd like to film you praying...
We'd like for you to do this together, but the purpose of the visit is to wish for one thing
(And so...)
The wish is, well, you know right?
To appear on the "The Red and White Song Battle 2010" show
Right. So, in summary, you'll be praying to "Shirome", to get you on that show
(In order to appear on "The Red and White" show, the girls will make a wish to "Shirome")
No problem
I think if you all have pure feelings about wanting to go on the show, the wish will become true
- I think you all want to appear on it, right? - Yeah!
And would you sell your souls to the devil to go on the show?
- Would you even sell your souls... - If we did that we couldn't go on it!
No, no, if you could sell your soul and appear on the show, would you?
Would we survive?!
Yes, if you could survive too...
Ah, well in that case, yeah!
"Shirome, Shirome, grant our request, make Momoiro Clover appear on the Red and White Song Battle show!"
Ok well, that's all for tomorrow's schedule
Also, if each of you can face the camera and talk a little about your experiences today...
...and about your expectations for the shoot tomorrow, that would be great
- Is that OK? - Yeah, OK
- Ah man, they're leaving already! - Don't go!
(During the comment and feedback filming, another strange occurence happens...)
I honestly don't wanna do this!
But because all of MomoClo want to go on the show with pure hearts...
...I think Shirome will definitely grant our request!
I'm gonna do my best!
I've seen stuff about haunted places on TV before, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd actually go to one!
But I'm gonna do this, so we can get on the "Red and White Song Battle"!
I really don't agree with doing this show
I'm gonna face Shirome without fear, and make our wish come true!
I don't know why we have to go to these ruins! It's unbelievable, isn't it?! But...argh, I don't wanna do it!
Everyone seems a little tense, so how about we do the "Kyu, kyu, kyu, kyu" song?
- You don't want to? - Seriously?!
Alright, OK
I take care of my skin, rub, rub rub, rub!
So Arin's cheeks are squishy, squishy!
Squishy, squishy? Bouncy, bouncy right?!
- Bouncy, bouncy... - Ah, you're all too quiet! That was rubbish!
I'm worried we're gonna bring a ghost or something back with us
We've already had weird things happen before during concerts
- I told Shiori about my head getting grabbed by something during a live, remember? - Yeah
Seriously, this kind of can't see it but you can feel it
I know something is gonna come back with us. I hate this feeling! I won't be able to sing!
It's ok, just do your...
I hate this!
What's happened?
Seriously, I really don't need this!
Are you OK?
I've had enough of this!
Listen, before you go in, we've hired two priests to perform an exorcism at the ruins
They're going to accompany you and give you amulets for protection
I don't care!
I don't wanna go!
The spirits there are definitely come back with me, definitely!
This sucks so much!
- What are we gonna do about tomorrow?! - Here, we've got the amulets
I can't do this!
Take them, girls
OK, let's go tomorrow then, hey?
I don't wanna do this!
- Let's take a break for now - OK
Turn it off, Furuya
How is it? Can you take it back?
(The frightened girls are calmed down) (Filming then resumes)
Well, here we are!
So, erm...
(To create atmosphere for the programme, the girls are staying overnight in the studio)
We've been told by the staff...
...that we unfortunately have to stay overnight here
I wanna go back to the other room
I know, right?
Let's go to sleep quickly!
Alright, but before that...
- First up, Momoka! - Hey!
If I fall asleep, I can forget everything, so let's get to bed!
- Arin! - Hey!
I wanna...yeah, I'm kind of tired so...
- ...I'm gonna go to sleep quickly too - OK!
Akari, you're already...
Well, erm...
You can ignore me if you want but...
...I feel like I'm being watched
Are you being serious?
- Is something here? - Quit it, seriously
You suck! I'm going to sleep!
Hey! Wait a second!
Grab your amulet then!
It's just because I've been feeling really weird since before
- Anyway, I'll do my best - Let's all do our best
Don't pretend you're asleep! You haven't said anything yet!
I dunno what to say so I'll just go to sleep
OK, Shiori!
Save me Kanako!
I'm scared too!
Let's go to sleep together
Yeah, don't let go of me, OK?
Kanako, give it here
Your turn Kanako!
What should I say?
