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Take your seats
This meeting, with the situation so tight
Is held to discuss an important issue
Our No. I mole. Mr. Sum, has died a hero
But he's left an important clue
This black box is it
Inside it there's a roll of transparencies
Let's take a look
This man is am American called Kissing Fish
A notorious broker in international crimes
This man is a Japanese, Yukio Fushime
And his underling Doyuta, of unidentified origin
They are up to something
Japan's Red Army wants to buy weapons from the terrorists
Payment in Hong Kong, delivery elsewhere
Now. Hong Kong is a free port
Paying someone some money is not a crime
We have no right to arrest them
But Interpol asks us to stop them
Any suggestions?
OK. Raygun. spell it out
I'm going to 7-1 1 to ease my hunger
Nothing is more urgent than our subject
I suggest nobody leaves during the meeting
I suggest we simply steal their money
Then the deal is off
We policemen stealing money?
Law enforcers breaking the law!
You're wasting the taxpayer's money
That's all. Meeting is dismissed
Switch on the lights
You, stay behind for a word
Yes, sir
You have the right idea. But who?
You ruled out the policemen
Let's have someone outside the Force
We called in outside once
Let's give it to Fatso again
You mean kid stuff Right
Oh! Kidstuff
Sit down
How's everything, kid stuff?
I'll come to the point
Ba Wa has told me the job
She's told me the reward
But one problem remains
What problem?
I don't want shady dealings any more
Give me a commission, I'll do it
Easy, we take it for granted you're a cop
But I need the commission papers
As well as your seat
I want everyone calling me sir
Sure. here's the badge. gun
You may have my uniform if it fits
Walter Tsao. what are you doing?
They say you called in outsiders
Is it something beyond us?
Just some misunderstanding
Misunderstanding for sure
Right. truly it's a misunderstanding
Kid stuff
Quito Kid stuff
You've lost weight
And you had plastic surgery?
A little I worked in an office
Where every girl has wasp waist and cockroach midriff
I developed inferiority complex
One doesn't die of it
But it's worse than death
So I went for skin stretching, nose refitting
I got back my dignity in 3 months
and became the femme fatale again
Men. they became willing prey
Skin, eye. nose refitting
Then I'm not looking at the old you
I don't mind I'm happy
How about you?
I Left the orphanage like a lamb
Pure in character, moral in outlook
So I get cheated again and again
All my romantic concern for women is gone
Only my chastity remains intact
It's for sale but no takers
Then I met Roundhead and Sandy
They took your chastity?
No, they taught me to mug. to rob
With some savings, we took a gun
And robbed the banks a jeweler’s. and vaults
They now call me the Ram. no more Lamb
Rammy, are you scared?
No, the police are behind me
Ask Walter Tsao for confirmation
Don't ask me. I understand nothing
I'll go home, knocking my head on the wall
That wouldn't hamper you
It's trendy to talk gibberish
Kid stuff, it won't work. I'm married
You and me in a room! Dangerous!
How about a public place
Good. the coffee shop. maybe
Who's for lemon cola and tea?
Who's for lemon cola and tea They are mine
Let me!
No need Let me
Hey lady cop
How about that side?
Looks all right
What's you comment?
Never seen Lady Cop so nice to man
Just ordinary friends maybe
You're nuts
Get Baldy here quick
How about you?
To summon the ambulance, of course
I'll get the chaps here for the show
How could you do this to me!
What. what did I do?
Speak up, you
You made me a cuckold I'll kill you
Didn't you see?
I'll kill him too
Is that so? I believe you
Dismiss it all as a family tiff
You can dismiss it since you're not the cuckold
Tiny, you put it wrongly
Let me tell it for you
If my wife became unfaithful
I would find out what was his long suit
Then I'd examine my own faults
Hear that? Now you know your faults
Tolerance is a must for a couple
Learn to be a good husband. bastard
I have a happy marriage
But I keep the cuckold's cap handy
Just to remind myself
Be nicer to the woman
A man spends 1/3 of his life in bed
And the wife takes half of the bed
Some talk! He can't even count
I'll forget about the figures
But use Chinese morals to discuss marriages
The five human relations are..
I saw your wife chummy clammy with a fat man
My cuckold's cap is in use then!
Just like this one here
Tiny, my words were outdated
No longer in fashion Being a man. beat him up. Go
Come on
He never dares go home late
Where are the adulterous ones?
