Baked Chicken Recipe : Peel Pearl Onions for Baked Chicken

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you
how to make a really great really simple chicken recipe. It's baked chicken with pearl onions,
bacon and mushrooms. Now we are going to peel our pearl onions. We are actually not going
to cut them. We are going to leave them whole but to peel them what we are going to do is
kind of (like peeling a regular onion). You're going to grab a whole of the first part, you're
going to get a hold of the onion outside There usually you can take the stem off top and
twist it and it will start coming undone. Peeling pearl onions are always a lot of fun.
If you don't peel them, the skin will really really miss up your whole dish cause it's
not editable it's very rough, leathery and dry; it just does not taste good at all. I
usually go a whole layer deep just to make sure I get all of the chewy parts off. You
can also loop the top here to start peeling it faster but I leave the whole thing on so
just like I said grab the end here and give it a twist it should break through enough
where you can see where you are starting to dig in at. Something else to peel these faster although
it will ruin this recipe is if you are using them as a garnish you can actually boil them
and the skin will come right off. So here I am finishing up my last onion you can also
cut through the onion outside just roll your knife on the edge. The next step I'm going
to show you is purely optional I do it on mine but you don't have to although it's guaranteed
when you get through peeling these you are going to have onion under you fingernails,
whether you like it or not. The optional part is cutting off the ends of these I only cut
off the root end I don't bother with the butt end but some people leave them on whole, some
people cut both ends off just a matter of preference really. I'm just going to get rid
of all these real quick and we will move on to our garlic which is always fun. Luckily
in this one the garlic is basically just crushing.
Let's go.