If I sleep holding onto Shiori the whole time, I think I'll be OK
Yep, I'll protect you!
What?! It's the other way around isn't it?!
- I've got to make sure the amulet's next to my pillow - Yeah, keep hold of it
OK, everyone get in the shot!
- I still feel like I'm being watched - Quit it already!
Yeah, stop it Akari!
Isn't it just 'cause of the camera?
- It's coming from where Reni is - Seriously?
- It's not the camera, It's like it's above... - Like it's all around you?
You're creeping me out. Stop going on about it
- It's not filming is it? - Yeah, it's still going
Let's go!
See ya!
(The next day)
When it becomes the weekend, going into the unknown but appearing in a town near you...
...are the idols that always deliver the liveliest songs, the "Weekend Heroine's" - Momoiro Clover!
"My smile will change the world. You decide my future. Can't stop"
This is MomoClo's "Cool Beauty" Akari Hayami, a 15-year-old first year High School student
Nice to meet you!
1,2,3...I take care of my skin, rub, rub rub, rub!
So Arin's cheeks are squishy, squishy!
Squishy, squishy? Bouncy, bouncy right?!
Bouncy, bouncy!
A little bit sexy and a little bit mischievous...
This is Momoclo's idol Ayaka Sasaki, nicknamed Arin...
...and the youngest member. I'm a 13-year-old second year Junior High School student
Nice to meet you!
The "Shi" in Shiori!
Don't get mad!
The "O" in Shiori!
Don't get angry!
The "Ri" in Shiori!
Feel the rhythm!
Today, together...
"Let's MomoClo-chan!"
Kind of a crybaby, kind of needy but everyone's younger sister...
...This is Shiori Tamai, nicknamed Shiorin, a 15-year-old third year Junior High student
Nice to meet you!
Raise your right hands!
Wave it side to side!
No matter what happens, let's have some fun! Always carefree!
Takagi Reni!
Right behind you!
Takagi Reni!
Loved by everyone!
Takagi Reni!
Like I said, it's...
Takagi Reni!
Hello! This is MomoClo's electrifying Reni Takagi
I'm a 16-year-old second year High School student
Nice to meet you!
1, 2, 3...
Small but energetic...
Just a little naive, it's Momoka!
Last one! Everyone, together!
Hey! This is MomoClo's slightly silly little giant, Momoka Ariyasu
A 15-year old first year High School student
Nice to meet you!
Let's go! With a 'ha'! With a 'ha'! With a 'ha! With a 'ha'! Touch your forehead!
Who's the Cinderella in the tea gardens?
Alright! Thank you!
With dimples like pitfalls of love, this is Momota Kanako
And I'm a 15 year old first year High School student
Nice to meet you!
That's everyone! We are the idols you can meet anytime, the "Weekend Heroines", Momoiro Clover!
Nice to meet you!
OK! We're now heading towards the place where, according to the legend, Shirome is said to live
- I was just forgetting about that! - Me too!
I don't wanna go!
But, because it is said that when you make a wish to Shirome with a pure heart, the request is granted...
...and because our aim is to appear on the 'Red and White Song Battle', we want to make this dream come true!
- Let's do our best! - Let's do it!
Alright. So anyway, last night we were suddenly told by the staff that we had to stay in the lesson studio
Yeah, we had to!
How was it?
Well, Akari heard something weird, didn't you?
You're always saying that! You were going on about it before we went to bed!
I don't know why, but I was kind of half asleep and half conscious
And I heard this 'Patapata' sound, almost like footsteps, circling around me
Hang on, hang on. What do you mean?
(A sound similar to footsteps was heard last night)
Well, at first I was like "Huh? Did I really hear that?"
- So it sounded like footsteps? - Yeah
Then, well...I thought I'd scare you all so I didn't say anything but... my dream, well I don't even know if it was a dream but...
...there were white eyes on the ceiling
What?! Really?
On the ceiling, there were a lot of white eyes, kinda like needles
(White eyes were seen on the studio ceiling)
How do you mean?
- So... - Hey, so did it feel like you were in a really wide, open area?
Not really a wide area, just on the ceiling, you know, of the studio
- And they were open, like this...all over the place - I saw it!