Over there
The couple doing the tete-a-tete
Never try to separate a couple
Right. Go and beat your wife's lover
Shut up. I know what to do
It won't work
Tell me what's so funny
Baldy, but you're on duty
Right. so I have the gun, two of them
You shouldn't. Hide them
Let me introduce you two
Move over there Too many strangers
What strangers?
So you are the Eric Kid stuff
So we meet again Fatso
So darned careless
A toast is for munching, not squeezing
I'll get some wiper
Fatso, I'm Albert her husband
Marriage license No AA260111
And I'm Ng, Id card E7266541
Quito is y first love
When! Was eight
That's not first love, but cradle love
You don't know what first love is
So I consulted Quito
Did it really take so long?
Both of us are talkative
What else did you do?
Nothing Nothing. but nothing
That's his
Albert. what are you doing?
Sir. what happened?
Nothing. wife. get me a couple of..
Blissful, very blissful
Water, water
Albert. you sprayed his face
Nothing. having some fun
Let's see who does it better
My turn
Are you ready?
Let's go
See? I'm prepared
But you did it twice Albert
You're great
Now we know each other. Wipe your face
I'll invite you two to dinner
No, let's have the honor
Come to my house on Saturday
It's a deal! bye
I'll send you off
Sir. they're gone
Chase them
Just like a cat on the hot tin roof Must watch
What did you two do to my face?
Come over to help
Reading, reading. You'll get blind
You want me to be blind?
Stop the nonsense
Wife. it won't do
I've been asked to the boss's dinner tonight
Then come home early
I'll be late if it is interesting
You might as well not come home
So you're hoping I won't come back
I was murmuring to myself
Even could read my thoughts
Wife. I'm leaving
Come in please
Where's Albert?
He gone back to headquarters
The flowers are for you
Still remember I love roses
Still remember everything you love
Sit down. I'II get the dinner
Make no noise
What's there. Luncheon meat
Tinned fish, beans and curried chicken
It's not much of a dinner
I enjoy it
They're the same dishes on our first picnic
I'll get rice for you
Let's eat
Thank you
What's the matter?
Possibly mosquitoes
I'll get the spray
Still here
I'll go. I'm going
Let me do it
Just a touch here and there
Let's eat
Kid stuff, you did it on purpose
What's that?
Nothing. eat
Keep your feet off
My feet
Sorry. I didn't mean it
Baldy really loved you?
I understand
Love made him do crazy things
I know
But one thing you don't know
What's that?
He's under the table all the while
You mistrust me so
No, no, no Let's die together
You're acting like a cry baby
Sweaters must be knit by the girl friend
I'll find a girl friend to knit my sweater
And the gloves and the shawl
But how do I know she can knit
You don't know how to knit either
I'm knitting it for Roundhead
It's Long enough. I think
Take a look first
A bit Longer will be better
But it's stretched to the limit
Remember, don't leave home without it
Or your tongue get frost-bitten
Turn to gold, turn!
You're going insane
Turning a stone into gold
An uneducated country bumpkin
That is called the Midas touch
Turn to gold
Is that the consulate
Who? Elizabeth Taylor. Just a minute
For whom?
Yes, right.
Oh. it's you
Where are you now?
At home? Bathing?
Starker’s! With nothing on!
You're really something. Just a minute
Your fiancée
Kid stuff
What! Helping the cops?
You come over to talk to him
Somebody delivered something as you tell me
Must have got the wrong address
Your looks gave the game away
This time I came to get you do something
I don't understand
Me too
I know
But really don't know
It's easy to explain
Because we did them a good turn
The police now award us an easy job
With very, very high rewards
I'll let you have the figure first
Which will make you smile
One million
Two million
Up to five million
Your jokes are getting worse
A joke
I'm not lying I can swear
If I lied, we'd die together
You are brothers to me
So listen to me Kid stuff
Money may not buy you
But you would help you
I need your help
Please extend your hand of friendliness
No such hand, only sympathetic hand
You're ridiculing me?
