The Big Lebowski (8/12) Movie CLIP - Nice Marmot (1998) HD

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Far out, man.
Far fucking out!
This is a private residence, man.
Ah, nice marmot.
[marmot squealing]
Ve vant the money, lebowski.
Ve vant the money, lebowski.
You think ve are kidding
Or making with the funny stuff?
There are things
You haven't dreamed of, lebowski.
Ja. Ve believe in nothing.
He believes in nothing, lebowski, nothing.
And tomorrow ve come back
And ve cut off your chonson.
Excuse me?
I said we'll cut off your johnson!
Just think about that, lebowski.
Ja, your viggly penis, lebowski.
Ja, and maybe we stomp on it and sqoosh it, lebowski.
[glass shatters]
Man: It was discovered last night in van nuys
Lodged against an abutment.
Oh, man, lodged where?
You're lucky she didn't get chopped,
Mr. Lebowski.
Oh, man!
Must've been a joyride situation.
They abandoned the vehicle
Once they hit the retaining wall.
Oh, my fucking briefcase!
Man, it's not here. Shit!
Yeah, I saw that on the report. Sorry.
You gotta get in on the other side.
The side-view was found on the road
By the car.
You're lucky they left the tape deck, though,
And the creedence.
Aw, jesus! What's that smell, man?
Probably a vagrant slept in the car
Or maybe just used it as a toilet and moved on.
Hey, man...
Are you gonna find these guys or, you know,
I mean, you got any promising, uh, leads or...
Yeah. Sure.
I'll just check with the boys
Down at the crime lab.