VK 1602 Leopard - ЛТ-4 в топ-лвл боях

Uploaded by IsoPanzer on 19.08.2012

Hello everyone IsoPanzer with you and I want to tell
about one amusing tank. This is a German tier 4 light tank Leopard.
Long ago this small tank was the best light tank in the game.
In those times there were no tier 5 light tanks and Leopard
was on a special place. But now the role
of Leopard is unenviable. This is just a pass-through tank
to the next vehicle - German tier 5 light tank VK2901.
To sum up, my impressions of Leopard are not the best.
The problem is that for such a light tank, Leopard
misses dynamics. His maneuverability is poor.
If you are playing in the top of the list then it is quite good. But we can say the same
about any vehicle in that game. In the top of the list Leopard can
play a serious role in the battle, thanks to its
armor and good gun.
Anyhow the main role of Leopard is
a light scout and it is significantly
worse in that sense than such tanks as T-50, for example.
I would like to show you few battles with this tank.
Regarding modules I have binocular telescope, coated optics and camouflage net.
So it is mainly passive spotting of targets. In addition here I have
a fire extinguisher, but after playing some time I've understood that it is useless.
Leopard dies too fast to extinguish the fire.
So it is better to have a gasoline. That's it the first battle
on a very convenient map. There are SPGs in my platoon Gleborg and Skyline.
That is why I'm going to take a
convenient position. I would like to be in the center of the map
behind the bush. I want to spot enemies on that direction.
Now I will show where I'm moving. So the maximum speed
is quite ok, but on place it
turns rather slowly. Here I saw IS-3 he
has very probably spotted me too. So I immediately
hide behind a rock. I do not want to die.
The battle is very serious there are lots of tier 10 tanks
that is why every shot would mean
a journey to hangar. That's it
I'm taking such a position behind the bush
and all these tanks here on the enemy base
are spotted by me. I'm covered by the rock from
those tanks that are on the right.
I'm showing these heavies that
are there, near the enemy base.
This is a very convenient for such
a maneuver. Leopard is really good for
that kind of style and such tactics.
Especially with modules
that I have equipped.
So enemy tanks are coming they are spotted and no one sees me.
Thanks to me several enemies are already destroyed here.
I think I've already played quite successively in that battle.
So at this moment most enemies have been spotted
and seems that nobody is going to come in the middle.
I have to think what to do next
and how to act further.
It is clear that it is useless to stay here
and I'm looking at that IS-7.
I got a nice plan.
The thing is that IS-7 has got quite deep into enemy territory
and now it will distract the enemy forces.
I want to rush behind the IS-7 to the SPGs.
For this kind of action
Leoprad is not the best tank.
The problem is that it has
quite tall hull and dynamics is not
good enough to avoid shells.
To tell the truth ricochets are quite rare too.
That is why I'm waiting for IS-7. IS-7 spots Jagdtiger.
I do not want too mach attention from the enemy
so I keep my position a bit behind IS-7.
I see that Jagdtiger has turned
Löwe is also distracted by IS-7 and have time to sneak in.
I made an interesting maneuver e.g. the enemy was distracted
and I get inside the base without any problems. Now I'm moving to SPGs.
Perfect, it is almost over. I've reached these SPGs.
It is quite hard for Leopard itself
to destroy SPGs because it
is big and fat. SPG can hit it quite well
and with such a gun it takes
lots of time to destroy SPG.
But to finish for 6 hp it does not take much time so
I kill Lorraine155 50. Here I'm just trying to survive
just showing the enemy. Everything is clear the battle is done.
I just want to survive. SPG is following me and
trying to punish. By the way it receives a direct hit from Gleborg
for 400 damage. Frech SPG are quite interesting. Often
it can not kill its weak enemies in one shot.
So that's it the battle is over.
In general that kind of tactics
on big open maps suits very well for Leopard.
So at the beginning passively show enemies somewhere in the middle of the map.
Then as soon as you understand that the enemy flank is weaken
you can rush in that direction.
Good ff you are able to spot someone
if not the life of a scout is
so short that it ends sometime
in a single moment.
That is all, it was a good battle
and the next battle will be
on the map where it is hard to apply the same tactics.
The map will be inconvenient for the scout.
I will try to show
how to act.
The next battle and this is Widepark.
We are here in a platoon with Astrarx on GWPanther.
There are lot of tier 10 tanks against us.
This map is not very convenient for SPGs.
It is small and it is easy to be spotted.
For SPGs it is difficult to shoot behind the buildings.
For a scout this map is also inconvenient.
Just because light tanks are
not required here that much.
Every heavy that comes over that
railway in the middle can scout half of the enemy team.
If you are going to use light tanks for
the breakthrough to SPGs than it is really difficult to do.
The map is small and concentration of
tanks is very high.
In most cases the scout
that tries to reach SPGs especially at the beginning
will be easily destroyed.
That is why I'm...
I'm scouting in the center trying to spot someone
Moving back here I'll wind forward a bit.
The situation is such that moving somewhere and
trying to breach is a suicide for me.
It is the same as to leave battle and go to the hangar.
That is why I'm trying to understand
on what direction
the enemy has weak places. I'm
trying to analyze, evaluate the situation but
I do not take active part in the battle. Here is a bright
example. T-50-2 moved forward and for it the
battle is over. At flanks
the enemy has enough forces
in the middle there are several tanks. It is hard to
make a breach somewhere, so what to do
in such a situation? I believe
that you should keep self-control and wait.
Wait for a moment when you will be able to do some good for the team.