Not ridiculing. just insulting
Correct That should shut you up
That is too much
Since you refuse. I'II do it alone
One man doing it with 5 policewomen
Tough, but I have to since help isn't there
One man to pose a lover to 5 beauties
The bed is part of the assignment
So you get the money and the girls
Kid stuff
Don't act nervous
None of us wants to share the danger
Since we're relatively well off
As doctor, as lawyer
Even Roundhead is a pilot
I'll marry the shipping magnate's daughter
Honeymoon in the Mediterranean
We advise you to go straight too
Stop living at the police's mercy
I live on Nobel prize, not police prize
Poverty is better than danger
I have to go and repair the rocket
Must go to space next week
Any word for superman out there?
There being none. forget it
Time for the bank to close
Hurry up. hurry!
Which one will it be today?
Go to the City and pick one at random
City again Can't we have something new?
Four times in the City in one week
Don't give us your ideas Jordan Road for today
I've booked the 5:30 show at Golden Harvest
Ok, Ok! Thus we don't have to rush
Did completely decides
Certainly. this crowd of luck star brothers to rid the people of an evil matter
Can be bounden certainly
Yes, I spoke of them to promise me only then to come back
That i.e. you have been with them in together
I had recorded section of news a moment ago, is very attractive
Also had Niu Jin the cross-harbor tunnel
In 4 30P M
A Jordan R.oad bank is robbed by four fools
The scoundrel uses the toy length ringer high explosive shell to threaten the bank staff
Now reported by this station Reporter Lin Meixiang
Young lady. can you say that situation the was what kind of
Oh. that four motorway robbers have Gao Youai, has thin fat
Is with the silk stockings set on, is very funny
In their hand's weapon looks Like very much really. therefore at that time very much was afraid
Afterward some short winter melon unexpectedly opened fire shoots me
Shot my whole face to be wet
Then I knew that is false, presses the alarm bell
Then they snatched bag of five Yuan coins to run away
I hear the time which they call mutually
Is called any momordica Grosvenor greatly fresh. west cowhide, but also has the American flag senate
In brief is the dilantin comes
Also. but also has. they You die
This station Reporter Lin Meixiang report
Then you at that time were and they in together?
Certainly not. if l......
How has you. Kid stuff?
If has me, how will be grasped by the human?
What kind of? Must take the first period first?
Certainly wants
Does not have the funds, where goes to look for the new racket files
The first period is for you
But you don't have to worry about recruits
The Force has picked them
Officers from various branches are Looking for you
Then I'll be at head of a police detachment
Once you pick a man
He gets fired pronto and becomes a civilian
My boys have taken the oath to do
their best. so don't you worry
Help! sir The dog's biting me
Top Dog. but you can talk to dogs
This dog knows no Cantonese
May be he speaks Spanish
Very likely
Calm down, don't panic
I was getting somewhere but you killed him
He tried to get very friendly with me
Oh dog, what an inglorious death?
But it's a bitch You're inhuman. I quit
Anyone of you fired this gun before?
Suits him, suits him
He who cries for a dog must be kind hearted
I don't care who you pick
but I want to know who fired the gun
Such marksmanship! Definitely not us cops
Only 4 to go Pick him
Miss. you're cute. But why hanging the head?
Where are we going?
Trying to look Like a virgin
How much?
Thanks for 1 8 bucks
How about the charge
It's 1 8 bucks
So give him the change
Sir. you Like to eat Thanks
Did you see this $500 note?
No, It's a $100 note
Correct, $1 00
Keep it as the change
Sir. it's Yours truly
The roughies there are trouble. Take a Look
Fatso, what's the "dope"?
Never got beaten up
You prefer the knife or the pike?
My private weapon What do you think?
You can bribe him off
Or kill me or get killed by me
Hey. you come out
So loud. Trying to scare me?
Sir. there's some trouble
Another steak, Ok?.
I have only one $500 note
Enough to cover the bills
Really? Surely enough
Now you have all grown up
After all the years at my expense
and keeping friends Like these bums
Don't shout at me
I hit you Like this again. gets out of the way. drops
What's that?
Fatty, you better keep away
Or you get caught in the melee
Melee, no, don't
Where is the gun?
Don't move
I'm CID too. Help me chase
Don't move
I'm senior plain clothes man. Help to chase
The senior ones come in late
Senior superintendent
Sir. you saw how my gun was robbed
I only saw you expose yourself to corruption
Abused your power and lost an official gun
Sir. actually I was
71 81, you're dead this time Is the car ready?
Car's ready, Sir Sir. you're doing me in
Suppose that's what I'm doing. so what?
Let's go
Is he the one with experience?
