[Real 2PM] Cass 광고촬영(Cass Behind the Scene) 2

Uploaded by 2pm on 13.12.2010

can you feel my heart beat
Do I look like a photographer today?
We should upload it together
Please take a picture of me
One two three
To me, right now.
I will tweat it
I am a photographer
Send it to me through messenger and that.
Wooyoung asks about it
It’s mine
How much is it??
Give me a hundered million.
No, I don’t have that much money.
It’s up to me
What is it it’s backward
I got Chansung’s heart
Guys, I will write some letters on this little piece of rock for you.
It’s so loud please be quiet
What should I write??
Well.. first, I will write 2PM
2P… is done.
2PM finished.. now we are done
And next 2PM
Heart, We are preparing for it
HOTTEST, write it quickly
I will leave it here
You guys can pick it up
Hey, add it to your collection
This is a pencil
I have failed~!!
I made this.
I gotta be smart as Khun brother
Here you go~
Let me catch the fish for real.
Keep failing
Ah they are running away.
Guys, the wind.. is so cold
Wooyoung, what are you going to do with egg containers?
I was trying to do it with paper cup
They would run away, so do it with egg containers
Uh, there are two of them.
Oh~ ah it’s fast
Faster than I thought
Are there fish in the water anyway??
It is just one step away from me
Even I have failed many times…
Are we going to get any of them today??
It doesn’t work.. we should make a trap
We should also make a bait
Paste bait
Do we have a paste bait?
Teacher, Do we have a paste bait??
What are these small fish running around here??
What all these are ripped off
I need to catch them with this
Eggs away.