Kasko Full Movie - Part 06/13 (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by TeluguJosh22 on 10.05.2010

You're the man l desire...
You're the handsome to steal my dreams...
l observed your gestures...
l know your desires and l'm ready for fulfill it...
May l show you the bliss...
May l come closer to you, my dear...
O my heart stealer, why are you teasing me?
Why did you come dressed like a girl?
l was always a girl but you never saw me like one.
Girls aren't those who fight and bite.
l know, girls must be cool, must have patience,
and beautiful too!
Good, you've learnt a lot!
Now that l'm a girl, l wanted to tell you something.
What is it?
Sorry, l rushed without knowing about your idea.
l thought he'll kill him but he has killed him.
May be Alauddin will kill me?
Salim... my brother!
Who is he?
Are you scared?
Scared? No way! l was ready to fight, l'm ready to die also.
Why should l get scared?
Who are you man? Where did you come from?
From fury, to wipe out mafia.
Mafia is Alauddin's domain. - My foot domain!
lf JP goes Salim, if Salim goes Alauddin,
if Alauddin goes, his father...
l don't care who it is, l'll kill everyone one of you.
Tell me where are you now?
l'm in my home, you fool!
Not only in home, l'll pack you off from this world.
Tell me your address.
Even if you're Alauddin, you must wait till Wednesday to see me.
l'm in Gandhi Nagar!
lf you're a man, come!
l'll be here along with my Guru.
Our scheme is for Wednesday only, why did you rush off?
We are here for Alauddin. No need to wait for him!
Mahesh Babu! l'm here! lf you're a man, come out!
l came to Hyderabad to wipe you and your mafia empire.
Not one but two of us will come.
We'll thrash you all!
Tell me, where shall we fight it out in Andhra Pradesh?
Benz centre in Vijayawada?
Jagadamba centre in Visakhapatnam?
Centre of Kurnool? On the banks of river Godavari?
Tell me where shall we fight?
Mad dog!
Why did he hit me?
Did he get angry for calling him a mad dog?
Do you need such heavy dialogues?
Why would l deliver if l had eXpected this punch?
You're not doing all this! - lt's me!
No... . no... ltis not you!
There's another man behind you.
Yes there is, l'm his background.
Call him out!
l came to Hyderabad for you only,
l beat your men, l killed your brother.
You didn't come to wipe out mafia?
Used me for your personal revenge.
God has written your death in my hands.
That's why you brought me to Hyderabad.
Where have you brought me? Who are you?
Where are you?
Come out!
Come out!