Sen. Arnold session update: Sheriff's survivor benefits, smoking ban

Uploaded by INSenDems on 27.01.2011

I was very proud that I had Senate Bill 33 come out of the State Senate on Pensions and
Labor this week, which is going to expand the survivor benefits for the families, the
spouses of sheriffs and police officers killed in the line of duty. So now it goes to the
floor of the Senate where hopefully we’ll see that bill and shepherd it through and
get it through all the way to the governor’s desk. A number of bills have really come to
the forefront this week. The smoking ban, which everybody’s discussing, of course
is still in the House, but now it has been amended on several occasions, and we probably
won’t see that bill for another month or so but at least it is alive and well, but
perhaps not in the same form or fashion that Representative Brown wanted. Things are moving
along fine. They’re busy and hectic, and I’m looking forward now to getting back
to work.