OLED for Room Lighting

Uploaded by Siemens on 13.04.2010

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is a completely new technology.
OLEDs are 2-dimensional area light sources, that emit a gentle, warm, diffused light,
which is free of harsh shadows and has no glare.
But OLEDs are more than just lighting elements – they are design elements. Even the off-state
of an OLED differs a lot from conventional technologies.
OLEDs are very flat, thin and lightweight – making them very attractive for the application.
But OLEDs can also be in the off-state. They can be mirror-lookalikes, like this example
here, they can be defused or they can be even transparent – making it very attractive for
lighting designers to play with this new technology.
All this can be seen at the Osram booth, which is under the slogan 'Inspiration Light'.
The room installation, designed by the 'Lichtkunst Lichtteam' under the lead of Prof Andreas Schulz,
is at the core of this three-dimensional installation.
Mirror panels with OLED ORBEOS float almost freely in the room and build wall elements,
ceiling and sometimes floor tiles.
But also for further design elements show the potential what can be done with OLED in the future.
The focus is on pure design, transparency or the ultra-thin design, which can be made with OLED.
'Inspiration Light' – we would like to invite you to create the future with us with this
new, inspiring, fascinating OLED technology.