Gundarr - Meme Goose-ta! (Ep #13)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 12.06.2012

[Toddy:] Nyuh!
Distressed damsels... dot info... dot biz... dot TV... dot org...
Backslash "gasm!" Nyuuh!
[Dial-up internet tones] [Toddy:] Oh yeah, baby! Come to papa!
Here we go! Any second now!
Gettin' sexier!
[More dial tones]
[Toddy:] Nyuh! Hurry up and gimme mah boobies, computer!
[Annoying honking]
[Goose:] Well hi there, partner! You surfin' the internet in the dark, huh?
Forever alone! Honk!
[Toddy:] What the duck!? Forever alone my lily-green ass!
[Goose:] I'm in ur trailer! Killin' all your faps!
[Toddy:] I have no idea what you just said,
but you're ruining my interweb intercourse!
[Greggers:] (chuckles) I knew you'd love
my new puppy, Mr. Todd. He followed me home from RoflCon.
Can we keep him, sir? Please?
[Toddy:] First of all, Greggers, it's a duck. Not a dog. And second of all,
[Goose:] Honk! Well hey! You're both wrong!
I'm Meme Goosta, the meme-based goose!
Do a barrel roll!
[Toddy:] What the heck is a meme?
[Greggers:] Oh, Mr. Todd, you're so lame!
[Goose:] I'm rollin' on the floor,
laughin' my ass off!
[Greggers:] A meme is like an inside joke,
for the whole world.
[Toddy:] So wouldn't that be an outside joke, then?
You friggin' idiot!
[Greggers:] Maybe you don't get my dog's sense of humor.
[Toddy:] You call that funny?
When I was a kid, we used to hide in the woods
and fart on stumps.
Now that's comedy!
[Goose:] Honk! Cool story bro!
[Toddy:] Get outta my face, egg-sucker!
[Goose:] Woohoo! Watch out! We got a badass over here!
[Toddy:] That does it,
you egg-layin' sack of donkey balls!
I'm stuffin' a pillow with your ass!
[Goose:] Why u no laugh? HONK
[Toddy:] Prepare to be pâté, goose!
Now that's how you cook a goose!
[Goose:] It was the least I could do
to make up for all my lol-random hijinks!
[Toddy:] Hey guys! I can has goose?
[Goose:] Honk!
We're eating my brother!
[Gundarr:] Gundarr on that weird part of youtube again.
[Dramatic outtro music]