Legoland Florida Christmas Bricktacular

Uploaded by InsiderPerks on 17.12.2011

It towers over you at 30 feet tall and is made from 270,000 forest green Lego and Duplo
blocks. A huge yellow star graces the top of this tree that will continue to be lit
throughout the 2011 holiday season.
>> David: This tree was a, took about a couple of months, month and a half with five builders
so something like Duplo is quite easy to make once they get going with a, with a plan. And
this one was made over in Kladno in Czech Republic and was shipped here.
Though you could spend quite a bit of time examining the amazing details of a tree this
size, there are a few other things to do for the holidays here at LegoLand Florida.
Throughout Miniland USA, if you take the time to look closely, you'll see a large number
of carefully placed holiday decorations. Elves spin around in the NASA training facilities,
stand in the corner of boxing rings and can even been seen in tiny lego fountains and
on the decks of pirate ships.
Santa sits in the crowd to watch a space shuttle take off from Kennedy Space Center and stands
on the steps of the Florida state capitol. Look close enough at the Jefferson Memorial
and you'll see him there as well. His sleigh and eight very tiny lego reindeer stop in
San Francisco and he even attends a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in California.
>> David: We're gonna have a number of different activities going on with extra costume characters,
we're gonna have meet Santa in the botanical gardens and we've also, we we end on the the
uh, with a fireworks spectacular over on the beautiful Lake Eloise there on the 31st of
Here next to waterfalls and among carefully crafted lego deer and adorable otters there
is a Christmas celebration like no other. One where have a fake tree just might for
once be better than a real one and where even the candy gets dressed up for the holidays.
>> David: Lego itself, being a toy is brilliant for kids around this time and only for children
with small uh families with small children Lego is absolutely ideal. With the extra,
the fact that it's a new park, the extra things that we're adding around town, uh it's the
only place you can really really come if you have a Lego fanatic in your household.