Gönülçelen )) Episode 36 - Part 3/3 [English Subtitles]

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the lady with the secret admirer is here
Ah! Don't say that Mrs. Nesrine Please
I don't know Nakiye it's not me who has a secret admirer it's you
I am curious.. Who could it be?
Yes Kadir?
are you coming for the opening tonight?
I don't know.. My dad will be home most probably
He won't let you of course
I think so
ok then.. see you tomorrow
ok see you tomorrow
Mr. Murat is here
Hello Hasret
maybe I interrunpted you
No.. No.. Have a seat
Anyway I won’t take much of your time
have a seat
I wrote all my remarks in this file
I think that couple verses need to be adjusted
so it would suits Hasret's voice better
I noted all of my comments
I will be busy at school for some time
I came to let you know and to give you the file
You can make copies of this file and hand them out to the musicians
I think you'll find it helpful
No doubt about that Mr. Murat
we will make copies and share it among us
Jafer you're putting to much.. put a bit less
Ok.. Ok.. you go..
son.. how many time did you get in line so far?
this is my fourth
Oh! Dear God
Kadir what are you doing?
I'm eating
all this time and still eating
go outside they may need your help
What is this?
everything ok?
yes everything good
Murat Hoca how are you?
Fine. How about you?
Ah! Murat hoca is here
welcome.. Here take a seat. Here
I have to go keep an eye on how things are going
Ok do your job
Can we have a plate for Mr. Murat
Welcome Murat Hoca
Thank you
welcome Murat
- thanks - How are you sir?
fine kids how about you?
fine sir.. thank you
welcome Murat hoca
- thanks - how are you?
Congratulation.. Fine.. How about you?
such a nice evening
yes it is Serene
let's go out and enjoy this evening
where can we go at this time?
for a walk? what's wrong with that?
ok. let me tell Nakiye
I don’t think she will notice our absence
She is thinking about her secret admirer
I'm happy for her and worried at the same time
We don't know who he is
what if he had bad intentions?
I don't think so
but when I'm not here you be extra careful
I hope he is a nice person
you know Nakiye is very excited
the waiter, the water salesman
the owner of the Taxi Cab Office
who else? who could he be?
Maybe Ramazan in the Super Market
I'll write his name
Can't be him..
So what I'll put his name down
everything is delicious.. thank you
Bon Appetit
give me sound.. sound
it's working! just talk
He can't but give a speech.. of course
umbrella.. long live..
my dear neighborhood's friends
my dearest friends
mothers.. fathers.. brothers and sisters
my loved ones
I knew you would come
How are you?
Have a seat
after this short break I would like to continue
just say whatever you want to say.. don't drive us crazy
he has nothing to say anyway..
through the course of my reign you won't hear empty talks
what reign?
Cobra is running for mayor in the municipal election
The North of the neighborhood.. the south of the neighborhood
The road from the right to the left
I will be servicing the neighborhood in all its direction
I hope you vote for me in the next Mayor's Election
I hope you all live happilly.. kisses to you all
Thank you.. Everyone eat
What did you put in the rice Jafer?
I used Ghee.. Bon Appetit
Applaud me!
Thanks.. Enough
play something
Ok brother
Murat hoca.. Did you like the food?
I liked it a lot.. thanks
you can come and eat here when you give lessons here
I would like that
really! of course thank you..
Ok then Bon Apetit
you're killing us man.. play something joyful
is Levent not coming?
he had a meeting he will be here soon
my neighborhood's friends do you like the food?
look from now on we will eat here
I'll be very sad if you go somewhere else
we wil come here
The election is coming soon I hope you vote for me
we will vote for you
my brother stop.. Enough!
Hasret we're bored from this music
we got bored too Cobra
is this your surprise.. he gave us headache
Ok! Hasret will resolve this problem
you will save us tonight
look I didn't ask Balçeçik
I'm asking you because her voice doesn't suit this place
but your voice is smoth as silk
don't say that we don't want problems
Hasret sing a song for us and make our ears happy
last we heard you was our wedding night.. Please
come on please
my lovely sister
Applaud everyone
Hasret will sing one song
go ahead sweetie sing for us
I am sorry mam I don't know how to play the song
from where did this looser of a musician come
shame on him he embarrased my sister
don't worry it's ok
I'll cut from his salary
We are like two Halves of an apple
One half is you the other half is me
We are like two Halves of an apple
One half is you the other half is me
Two baby gazelles
one is you and the other me
Two baby gazelles
one is you and the other me
Come and lets build a new world together
just the two of us
Come and lets build a new world together
just the two of us
let two children one girl and a boy play there
let two children one girl and a boy play there
Bravo.. Bravo..
How nice you were magnificent
you deserve to be applauded
Thanks Hasret you saved me
please don't thank me
don't just sit down go distribute the sweets
why us?
where are you now?
Ok I will be there in a minute
See you
Mr. Murat why are you standing please have a seat
excuse me but I have to go
Ok but promise to come back
Of course I will.. Sorry for leaving early
it's ok It was a pleasure to see you
Good Evening
will we have a lesson tomorrow?
I will call you tomorrow
ok sir.. Have a good evening
good evening to you too
thank you sir
Mrs Saime did you like the tableclothes?
we can look for different colors later
Cobra bought them a long time ago
where to sister?
follow this car
Ah! Mr. Levent when did you come?
I just arrived
it look nice
Where is Hasret?
she's here inside Hasss...
Oh she is not here. She was here just now.
Where is she?
I wonder where she is?
I don’t know.. She vanished into thin air
where did he go?
I can't see him sister
do you know the name of this street?
Mazhar Bey Street
Bahar Tezjan
The address please
Mazhar Bey Street #20
I'll get out here
Ok sister
here you go
- thank you - good evening
No she is not home either
- she's not - No
oh where is she?
she must be around here somewhere
why doesn't she answer her phone then?
didn't she say anything?
No Mr. Levent we were all sitting inside
And she sang too
she sang?
yes I asked her to and she did
did Murat say something to upset her?
No he did not
Murat was here too?
let’s go home Levent
maybe she went there
I am sure she is not there
but we do not have anything else to do
We will wait at home
I'll get my stuff
this is all because of you
what did I do?
see you
call us
where is he?
I have to see Murat hoca
what are you doing
where is he?
he is not here
thank you
are there any developments?
about what?
your secret admirer
No.. nothing new
your cheeks are pink
my cheeks are always pink
love has made you flush
oh yeah joke around.. you're making fun of me
so do you understand he is not here
You are always like this aren’t you
you never listen or understand you're so impulsive
then you get cross and poof..
everything is wrecked to pieces
what do you mean?
you know Murat used to love you a lot
I saw it in his eyes
he used to be madly in love with you
But it's over now
soryy to tell you but this is the truth
you lost him with your impulsive actions
now if you allow me I want to be alone in my house
My advice to you
Leave Murat alone.. Stop thinking about him
Because he is not thinking of you anymore
where were you.. We were so worried
I met with a friend at the neighbourhood
you did not answer your phone either
it was on silent.. I didn't hear it
you're cold.. Let me bring you some tea
I will go and change
I think we need to talk
You just vanished... You know how worried we were?
Levent I am sorry I...
I don’t want to hear that you are sorry
We are engaged Hasret
Do you know what this means?
We have obligations to each other
You cannot just vanish like that whenever you please
What if something had happened to you
you don't know how worried I was
I cannot bear it If I lose you
do you understand? I can't bear it
So please don't do this to me again
if I call you you have to answer your phone
if you want to go somewhere tell me
we should always be able to reach each other
Let’s not upset each other again. Did you understand?