Susan Boyle With Meredith Vieira Closed Captions For Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

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In an instant the world fell in love With Susan Boyle and her golden voice
I caught up with Susan Boyle in London Where she's been recording her first album
I'm one of those millions of people That fell in love with you
The minute I saw you and heard You sing I Dreamed A Dream
You look gorgeous Thank you very much
And I'm loving your hair
Its a little bit different A slight make over ?
Just a slight one I brush up quite well
Yes you do Brush up very, very well
The journey you have been on Everybody around the world is saying Who is this Susan Boyle ?
It’s just been unbelievable; it’s indescribable
Its a bit like
Being plucked from obscurity
Obscurity is right
Three months ago Susan Boyle was living With her cat Pebbles and perfoming in her church
But Susan spent most of her adult life caring for Her mother Bridget, who passed away two years ago
All your adult life spent caring for your mom Yes, yes
If she were here now what do you think She would say to you ?
Susan Keep going, keep going Your doing very well That is what she would say
Why do you think she had So much confidence in you ?
When I was a little girl You were the baby of the family ? Yes
I had to go up there and prove To everybody I could do it
I tried for Britains Got Talent And the rest you know Yes, the rest of the world knows
When you walked down at the stage And the audience responded the way That they did
Sniggering, Is that fair to say ? Well you never judge a book by its cover
Susan Boyle has become Something of a global phenomenon
With a book deal in the works And multple movie offers And now there is even the Susan Boyle doll
You know when you know you have reallly made it When you have a doll in your likeness
It just so happens I have the Susan Boyle doll You want to check it out ?
Isn't she lovely Isn't she beautiful
For the first time Susan Boyle has found Just how overwhelming being thrust into the spotlight can be
It felt like a giant demolition ball felt like a demoliton ball ? The impact of a demoliton ball
Its been some rollercoaster ride for Susan From the high of super stardom To the low of brutal headlines and public outbursts
The talk was she was backing out Of the talent show She was completely and utterly exhausted
She wasn't cracking up or boiling over
It was very hard, it was difficult But I had an audience to please So you just get on with it
The fast track to celebrity And the media frenzy that goes with it Began taking its toll on Susan
She spent five days at the Priory clinic Where she was treated for exhaustion
Now there was a little rough spot A little bit draining physically and emotionally A few days at a clinic
Was that good to get way from the craziness I would say it was necessary at the time I needed a rest, just to get away
I was there at the finale It was very exciting and you looked beautiful But you didn't win
Diversity won, it was there night They had a very good act, they are nice bunch of guys And the best people won
It wasn't long before Susan was back on top Doing the live tour of Britains Got Talent
And now with the help of Simon Cowell Recording her first album due out this fall
Hows the recording going ? I can't let out to many secrets
I happen to know its not show tunes Something of a surprise
Your not going to tell me are you ? Keeping tight lipped about it
I think she's fantastic Susan's great I hope she knocks this one out of the park
There is only one man Susan Who can take Susan's breath away And they called it Puppy Love
I heard when you were growing up One of your idols was Donny Osmond Yeah,one of the main influences on me
What was it about Donny that you like ? There was something magical about him
We have a little surprise for you We told Donny that we were going to be Talking to you here and he wanted to send a message
Susan, congratulations on all of your success It’s wonderful what’s happening with your career And good luck with this new record that you’re doing
Someday I make a prediction, You and I will do a record together Where we make ‘Puppy Love.
Take out Marie's picture And put in Susan It was a very nice message
What do you think of that ? The Donny and Susan show That would be very good
I don't know what Marie would think Would you sing Puppy Love with him ? If he asked me yes of course
And they called it Puppy Love But I guess they'll never know This is as far as I'm going
Then there is Susan idol Elaine Paige Memory
She's know as the first lady Of British musical theatre And her trademark song Memory
Is the one Susan choose as her Second performance on Britains Got Talent All alone with the memory of my days in the sun
I remember the first time on the stage with Simon Cowell, he asked who you would want to be like and you said
Elaine Paige
Have you ever met her ? No I haven't I would love to one day
Would that be another one Of your dreams come true Well we have a little surprise for you
Hello Susan, Oh my god ! Elaine Paige, I have come to see you
How are you ? We have made her speechless Are you having a good time ?
I'm enjoying every minute, every second Good for you That's what we want to hear
My inbox inundated with emails from friends To check out YouTube, of you I didn't know what it was about
I went on to YouTube and there you were Singing your glorious verse Thank you
It was a thrill to hear you sing And its even better to meet you in the flesh
Absolutely gobsmacked
As we said our goodbyes Susan was Still highly dazed by our surprises And she gave me a little scoop to
If I was to sing a little bit of I Dreamed A Dream Would you sing it with me ?
Love to I Dreamed a Dream In time gone by
It was a dream alright And to think three months ago It appeared unfathomable
I have never been given the chance before Here's hoping it will change
And wouldn't that be an amazing thing That somebody like Susan Boyle Can come from her background
Tiny village in Scotland And be a star for the next 20 years To hold a candle to the likes of Barbra Streisand
It's the kind of dream That anybody would kill for I Don't want it to end
Now life has killed the Dream I Dreamed