The Charlie Incident

Uploaded by wheezywaiter on 28.01.2012

Hmm. Let's see what sorts of punishments the beardlovers suggested for me not meeting my
goal of four videos a week. Dum de dum, scroll scroll scroll. Shave my beard? Yeah, right.
This is a punishment for me, not the world. La-di-da, scrolling more, scrolling more.
Do an impression of charlieissocoollike? That British YouTube sensation? I can't do that.
But that would be awesome. He's the most popular British person ever in the history of ever!
He probably gets free crumpets sent to him every day, and I don't even know what crumpets
are. Man, I wish I could be Charlie. But that'll never happen. Oh, I feel the sleep monster
coming on. Little did he know there was a certain magic
brewing that night. This is not my bedroom.
Hello? Is anyone there? I'm Charlie. From London. God save the Queen and all that.
Hmm. Bit of a pickle, this is. Is that... is that a pillow... in the shape
of a beard? What is this place? Alright, enough mucking about. Alex... Alex,
you can come out now. What did you do? What...? This is not my shirt.
This is like a circus clown's shirt. Why is everything so blue? Where... Alex,
where are you? Who is that disgusting man? This mirror's
dirty too. What is going...? Not a bad beard, though.
That's a bit better, innit? Hello there, internet. A bit of a hum there.
That was weird. It's me. Charlie. I don't... I don't really
know what happened, but I woke up this morning and is... is my mole on the wrong side. That's....
ooh, that's a bit embarrassing. Nothing a bit of spit and polish can't solve, eh?
There we are. There we are. Mole placement corrected.
So I woke up this morning in a strange flat. I... I don't know how I got here. I don't
know where I am. And I had this strange old body. I sound a
bit like an American trying to sound British. I don't know... I don't know exactly where
I am, but I'm not gonna go outside and check looking like this.
I really do have to commend this person for going outside looking like this every day.
It must take a lot of willpower. Also willpower for the people who have to look at this person.
I do like the beard, though. I gotta say. It's a bit itchy. Itches a bit. A bit itchy.
But nothing too serious. Made up the place to look like my office.
Don't have a unicycle, though, so I put a skateboard there. Tried to ride it earlier.
Whoaaaaa. Blimey! So yeah. Here we are.
I don't know why this happened. How we can reverse it. A bit scared, really. Actually.
I wonder if this person took over my body, what that would be like for them.
Oh my god! I've woken up as charlieissocoollike. It smells like the tea is done. I love it
when the tea is done! I'm gonna British my way to the tea! Ah, this is so spiffing!
Wait. My beard is gone! I hope... I hope that didn't happen. I couldn't
find any tea here. Just coffee. Bollocks. I'm pretty sure every part of my body's covered
in hair. Except where it counts. While snooping about, I found a cloning machine.
I used it. - Hello guv'ner.
- Oh hello guv'ner. - Cheerio.
- Cheerio. - Cheerio.
- Cheerio. - Quite right.
- Quite right. - Quite right.
- Quite right. - Quite right.
Lovely chap. I guess I'll just go to sleep and hope I wake
up back at home. Little did he know there was... oh, you get
the idea. Hello? Butler? I've woken up in a strange
room again. This is no way to treat the Queen. A camera and a monitor? I'm young. But I have
a mole. You've just had the almost imponderable joy
of watching Wheezy Waiter. Which makes you, like, the... the wheeziest. Or something.