Thanks, Insp. Wong
It's nothing
You can live it up with me, Leaving the Force
You really can order me around
Do you want to follow me? All right. I'II follow you
What do I do? Murder or arson?
I'll let you know in due time Good!
You'll find me very capable
Thank you Sir: thank you very much
Good times are here! Sorry
Who's going to be the next?
That armadillo who's never seen Kowloon
Oh Lambo
Come over here
You are Lambo, aren't you
They call me all names
I'm 51 98. sir
You want to join the Special Force
Yes, Sir
Any confidence?
More confident than all others
Up there is a box with a gun. Get it
In 1 0 minutes. sharpshooters are in waiting
May Providence be on your side
the bell's for your neck. Bring it back
Mission completed, you'll be part of us
Action in 3 minutes
Yes, Sir
All fixed
Lambo, I'm senior superintendent
I charge you with willful harm
But it's he who tried to kill me
There's no mistake in my accusation
Then you're framing me up?
Timed perfectly
Yes, I did the framing
Now you're accused of killing the same cop many times
In patrol, first thing is to unload the gun
When it's stolen. you won't get killed
Robbery! Robbery!
Give it back to me
It's robbery. Go
Sir. there's a robbery
What Luck!
Run, run
Danger! Run!
I can't run any longer
The wrath of Heaven
The end of the world. Hide somewhere
This place
It's safer
Who are you?
Looks sure like the underworld
We are rank and file cops
We got lost. sorry Right
About Turn
They are the disgrace of the Force
So please hire them
Their success will condone their past
Failing that. they're out for good
Please explain the mission
You go over there too
I have been given a job not fit for the Force
So I got you the most unlikely cops
If you succeed
You got 25 years pay in one lump sum
But! Don't ask about the job now
Any questions?
I'll entertain all questions
Fine. We start now
This is the place
Hey. Just a minute
Kid stuff, the strong scent of eau de Cologne
Nobody should know this secret place
Hey. Lambo
You gonna kill to silence
No, go up and look
You fools. it's me Superintendent Tsao
Killed him Superintendent Tsao
Kid stuff, you are very blind
Put these men to the big job
You're saying I chose the wrong ones
All right. let's go our different ways
The game's over
Withdraw quickly lest he got scared
All men in the world. be they
Rich, poor, fat, lean, have the same defect
Superintendent, could I stay for training?
No, I must not show my face
You'd better be the police contact
This is Miss YumYum, expert in many ways.
in untying bondage. in disguise and in forgery
And most important. now you listen,
she's an expert in free boxing
She's going to teach you all the tricks
to help out in your mission
She'll be with you for 3 days
You must make use of the limited time
I'll visit whenever time allows
Since Kidstuff's the only contact known to police
He'll deliver the money to you later
Kid stuff, Let’s go
Mustn't hold up their training
Don't exhaust all the tricks, leave some for me
How many? Kid stuff
A wee wee bit, remember That wee wee bit
Ok Bye now
In 3 short days
I must teach you all I know
Let's cooperate as one family
Close door and be a family
Great stuff
I know exactly what you're thinking
Hey what are you thinking?
I am thinking what you're thinking. And you?
I am like you but not quite so sure
You'll be excited if you're right
What would you say?
I'll speak for all of us
We all think now to bed you
You thought only I thought like that?
They were thinking of the same thing
I didn't think that way
Me either
You really have dirty thoughts
I despise you
We are excited by the thought of learning from Yum Yum
But you thought of bedding her
You're ganging up on me. I'II beat you
Forget it. Fat Cat's got one good point
You're very frank
To this I readily admit
But honesty is the next thing to stupidity
A great motto
It's beyond me how Kid stuff chose you
But I'll teach just the same
Please protect me. I'm scared
One must be brave
Teach me how to brace up and be brave
Like this
Wow! Like this!
Our time is limited
Let's go on to free boxing before dusk
Fine, time for free hoaxing
Do it You are part of it
I'm AII Asia karate champion
One must be quick. precise and strong
and generate maximum power in minimum time
Let me look at your work first
Libbogen. step forward
One must be cool. swift and fast in delivery
Everyone has an Achilles heel
The masters hide them well
Rather forceful
Lambo, you step up
Find his Achilles heel
Hey. is hand flexing allowed?
Flexing until you're numb
Top Dog
How do you Look at it?