It was crazy! So, I don't know where I was but it was like I was in a huge, open space
(Another person too...)
- And there were white eyes there? - Yeah, like lots of them everywhere
(During a dream, lots of white eyes are seen)
Yeah! Ahh!
Quit it, I'm scared!
(The girls will shortly arrive at the ruins where Shirome is said to be)
OK, everyone
- We'd like you to wear blindfolds until we get to the ruins, if that's OK - What? Blindfolds?!
- So you mean we won't know what kind of place it is? - Right
Until right before we go in?
He's handing them out?
OK, put your masks on everyone!
It's too dark
- Is that you, Akari? - This is creepy!
Keep them on until we get there, girls
Watch out, there's a step here
Yeah, just one step and then you're on the ground
Then slowly walk straight ahead
My breath...
Alright, you're all now standing in front of the ruins
We're gonna count to three, and then everyone take off your masks at the same time
I'm so freaked out! I don't know what to do!
OK! 1,2, take your masks off!
What the hell?!
- No way! - It's a school?
Yes, a school
No way, no way, no way! I'm going home!
We're in the schoolyard, aren't we?
- No way, no way! - I'm scared even now!
There's definitely something here. I've been to a place like this before
- Really? - Don't say that!
I hate this!
So, right here, during the last 4 years, 6 people have died
- Argh! - I don't want to know, I don't want to know!
Like you were told yesterday, in this very spot, 6 people have lost their lives
Because the 6 of us are all together, I'm gonna do my best and go inside...
...then we can find Shirome and make our wish to get on the 'Red and White' show
I'm gonna do my best
Erm, so I... argh, this really sucks. I wanna go home right now but...
...we really want to get on the show, so I'm gonna do my best
Well, all I can think about is going on the show so, I'll go in with everyone else
I hate this...
I really don't wanna go in but, our desire to get on the show is stronger... I'm gonna do this for everyone
I just want to get this over with and then we can all go home
I'm ready
I'm gonna do my best and just hope I don't get possessed or anything
I'm gonna come back having gotten us on the show
OK girls, I'm going to introduce you to the two experts who'll be assisting you today
Spiritualists Mrs. Sou Yuuko and Mr. Kamishima Kenjiro
(Two spiritualists join the group)
Nice to meet you
Go ahead, Mrs. Sou
Well, I'm Sou Yuuko
Mmm, there is no doubt in my mind that something terrifying lies inside the walls of this building
Like a supernatural kind of aura, you know...
My name is Kamishima Kenjiro. I'm a spiritual exorcist
This really is not a safe place
If your senses are strong, then you will understand
Take a look at that pine tree
You can see that it's already half-withered
- I can feel the energy of a curse, which consequently is draining the life from it - Woah, he's right!
- Why, why, why?! - Creepy!
Not cool!
Why is it only happening there?
It's very important that you all tense up your bodies and focus
(Firstly, behind the school building, a spiritual purification cermony will be performed)
Look at that. Not good!
- Waaah! Desks?! - Now I'm freaked out
Now, let us begin the spiritual ceremony
We have finished. You may open your eyes
Alright, so just to recap, the people that will be entering the building, are of course, Momoiro Clover
Also, Mrs. Sou, Mr. Kamishima and the necessary staff members will go in too
We also have a very special guest here today...
...that I'd like to call in. Just wait there a moment
Take a look over there
It's alright, it's alright
It's OK!
I hate this! I seriously don't wanna do this!
No way, no way, no way!
Calm down girls
Shall we go back over there?
- Do we have to listen to him again?! - It's OK, he just going to talk
I don't wanna listen! We're scared! I don't wanna listen!
- This is a special guest... - Who is this man?
I haven't heard anything about this
Ah, sorry about that
It's just for a surprise in the show. Like you and Mr. Kamishima...
But I can feel that this man's aura will aggravate whatever is inside here
This doesn't bode well
I think it would be better for everyone if he went home
This man hasn't been purified yet, has he?
- No, he hasn't - Hmm...
I don't know whether this is to make the programme more interesting but...
...this is absolutely outrageous
Well,'s not to make it more attention-grabbing...
