How to Assemble a Model Car : Learn About Supplies for Model Cars

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, I'm Greg B from Expert Village. Today we're going to talk about model cars. Now
we're going to talk a little bit about some of the supplies and tools you need for assembling
a model car. This is your typical glue that you can find in Wal-mart, K-Mart, your hobby
shops. This is testers glue it's been out on the market for years. This is a tool of
the trade so to say. I like to use from time to time, for my small parts, a toothpick so
I don't get too much glue on a part. This is your testers plastic glue and this comes
with a brush. This works great when you're gluing your clear plastics like your headlights,
your windshields in, it's easy to control this. This is Crazy Glue, this works with
your resin kits. You've got to be really careful with this because you will stick your fingers
together. Those are some of the types of glues that are out on the market that are available.
These are some miniature side cutters or cutting pliers. They work good for trimming parts
off of the tree without destroying them. Needle nose or a pair of tweezers so I don't get
the glue on my parts and so I can hold the part in place. You need these. This is a cheap
knife set, I paid a dollar for it at a dollar store. This you can use to trim your parts
off of the trees, which I'll explain to you later, so you get that clean cut shaving there.
This is a file kit. You have round files it in, flat files. Not expensive, five dollars.
It works great on your plastic parts and your resin parts, clean the flashings that might
be on there. These are some of the tools that you should have to make assembling your car
a lot easier.