Don't beat me I won't touch you
I was merely using my gift
One sniff and I know all about you
You're angry So, I yield
Such a useless person
Right. get to her First. a backward maneuver
Long Legs, your turn
Do something What's that?
I attached you. I did it
I raped you in my mind
Completely incompetent
You, the protected pet, come out
Was one's turn the Fat Cat
Which part of my body is your aim?
I detest fights. I love peace
Big sister. protect me against fights
Wham it makes my chest swollen
Anyone with new gimmicks?
Are you all right?
I'll teach you the art of disguise later
Five minutes already
Disguise changes one completely
Does it work?.
It won't if you ask her to change to a nude
That's a good point
Nothing prevents us from peeping though
Why are you beating me?
For not telling us earlier
Had the thing to look. came
Nothing to Look at
Hey wait for me
Is it this room?
But she isn't there
There's noise down there
Could it be she?
Maybe. maybe not Go down and find out
Fast! Fast!
Who's that?
You are.?
So you don't know me!
Completely changed. indeed
But the contours are the same
Let's do something as if we don't know her
Hey. how cheap you can get!
Just a fleeting moment of fun
Stop talking Let me take a sniff
Great, she's even changed her glands!
Even the body odor stands out
Damn. even the hands are wrinkled
But still smooth
All wrinkled but smooth?
I meant under the skin
Tops. really tops
Sit down and have a rest
What should I do?
I really don't know
I never could have imagined
Open up and lick the ground
Making advances? Rape!
Sit down
You beast, before you rape me
You must realize I’ll get even
Let's be fair. How about paper, scissors, hammer
One, two, three
My Left hand wins over your scissors
But mine is hammer, all even
Big hammer over small hammer. I go first
Go away
All go upstairs Don't come down
Playing your selves
Peeping at my peeping!
Fat Cat is really rough
Why didn't you beat him?
Not that I hadn't thought of it
but I thought you would help him
You're really dumb
Me dumb?
Who're you anyway?
See my art of disguise!
Yum Yum, who's with Fat Cat
Who's with Fat Cat?
With dreams. He's asleep
We can learn without him
Go up. up
What's the dope on the fat woman?
Dope? Fertilizers more likely
I rode a small wooden horse last night
Riding to the end of the world
The horse bayed to my laugher
What "dope"? Is it A-okay?
How standard?
We're agreed it's special
Did you make out last night?
One doesn't brag about it
So you must not blab
Last might she insisted there was no disguise
Morning Morning
My own cooking Thanks
Where were you when we learned disguise?
Shopping at the supermarket
So serious. unlike Last night
We're not boy scouts in camping
Nobody Leaves here without my permission
One violation and you're dismissed
So matter of-factly Yes
I've demonstrated the basics
What's your opinion?
Even your voice changed!
Every woman acts differently in climaxes
What are you talking about
Sorry. for my kiss-and-tell
What's this kiss-and-tell?
Cousin to kiss-and-deny
I'll open it
Darling, I thought you were still asleep
Who're you?
You insisted last night I was in disguise
Now you refuse to recognize me
Was it really you Last night?
I'll be angry if you make another advance
What's that?
Ah Ping. what's the matter?
Something private
Now go about your work
I prepared this for you
Just who is she?
A relative
How did is she?
About 1 8
She could never have fooled me
And such smooth skins
Only 1 8, she smells all over
When we took bath together
Is she really 1 8?
She was, 50 years ago
You said she's a relative
Merely a white lie
Why did you lie to him?
It's not often she was failed
Take it as the scout's daily good turn
Look at him. so happy
Fat Cat. you made it
She's not 1 8
She's not a relative
You know who he is?
Fat Cat. you're poor mouthing me
Just a day maid
Just 1 8and Fat Cat goes after her
Actually 68. Fat Cat is very charitable
Ah Ping. your boy friend has gone berserk
Had the means
Get up
Take care. something's wrong with the gas
Blast it! BIast it!
The cowardly shall. not inert the future
Why help?
Smelt the gas leak?
I did
So there's going to be an explosion
The leak must be in the kitchen
What's it? What happened?
They're all cooking there That's the end
Go and Look them over
Brothers. I came to rescue you
He's come down
Spread out
Don't forget to switch on the gas Sure
Crisis. all turn up dead
They are all dead
But no smell of gas
There is Switch it off
But it's been switched off
No, I heard no hissing sound
Call the police
Tragedy. Broken!