...this is Mr. Yoshida by the way, but he's brought us some new information
This man is easily possessed
People have a predisposition to many things
But the true nature of this man, and I'm sorry to say this because he's right here... that he is a man that can be easily controlled by evil
I really think it's best for him to leave
I'm sorry but we really have to get going with filming
So I think we should have everyone listen to this story first
After that, we can...erm...
You really should have told us about this before
I'm really sorry
Sorry but we have to keep going
Well, thankyou. I'm ghost story-teller Yoshida Kyoujin
You all heard afew days ago about Midori and Aki
- The two Junior High School girls - I don't wanna hear!
Well, the place where they comitted suicide is actually a classroom in this abandoned school
"Which classroom was it?", I hear you ask
Well, I spoke today directly with one of Midori's cousins
and we recorded the interview
Seeing this will be of great benefit to you all
If you'd please look this way
They recorded this today, girls
(Featuring the cousin of one of the girls who committed suicide...)
I don't wanna see! I hate this!
(...a video of the interview with him is being brought out)
Well, excuse me
But this may be a little shocking for you all
- No way - I'm not gonna watch
Nice to meet you
You too
Tell us about your relationship to Midori
OK...She's my, um, Midori's my cousin
My mum's younger brother's kid
We used to see each other during the Summer vacation and at New Year's Day
and we used to do things like play trump together, we were very close
Just before she died, we met at a relative's wedding
Like always, she was bright and cheerful
and she definitely didn't look like she was contemplating suicide
I honestly couldn't believe it when I found out she'd done that
We heard about what happened to the girls through one of your friends but... haven't spoken about this to anyone else, have you?
That's right
The other day, it was the anniversary of her death
And while I was praying at her grave...
...three of her classmates came to do the same
We spoke with each other a little
And everyone said the same thing...
That Midori and also Aki, never showed any signs of wanting to end their own lives
Hearing this, I wanted to know more
So the girls told me where the school and the classroom was
and in the evening I went there by myself
Sorry...erm...There was a broken window on the first floor
and using my flashlight, I got through it
So I set off for the classroom at the end of the corridor on the second floor
The corridor was long and there was something not right
While I was walking, I heard a strange kind of 'bash, bash' sound
And it felt like there was some sort of presence watching from above
Lastly, I heard a 'pata, pata', as though someone was walking right next to me
I was really scared
I wondered whether it was Midori, calling for me
Then, I heard the footsteps going towards the classroom on the second floor
I opened the door and...
Mr. Murai?
Yeah, I'm OK, sorry...erm...
In the classroom, did you find a butterfly pattern?
Butterfly? Yeah, there was
Can you continue?
Yeah...sorry, erm...
I'm so sorry
So, I opened the door, and went in
As I did, there was...there...
Are you OK?!
Sorry, sorry...what the...what the hell was that?
What was that?
- It seems as though it was a kind of poltergeist - Poltergeist?
That looked like he was floating...
An evil spirit
I feel that it came solely to attack Midori's cousin
Anyway, like he said
There is no doubt that the classroom where the suicide took place, and where Shirome resides
is none other than the second floor classroom
Which end of the second floor it is, we still...we still don't know...
In this building...?
Yes, which end of the corridor it is
Are you alright?
What did I tell you?!
He's been taken. He's possessed
- What the hell?! - Let go!
No way! No way!
Stop filming! Furuya, get Katou over here!
I'm out of here!
You can't! If you go, we can't finish the programme
I want the exorcists to make sure it's safe one more time
The God of Mercy now protects you through your amulets
Alright? There are now Sanskrit characters written inside
The top one is the God of Mercy
He protects you now
It's alright. We'll be with you
It's OK, it's OK
(At long last, at the School Ruins where Shirome lives...)
(...the girls finally go inside)
OK, well, I think we're now going to enter the building
We'll try to film as much as we can so we can tell the world about this
It's open
- Let's do our best - OK
Lets do this
- Alright, go on in - OK
We should go in one at a time, right?
It stinks!
Alright, can we have Ms. Sou and Mr. Kamishima come to the front?
Can you feel anything in here?
I can sense something this way
Well, shall we take a look up there?
This is scary!
What's happening?
Did you hear that sound?
It's guiding us there, isn't it
- I hope not - I don't think we should go
Wasn't it just a cicada?