At the moment I'm useless. I'm moving
back and forth and do nothing. The idea is that
at the end of the battle when there are
few tanks left on the field at that moment
every small tank counts. That is why by now I want
to keep full hp up to the end of the battle.
Now when there are significantly less tanks
I can be useful.
The first thing I see is T95. T95 is turned in
an excellent way. I looks away and with my
small gun with 70 damage and penetration 67
I'm starting to shoot T95.
In total I've damaged it
for a bit more than 300 hp. Here I've realized that T110E4
was looking at me. Immediately I draw back.
I was lucky here
as I carried away to much in the sniper mode.
I've made my small contribution in that battle.
Now I see and an excellent target Chaffee.
Chaffee at the moment is damaging our Löwe.
I can't move forward to Chaffee as
T110E4 is here. T110E4 moved away, other enemy tanks
are on the other flank and here I need
to kill Chaffee fast.
Chaffee even with 70 hp can go to SPGs
and harm us a lot.
My Leopard is accelerating forward and damages Chaffee.
Ok, I have dealt 67 damage and
now I see IS-4. IS-4 I'm not able to penetrate even
in the rear hull. I tried and understood that it is useless.
Now I see that T110E4 moves to the center of the map. Our tanks here
are keeping enemy forces so now I will go
in a such a long detour and my targets are SPGs.
My targets are SPGs and now I will dealt with them.
T110E4 is spotted exactly where I was expecting.
On the other direction the situation
is quite unpleasant.
We have two tier 6 SPGs
and a small Lepard. The enemy has a GW Tiger,
T95 with almost full hp and undamaged T110E4.
Here I'm trying to detrack the Tiger but my damage
is to low.
So I decided to destroy it.
Good that it does not have armor and I calmly
finish it.
What to do next? Now I have to run away
as it is clear that enemies noticed me.
It is clear that T110E4 will go in my direction and my
teammate tells me that T95 is going to capture the base.
What to do? I'm moving away and going to take a position in the bush near the base.
I want to show T95 for our SPGs.
People can say that I'm just waiting and instead I should
go and kill T95. That I should spin around
and damage in the rear hull. The problem is that
T95 turns quite good at place.
I moves very slowly but turns quite OK.
So I got some doubts that
I will be able to reach it.
So that is why I'm just showing it. SPGs started to damage
and at that moment we see that T110E4
is moving to our SPGs.
I'm scouting further and we see how
T110E4 gets closer to SPGs.
T95 has 500 hp left and it moves away I can't see him.
What now? Now my teammate decides to
move away from T110. He moves not here
because T110 will come
here and kill us both.
That is why Astrarx moves in that direction almost near railways.
Now I will change position and I will try to get closer
to T95. I do not have a sixth sense, it is common.
It is quite hard to get sixth sense
on that crew level.
I want to get as close as I can to T95 an scout him
at the specific moment.
Now Astrart is going to appear behind T95.
I will show T95 at that moment.
This how it stays here now if I'll move out
most likely T95 will kill me. Leopard
does not have enough dynamics to make super fast moves.
So just waiting for my teammate.
He comes and I'm showing T95, I'm getting out and here it is.
T95 controls the exit and Astrarx aims and knock down 93 capture points.
Now T95 is turning, it has notices SPG
I'm waiting it to turn more.
This shot in side hull was bad.
I'm moving out and finishes it for 5 hp.
What to do next? T110E4 is already here.
It is clear that we won't do anything with it together.
The situation is worse that in case with T95.
Well, because it has a turret so
it is impossible to spin it.
I'm shouting: "Kolya," - this is Astrarx, "hold T110E4, do"
not allow him to move, I will capture the base."
The problem is that there are windows in the house
where Kolya is hiding. Through that window
T110E4 kills my teammate. Kolya tells me that
110 moves to me.
What to do next?
I have an opportunity to go somewhere and try to hide.
In the best case it would be draw as there are
only 4 minutes left.
I'm looking around the base and here I'm noticing an SPG hull.
And I get understanding that I have a chance.
I'm moving to that hull and waiting for 110.
110 is quite fast and the distance
is small. So I'm sure that it will be in time.
The next an interesting part comes.
I'm capturing the base
110 arrives, tries to shoot, but understands
that it can not do that. I move
a little bit back.
The idea is that I'm looking where the gun
of 110 is turned. It looks here so I waiting that it will come from that direction.
110 turns and I'm understanding that I do not have time to drive off.
The idea is to move in from not in the rear.
The rear movement is quite slow.
I understand that I have to turn
and I'm moving out of the circle. How frustrated
I was at that moment. Capture points are lost,
10 seconds more and I would win.
I do not surrender I have nothing to do
and I'm just waiting.
I'm noticing in what direction its gun is turned and make maneuvers.
Here was a moment when it could shot me,
but the turret of T110 does not turn to the back.
I'm moving it turned here so
I will move in that direction.
I'm turned under such an angle to move in the front.
Driving off, it shoots
Here I'm deciding to show who is stronger and shoot
it in the track. It is useless idea.
Controlling it, turning it seems that it can
shoot in some moments but but but
I'm hiding accurately behind the hull.
We have so funny racing here.
And that is it, the battle is over.
I was driving with 110 for 100 seconds.
I thing that it got chances to shoot me.
I got Sniper, Invader
This battle is shown here for you to understand that
every small tank can be very useful
If you are at the bottom of the list,
you can't scout, can't shoot,
can't penetrate
Just survive, survive and at the end of the battle you
tank can useful. At the end you can
win the battle.
I hope that these videos are useful for you
and thank you for attention!