[31 MAR][ENG] ZE:A Cut [3/5]

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Lee Jung and Dongjun are both talented at sports
Lee Jung was the 2nd runner-up in the Teenager Judo Representative Audition as a high schooler
When he was learning boxing the director says, Can you choose boxing instead of being a singer?
Dongjun, at the Idol Athletic & Swimming Championship
Had recorded 6.02 sec which is very close to the world record 5.56 sec
(You did boxing?) I got Tyson's neck
The director hold my neck like this
No matter how I got hit I dodge it easily~
As expected Dongjun did track & field events and gymnastics
Can you show some gymnastic movements~ Like somersault~
He's so strong
Hands not touching~
Even when he's in the rehearsal room he won't stay still
You're very popular in school right?
He gets more good-looking after being a celebrity
Seriously he was just a dark-skinned boy~With curly hair~
He can't survive without a hair straightener
Ah it's fun~
Why did you quit sports?
My mum was an athlete
My mum was Taekwondo national representative
My mum also opposes
(What kind of sports did you mum do?) Sprint~
(You got the certificate?) Of course~
Short hair!!
It's no joke to have has experience robbery~
(You've caugh a thief?) Yes~
(You've tried that too?) I only saw his back...
He just talked about it...The thief broke into his house
[You haven't seen that?] [I haven't seen it even for once]
I still get goosebumps when I think of it
It was my birthday that I started falling for gym
But I didn't feel right so I went home first
While I was eating the thief had already entered my house
When I was eating he was right beside me
[This two are no joke!] [Right~]
Do you find any similarities with this kid?
He wants to take care of him~ His innoence~
I received something from him~
(What did you receive?) A bag...
There are prerequisites to help him out!
To talk about the department head of "B" foreign automobile company...
(You take "B" company's car?) I use "B"'s car~
[Hyungshik also got a parallel life]
Finally you got one! Hyungshik show your reaction! Reaction!
He sings well, but he can't imitate sunbae's voice
He likes Park Hyo Shin~
Then let's try imitating Park Hyo Shin's singing~
Not sure if this would be broadcasted but just try~
The price of the bag! The price of the bag~
"Memories resembles love...I keep on turning back and look♪"
Oh it sounds similar!
I think of one parallel life!
Park Hyung Shik = PHS right~ Park Hyo Shin is also PHS!
But Parh Hyo Shin isn't here today~
Should be similar to me~
One by one... It should be Siwan's turn
I'm the only one who got none One by one... It should be Siwan's turn
I'm the only one who got none
[Wait~!] [No~!] [Wait~!]
[Take off your badge!] [Too many!]
[Remove only one!] [Ask your codi to do it!]
Lee Jung went through his 2-year service in the navy
ZE:A members also went through their 2-5 year similar trainee life!
As celebrity soldier, aren't you asked about many episodes in the industry? About girls...
When I first entered I didn't really talk about that~I was so focused at that status
After I stay longer I told a little to my seniors then it started~As little support~
"Really? Really? Really?"
Feels like looking into the real thing
And I also explain a lot~
It was so fantastic~ my words!
"Really?" "Aww~(Impossible!)"
The life in army and parallel life~ We'll listen to the similar life as trainee
I've been a trainee for a long time!
I've went to a radio show with Kwanghee~
His mother recorded her midnight prayer in the cell phone and bring it to him
Generally it's like, "May you grant our kid health, and look after him with love"
Our mum is like, "May you make our son hilarious and defeat any famous person around him in this tough fight! Let him always able to smile!"
"May you make our Kwanghee into Super Star!" She really said this
(You have a "5-minute shower method"?) After 5 minutes we'll turn off the light and open the door~
We all can't finish our shower~With shampoo on our head and come out
The reason for this is that... We end our schedule at 3am, but we have to go out at 5am
Even for 2 hours we still want to sleep
So we shower in pairs~ But after 4 teams finish we still got one member left
Everytime when the last person is washing we have to leave as it's already been 2 hours
(To get washed in 2 hours) Yes even if we do it in pairs
[Oh navy navy~] [Oh it's tough.]
You're not forcing your reaction right?
He's not really listening to others
(You seem to have forgotten the army discipline) The day I left...
All left there...
ZE:A has helped their labelmates' performances~ We've prepared a video
Let's watch their pre-debut video!
When Jewelry's performing Superstar~
Before surgery! Let's see my face before surgery!
It's really ugly oh↗
[Excited] That is Kwanghee Hyung???
At that time Inyoung noona danced without looking into my face
She avoided my face and danced like this~
The shocking past is revealed that Lee Jung once had a Ukraine girlfriend
ZE:A also without company's acknowledge go out with female idols and scared their boss...
is their dream!
(You went out with an Ukraine girl?) She was so beautiful
(How did you met her back then?) In Thailand...I met her when I went for a performance
You sure that is a female?
Her name...hahaha...is really Natasha
(Natasha really knows that you are Korean?) She didn't know at first~
We couldn't communcate well! Well...
The most used word is WATER! Cause it's hot~
WATER & TOILET are most frequently used
Actually did any of your members had a lover before?
[Nope~] [No for us~]
It is unable for us to go out with anyone at this state
We've asked such a stupid question! They all had a lover before~
Nope nope!
Are there any couples in GagCon members?
I can talk about that! But it won't be broadcasted~
Right since they're all not famous!
If this is broadcasted but no media converage on it it will be ignored!
I can really talk about it?
Ah...We don't know EDIT!
Also Lee Jung and ZE:A's Kwanghee are revealed to be Hung Gook's Children 100 years ago
Let's see!
They are exactly the same!
[Kim Hung Gook] This is Lee Jung! [Kwanghee before surgery]
This is really Lee Jung?
(This is really a photo from that time?) It's an image from the History textbook
The photos from End of Korean Empire DongHak Revolution basically all look like me!
[Oh right right!] [I always appear in History textbook]
So Lee Jung and ZE:A in many ways support the 1 to 100 parallel life theory!