Try artificial respiration You attend to Lambo. I'll help Fat Cat
Fat Cat
Be more forceful
Keep off or I'll floor you
Long Legs, anything the matter?
I don't think I can revive him
His face is dark, mouth closed
You help Fat Cat, I'll take Lambo
Never been spanked in life!
What's that?
I'm out of breath
Rescue him
Make it snappy
He stinks
Revive the next one
I'm all tired
OK. I'II take next one
Damned Fat Cat
Come and revive Libbogen
Save him. save him
Why are you beating me up?
Lanky, what happened?
To beat some sense into him
Then be more forceful
Slap until he's revived
He's come to
What do I do now?
Search me
That makes me the big loser
Even the tongue is out
Let me revive her
You don't have to thank me
You all right?
Better. feeling better
Are you all Ok?.
Fine Go upstairs for a rest
But I inhaled some gas too
You must save me
You people get on saving him
We know exactly how to save him
Lambo, use 2 pencils to crush his fingers
Libbogen. hit his sole with the iron bar Yes, Sir
Top Dog. use the drill on his teeth Yes, Sir
He'll surely revive If not, we carry him upstairs
Dump him and he'll come to Yes, Sir
With you people as friends
I don't need enemies
I was left out, no embrace. no kiss
Now I see through you
You do not have the good fate
What's your new design at my expense?
Just a sincere with you'd give us a chance We apologies
I confess I am dirty
I am shameless
I am cheap
I am base
I am naughty
We how three times
Bow once
Bow twice
Bow a third time
Where are your bereft kinsmen?
Get out. all of you
Give us a chance to explain
I refuse to listen
Hold back
Who's so dirty?
You're a beast in human form
You're dirty
You're shameless
I don't deserve all that
Why are you beating me? All get away
Go away Go now
It's got nothing to do with me
Get the light on. What next?
I had nothing to do with the trick
What are your hands doing?
Twinkle. twinkle, diamonds.
Twinkle. twinkle..
Don't be shy. Come out
Pushes anything to push
Although you learned nothing
We are proceeding any way
This operation decides life or death
You must rise to the occasion
Don't treat it as a trifle game
We swear: no more playfulness
And death be the penalty
Or our sons be without buttocks
Or we all become impotent
Don't hit the nether part
From now on I'm your secretary-interpreter
Don't talk in Cantonese in front of the gang
Some of them may understand Yes madam
I'm their secretary and interpreter
Our Chief's got an interpreter too
We still have time
The worst is a fatal fight
The best way is to pray
My idea is.
I haven't started yet
Go now
Tell them. they are welcome
Ask them why they don't have the manifest Yes
Ask them how to use the weapons Right
Sorry. Mr. Fushime
Their religion dictates 3 services a day
That's their religion, Mr. Fushime
For how Long
About 1 5 minutes
Since they are sheiks
1 or 2 hours
Don't interrupt them
As them to sleep after the service
The meeting is for tomorrow
Take your time
Why are they facing
the other direction of Mecca?
Because they belong to the opposition
This big villa is well guarded
Downstairs right turn. the strong box is in the den
Let's get on with it
No need to change clothier?
It's a must
We'll give you light to change
I'll change
We're grateful. We'll do our best
No problem, Let’s go
Over there
The door is over there
Hey. is it on?
You're shattering my ear drums
You're the only one against my voice
How do you know I'm not against?
You said so
Who said so?
Ok, so! Was too Loud
That's no cause for jeering
Stop it
Top Dog. go out to watch
Why should it be me?
So you stop people coming
You can do it too
But there are dogs there
So you can't
Cover the others
Why, so beautiful
Old trick
Wonderfully beautiful!
Heavy on the body?
Quite heavy
Give me some to pocket?
Why don't you trust me?
Not that
Any problem with you?
Let me hold some for just a second
There are too many things to hold
You should work for the dairy farm
Better than a policeman
Take these two for a charge
Watchman. watchman
How could it be like this?
Top Dog
Right here
What happened?
Didn't see how this door was shut
Yum Yum, tell him the code
No use. it's been changed
How now Fat Cat
Nothing works You better go
You better let me in to share your lot
You're either dumb or nuts
I'll settle for dumbness
Ok, get Kid stuff at Golden Harvest Theatre
He's waiting for us there
The theatre is so big
Then laugh out aloud
Good idea Bye
A friend in need. indeed
He's hypocrite
Don't ever be so mean
I'd have cried if I were outside
Tears of joy
You're to blame Should've distributed the ice
Now you're getting at me
So what?
