Google backs HTC and hits Apple back with 9 patent cases

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With the help of Google, HTC hits Apple with 9 patent claims
The tech industry is embroiled in a major show-down over patent rights.
Although Apple has made Tim Cook its new CEO,
Apple still hasn't changed its bullying ways. It sues people wherever it goes.
"We're suing you."
"And you!"
"We're also suing you!"
(Why me? I'm not involved.)
But yesterday, Taiwanese company HTC received some help from Google.
HTC retaliated viciously against Apple's claims.
On September 1, Google gave patent rights obtained from Motorola to HTC.
HTC made it official yesterday by suing Apple
with nine patent infringement claims.
Other than mobile devices, MacBook, iMac,
and even iTunes and iCloud
have all been hit with patent claims.
HTC has been successful in recent years with its smart-phones,
making its way to and dominating the North American market.
Apple's ex-CEO Steve Jobs felt threatened by this move.
So Apple sued HTC in the US for infringement, alleging HTC stole Apple's technology.
On July 15, Apple won a case against HTC.
Since then, HTC has been on the verge of moving out of the US market.
But Apple's nemesis, the Googlemister, who is also the developer of Android,
has been watching as his allies get bullied by Apple
and decided to help them out by providing them with various patent rights.
Googlemister even helped with R&D development in order to fight against the "Big Apple Bully".
The Googlemister also spent $12.5b to marry Motorola Mobility, so that he can obtain more patent rights,
and other "rights" in bed. Oh, I mean, more knowledge to pass down.
With the help of Moto, Android's production line and dominance has grown greatly.
"Come, practice with me" "ARRRGGGGGHHHH"
Due to illness, Steve Jobs has made Tim Cook his protege .
So the Googlemister and HTC now have Cook as their scapegoat.
"Have a taste of my Nine-inch White Bone Paws."
Experts think the reason why Google is backing HTC is not to have a showdown with Apple,
but to use "war to stop war"
so that the two major players can stop the lawsuits and live peacefully together.
"Here, have some of my tasty chicken" "My apples are delicious too"
Apple Action news: "Let's all eat together," reports