It was the sound of a spirit
It's inviting us in
I don't wanna go
- Go slowly. Tell us if you sense anything dangerous, Souda - OK
He's going by himself?
No way, No way, No way, I'm serious!
- Why is it... - Didn't you just look there?
What was that?! This sucks!
Please, let's stop!
Stop! STOP!
There's no point searching for anything, it's a poltergeist
OK, well, let's just keep moving
I hate this! Help me!
Help me, help me
What's that sound? Please stop!
Stop it! Stop it!
- Enough! - Why aren't we moving?
Was that the wind?
That door was shaking
It was the wind!!! Definitely the wind!!!
Just the wind...
Quit it, seriously!
- Stop, please - I just wanna get out of here!
- Quit it! Seriously! - Is it even this way?! Argh!!
I wanna get out of here
Stop it now!
It's from over there, isn't it? That sound...
- Let's go back! - That's really strange, isn't it...
What should we do?
- It's coming from that door... - From here?
I can feel a presence there
OK, can someone open it...the door?
Alright Kanako, try and open it
It's OK, it's OK
- It's OK - It was just something in the way
- I jumped! - It's OK
My heart stopped!
It's shaking
- Something's shaking - Sorry, that was me
No, no, no...look at the light
Yeah, you're right
Look at this, why is it shaking?
Hmm, shaking
Let's check everyone's here!
Numbers! 1,2,3,4,5,6, Yay!
Let's go!
Going in...
- We're coming in - Sorry for the disturbance
Here we go...
That smell...
It's still shaking, look
There's no butterfly
- No butterfly, huh? - I'm scared!
What IS this room?
- Doesn't it look like a principal's office? - Yeah, kinda
That photo looks like it's a principal
Sorry for the intrusion
- Sorry about this, we won't be long - We're just looking for something
I can't tell exactly what it was, but I can feel that some kind of spirit was definitely here
It feels to me like it's hiding somewhere
- Looks sticky... - It's over there too
It's right above us aswell
It's on the sofa, too
I think it may well be in this room
This is creepy!
- There's something moving over there - I saw it!
- There! Right there! - It was there!
- Where? - There!
- There's something moving over there - I saw it!
- There! Right there! - It was there!
- Where? - There!
It went up into that corner over there
It's going to the second floor, maybe to return to it's original form
It's stopped, the shaking
Yeah, it has!
I wonder how
It's stopped...
The storyteller before, he told you about a classroom on the second floor, didn't he?
- Shall we go up? - Uh-huh, let's go
Sorry for disturbing you
There they are, the stairs, on the left
Was that the wind?
The wind, just the wind
What's that? What is it?
There's something...
...there's a barricade here
- A barricade?! - I dunno!
Not only that, there are some decorations up there that bring bad luck
This looks like it's cursed...
- Mmm, there's all kinds of cursed relics here, huh? - Yes, absolutely
- Can we get through? - Put the light on it
This is...I don't even know what to call it
- There, in the trashbag... - Yeah, there's something in it
- Is that something soaked in formalin? - I dunno
Dead flowers too
Here, too. Dead flowers here too
And looks like egg or something
This is worse than that white stuff we saw downstairs
Don't touch this, I've a feeling it may collapse and fall
Be careful
- Let's go down - Slowly, slowly!
Watch your step
- There's nothing but corridor this way - Shall we try this way?
Was it 1996?
- I was born that year - Yeah...
We're now in a place where the curse is very strong
It's so dark
The stairs are worse here than the other ones
Are we going up?
Let's just get to the bottom of the stairs for now
- That made me jump! - What the hell?!
Let's keep going but be careful, it's scary
Shall we walk in two lines?
- Yeah, two by two is good - Let's stop walking one-by-one
Let's do this
- This is for our dream right?! - Yeah!
- If it's for our dream, we can do this! You want to go on the show, right?! - Yeah!
We can do this!
Ms. Sou?
Wait, it's alright, it's alright!
Sorry! I'm so sorry! We can't go that way... I'm so ashamed
We should stop this, it's not safe here
Everyone, let's stop, let's go home!
Let's go home, let's go home! Think of the the poor girls!
We can't go back now. Let's just finish this and get it over with
We should leave
No, this is... If we leave now we can't finish the programme. I'm sorry but...