What if the Japanese see us?
He'll ask us where are the stones
We’ll tell him Top Dog's goes them
and shut us here
would he believe you?
Keep on talking
Only if he couldn't find the stones
Right Don't interrupt
Swallow the stones
Are you crazy?
Speak up
How do we swallow?
Calm down, save on the breathing
Air here is only enough for 5 hours
If one dies, that means an extra hour
That's the arithmetic
Ok, swallow the stones
Only the ones in your hand
All right. I'II do it
Like me did it in school
A diamond in the mouth, in the mouth
One more And all are gone
Difficult to swallow
Surely so for my 2 stones
But you ate the whole lot
I swallowed none
Me neither
Me neither
You may have all our stones
Are you crazy?
What's wrong?
What's the mistake?
I propose
I second the motion
I pass it
Passed by both house on third reading
Take them Two pills
Every 3 minutes. Doctor's order
Which doctor?
Dr. Alan Tam
The dermatologist
Fat Cat told me to laugh if I don't see kid stuff
He ha ha ha!
You laughing at heavy drama
I'm waiting for someone
Still laughing! Cry
I'm so touched. Must go to the look
Hey. what are you doing?
Where did you go?
Where are the four others?
What's! Dead
But why are you crying?
Tough man
Tough man beat them
No, they're caught in the vault
Get superintendent Tsao
You still think of saving them?
They must be dead already
If we move. it's proof of guilt
How could we face the public!
How could you account for their deaths?
Say sorry
Say sorry You don't have to worry
If you don't do it. I'II report to police
That's what you are doing
I'm the boss here Sit down
Save them please. save them
Fine, I've made up my mind
Don't forget the oxygen tank
Do your best Come on duty
You have nothing to worry
Come in
Go and save people
This crazy man intruded here
Pack him away in an asylum
Yes Sir
I didn't want to do that
Help. help
I'm not crazy I must rescue them
Release me or they'll die
Let me go. I must save them Hey. Lady Cop's boy friend
What's the "dope"?
Laughing stock Tsao says he's insane
See how Lady Cop reacts
Hard to find where daddy is
Son. why are you here?
Come for Daddy who's with a woman
Why don't you tell your Mom?
She' gone with a man
That's why you're nuts
Dad. I'm your son Top Dog
Son. talk
Dad. Mom shuts brothers in a vault
What to do now?
Tell them to open the door
Should they open fire then?
Better than suffocation
Will the Queen's men help?
Don't expect that Be on your own
I'm dying. Here's my last word
No man is ever sincere in the last word
Save your breath
I'm not an ordinary man
I'm a small chauvinist
Yum Yum I really like you
But I detest you
Fine, so you're frank too
For this I have a gift for you
The fresh air I've preserved
Fair sex ahead of friends
It stinks
It's no fresh air It's death air
So the opposition has arrived
Where are we going? Drag me along
Where are you going? Where are you going
Now you're not dragging me
Why's that?
All the stones are gone
Get them to see the Chief sure
Who's that?
Kidstuff’s been sent to an asylum
I'll go and visit him
What are you doing?
Good news makes the day
You're happy because Kidstuff’s in trouble!
Not happy. Just ecstatic!
Gloat over other's misfortune
You won't believe if I say no
Don't ever talk to me
Quito, Listen to me
I really don't like he's gone nuts
I Like everything you like
Painting it too thick
I know but that's true
That's why I am jealous
Without you, how about dirty clothes and dishes?
Who'd tend to me?
So you consider me your servant
No, no, one must pay the servant
But one gives the wife everything he has
Baldy, open up
Darned woman
Why did you shut me in?
Kid stuff, my feet hurt
Does the jaw hurt?
Not at all. How about Albert?
Many police
Has 600
You answer my question first
What question?
Which one two bills do you like?
Two I want
Oh. then you are not the mental illness
I am certainly not mental illness am Walter Tsao grasp hardly me
Uncle Hue real original story, grasps hardly this person
What were you saying?
Move over. I'll shoot out the lock
Then you're having fun with me
Not having fun. It's entertainment
Bravo I'll turn the table on you
Albert. I'II be here all my life
Wish you last 1 00 years
Tell Quito to nurse Jane well
What Jane?
