Couple Pursues Rwandan War Suspects in France

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This is a very close cousin
she was killed with her son
This is a good friend who was killed with her three daughters
Dafrosa Gauthier is a Rwandan Tutsi
Her familly, and most of her friends were killed during the genocide in 1994
where 800,000 people were massacred by Hutu extremists
This is my mom
she was killed on April 8th
Is this why you are speaking out ?
I owe it to all the Tutsis who were killed
killed for nothing
Women, children and seniors They weren't involved in the fighting
They were people who wanted nothing else than to live
Everything we're doing now
we do it for their memory
Daphrosa speaks out in their memory
alongside her husband Alain Gaulthier
Together, they founded a NGO
"Le Collectif des Parties Civiles du Rwanda"
to bring to Justice the perpetretors of the genocide who live in France
Interpol produced this poster
These are photos of people who are suspected of carrying out the genocide
Most of them are in Congo or elsewhere
but they're also in France
and those are the ones we're looking for
Alain Gauthier worked in Rwanda in the 1970's
He fights for the memory of victims
for both the love of his wife and the country
Alain isn't a judge, nor is he a lawyer
He's a vice-principal at a school
he spends his free time working for the cause
I leave for work very early in the morning
I teach all day long
the work I do for the organisation
it gets done during the evening or on the weekends
Alain and Daphraso use their own money to fund the NGO
The budget of 6000 euros per year is also provided by donations from its 100 members
Most of them are friends
This is Francois
He's a member of our group who doesn't donate anymore
But he helps out in another
more important way
with all his free time
And this is Christian
He gives us moral support
He's keeps up to date on everything we do
Alain and Daphrosa's house is also the group's headquarters
It's here that they prepare the documents
that could eventually be used in a court case
French courts have the power to judge people for crimes against humanity
no matter where they were committed
These are all the cases we are working on
These are the people whom we've made complaints against
There are also some cases we're still collecting testimony on
Look at this board
These are all the cases that we've started in France
This is Father Muneshaka. He's got a congregation in Normandy
This is a doctor who lives in Sestas, near Bordeaux
Alain has already filed more than a dozen cases in Paris
It's a tedious job that he carries out with modest means
There are many different ways
Sometimes we find information on the internet
Sometimes we receive calls from people who have spotted them
Sometimes, its even simpler
We find suspects' names in the telephone book
and then we do research on them
Is your goal to try to find them ?
Yes, because in order to file a case against them
we have to give their address to a judge
Do you work with Interpol ?
when we've found the address of someone we suspect
we give it to Interpol
Is that an offical search order ?
Yes, it was issued for Claver Kamana, who lives in France
He's put up by some Priests
France has refused his extradition to Rwanda
regardless of the fact that Interpol has a warrant for him
In 1994, the French government had very close links with the Rwandan government
Many of the people who carried out the genocide were protected by the French army
which ferried them to other African countries before evacuating them to France
The cases are now in the hands of French judges
They are going forward, but very slowly
The European Human Rights Court has found France guilty of obstruction of justice
But Alain and Daphrosa are determined to see this through
The work we do is the work of all French citizens
who want to see our justice system shed light on the genocide
What do you hope to accomplish ?
What is your ultimate goal ?
Justice and nothing else...
It's the only way to establish the truth
But in order to have justice there needs to be a testimony in the courtroom
Only justice can help us mourn
and perhaps allow the criminals to find their dignity...
so that they can finally pay their due penance...
and go in peace...