This is our lives we're talking about here!
It won't take long, I promise
Many have lost their lives here, you know!
I know that, but we're all here together, so...
I'm sorry, but all we can do is watch over you from here
We can't go with you
- Everyone's life is in danger! - Wait a second...
Our spiritual senses are being drained here
This isn't good
We're going to keep going. If we sense anything dangerous then we'll obviously come straight back
- You're definitely going? - Yes, we need to finish
What about what we want?!
OK girls, me and Ms. Sou are going to watch over you the whole time and transmit our energy to you
No! Come with us!
I'm sorry, but we really can't
- What?! - If they can't come, then it's over right?
- OK, so you're going to do that and support us from here, right? - It's being used up...?
Yes, absolutely
OK everyone
Mr. Kameshima and Ms. Sou are staying here...
Oh God the staff, myself and the girls are going up
- Shall we go up? - OK
It's OK, we can do this!
I have here a holy chime. Listen closely
As long as you can hear this sound, our energy will protect you
Rely on this sound to guard you, and keep moving forward
- Alright - I'm not gonna cry
Let's do our best
We're not gonna cry
"The shining stardust lights up the darkness"
"Without hesitation, we can go on"
"Like a shining arrow flying in the wind"
"I believe in my friends. Friendship is all around us"
"The sign that can show us the way shines in my heart"
"Without looking back, we keep pushing on"
"We can go"
"Let's swear on our lives, with righteousness in the depths of our hearts"
"Now let's fly the dreams we have for tomorrow here"
"Whatever we come up against, we can surely face"
It's alright, it's clear up ahead
The chime's still ringing. Keep going
- Remember, we promised we wouldn't cry! - Not gonna happen!
- Don't worry, hold my hand tight - It's alright
Hey, I can't hear the chime
What happened to the chime?
Mr. Kamishima?
It's alright, he's definitely back there somewhere
Woah, that's the same thing as before, isn't it?
- It looks like a doll - I don't think it's safe here
- Doesn't look safe - Well...
Why don't we close our eyes and pray, and then try going in?
It's gone quiet
It's OK! Get in there Kanako!
I want to get on that show! More than anyone!
I can tell!
The door's open
- Go on in - I'm going in
Sorry for the disturbance
Let's try and find the butterfly
Bring the light here
Isn't that it over there?
Woah! That's it!
What the hell's that?! It's dripping!
Did this come from the ceiling?
- Weird. This must've come from the butterfly - Definitely
I guess there's been some bad wishes made here
There's a photo here
Found some incense here too
And some glasses
Chrysanthemums too
- Is that a letter? - Woah...
"I have a request for Shirome..."
What's that?
- There's a letter here - "I have a request for Shirome..."
"And thus have found my way to his place"
"I have a seven year old son who has just fallen ill"
"We took him to the hospital, but they found a tumor"
They wanted to wish for his recovery, huh?
Shall we dance?
Everyone make sure you say your true feelings to Shirome!
(A song is performed in front of Shirome)
(The time has come to make a wish)
Alright! Let's get ourselves on that show!
- Was that OK? - Great! Thanks girls!
Shall we do it? 1,2,3!
'Shirome, Shirome, make us appear on the Red and White Song Battle Show'
- I wanna get on the show! - It's alright
I wanna get on the show!
I promised myself we'd get on the Red and White show! I wanna perform for everyone!
We're definitely getting on it
- Let's do our best - Definitely getting on it
(26th June, 2010)
(The 2nd Anniversary Show)
The last thing that was filmed in this programme was extraordinarily bizarre
It may well be that for all their success, Momoiro Clover will carry a curse forever
That was awesome!
Good job everyone!
- That was so much fun! - I'm sweating!
- I'm hot - It was so hot out there huh?
- Great job Girls! - Thanks!
Fantastic performance! Everyone loved you
Thanks alot!
- I'm so hot! - Well, I have one more thing I'd like to ask you but...
...would you still sell your souls to the devil to get on the Red and White show?
Yeah! Of course!
There's no doubt about that, right?
After this, Momoiro Clover became even more popular
But no one knows where their wishes will take them
Subtitle Translated by Bung Hasta
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