Didn't Quito tell you?
She didn't
Nothing. I didn't say anything
You can't do that
You come
Hey. open the lock Yes, Sir
What were you saying?
Just some mumble jumble
Don't give me this mumble jumble
What do you want then?
The fact
Ask Quito yourself
How could I ask her?
To her face in a Loud voice
In a soft or hard tone
But with your own mouth
You can't play Quito against me
Even if you'd.. well, I Love her
I told Quito you're open minded
Open what?
Should I say you're hospitable!
You bastard
My head hurts
Very very hurt
Don't be Like that
You're afraid. right? Stop beating
Told you to stop
It's good for you
Told you to stop
I'll shoot this fool
Albert. heroes don't use guns
No more guns, come on
Come closer
Just consider I don't have the "dope"
I apologies
You dirty fellow
Do not come again......
Baldy, you wanna kill yourself?
What are you doing?
Kid stuff, why are you insane?
I've never been insane
Really you are all right?
I'm all right
Why didn't you ask if I'm all right?
Are you all right?
Not at all right
Father to her 2 sons, I still don't count
Baldy what did you say?
Nothing. he's gone crazy
Me crazy? I.
The scandal should be kept secret
Don't tell Walter Tsao
Consider my lips as sealed
Sir. I won't tell you what I know
Albert. you really know everything
Surely I do
Quito, come over
Hey for what?
Let me out For what?
You should be very happy as
2 men are madly in love with you
Walter Tsao. what really happened?
I can't tell
Just take me as a lunatic man
Man and dog are equal in sex
What's the bite?
Give me some
Like that all the way
Yum Yum Yes?
You're an expert in untying bondages?
Now we're all tied. How?
I don't know. I only untie in emergencies
So it's not an emergency yet
What's the "dope"?
This should do
I'll be freed soon
Let's go
Certain line
Don't talk anymore!
Such trouble Support it up!
Clean it too
But it's so dirty
To whom are you talking
None of your business
Is it your friend?
Who are you?
Ninja. so you guessed wrong
I'm disguised
Game's over. I want to go home
No, take him in
Ninja always wins
None should leave
We all want to Leave
You go and help them Yes
Kill him
The Flying man of Chiuchow
Spin him around Until he's killed
Hold still
The missile of Chiuchow
Give him a sound licking
Do not play
This side
Halley's Comet of Chiuchow!
Throwing things around?
Stop it
Move over. let me
You have our moral support
Mine too although I'm not moral enough
Are you all right? All right
Where are the diamonds?
I swallowed them
You Leave with them first Fine
Kid stuff Leave with them
Get going
Make it fast
Saved! saved!
You are not allowed to go
Is one's turn you to do main?
Sir. ti's right up there
Go up!
All of you. follow me
Your rescue is here
Fix him up Sure
Take them back. fix up these two Sure
what happened
I wasn't asking you Chief!
How do you know I'm the chief inspector
Clever boy. really clever Speak up
They stole from me and beat up my men
Fatso. so you Like a beating.
Take all of them to HQs Yes, Sir
Take all of them
Come with us to identify the criminals
identification Right
Caught 40.000 suspects today
Come to the station and identify them
Go faster
Fatso. you can't go
You have things to do
IIIegal third degree, Baldy?
No, no here
I use third degree at the common room
A fair duel
I am proud of my fairness
Sit down
We play the Russian roulette
One of us must go
Russian roulette?
People may get killed. Let's use fists
So you are afraid?
For matters of money. defamation. or
bad manners, the fist is the answer
For woman, it's due to the death
Whoever chickens out loses
Actually Quito and I...
Shut up. pick up the gun
Or get away from Quito forever
As you don't dare to lover her
How about that. Little Boy?
I'm lucky Survived five shots
Your turn now
Just to prove your love for Quito
There are two kinds of fools
Those who die for other men's wives
And those who die for their own wives
You belong to Category One
I don't belong to category Two
One can always get a now wife
Now it's a matter of honor
I've put away honor for ages
The big shots don't keep their word
Say I am dishonest. not trustworthy
So what?
What if Quito heard you?
She'd be sad to have married the wrong one
You plan to keep on cheating her?
So what? I won't blush
Baldy, you are beyond help
A man must face the facts
Which are very cruel
To ditch one's wife and son