LEAP 2011: Hilary Pollan '12

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Hi my name is HIllary Pollan I am a Sociology Major with an interest in Sociology of Education
and I am a Sustainable Development Nexus Minor.
This summer I worked at La Universidad de Alberto Hurtado, in Santiago Chile.
Essentially I was leading discussion groups, I was offering tutoring hours, I was working as a teachers assistant
in their classes, I was leading dialogue groups and talking a lot about education and teaching English.
But while I was there um a big student movement began and so all of our classes were actually... we went on
on strike and um all the classes sort of ended for um like three of our seven weeks and so... much of our time was
kind of informally spent with students talking about the movement um talking about why they were there.
I was asking questions about...What is our education system teaching now? How do we have critical education?
How do we have civic education? and, How do we build movements based of that? and What are the limitations and I got to see
a different form of politics that I would have never seen here in a different way of community organizing thats really
challenged every assumption I had about our political life in the United States.