God Of Croats (Bog I Hrvati), documentary, English subtitles - Vatican's role in Holocaust

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Film is dedicated to the victims of the ustasha genocide
The script for this movie is based on witness statements and scientific works from the following written sources
The leader of the Ustasha emigration in West Germany, 1962.
Free, Independent State of Croatia ...
in a united Europe.
This means, independent from Tito's state?
Independent from Tito's state ...
independent from Serbia
in general independent
By which methods you think you will achieve that?
All legal methods.
But, our people at home have the right ...
to fight by other methods.
What do you mean by that?
The revolutionary methods.
In Croatia we have a revolutionary council ...
which will not remain quiet when it's time come.
Does the Council have the support of you here?
It is supported by all Croats but ...
leadership is at home
Do you have contacts with other Croatian and Serbian organizations?
With Croatians - yes. Because there is not single Croatian group ...
that does not have the same objective like I have.
With Serbs we don`t have no contacts at all and ...
with them we don`t want ...
to be in the same state.
Ante Starcevic, father of Croatian nation and founder of the genocidal policy against the Orthodox population
has created the slogan "God and Croats" in the 19th century. In 20th century, ustashas will take that slogan while creating
Greater Croatia.
Pavelic, ustashe leader, becomes a poglavnik (fürer) of "Independent State of Croatia".
As soon as he arrived to Zagreb, Archbishop Stepinac welcomed Pavelic, and gave him God's blessing.
Pavelic subsequently replied that he will not be tolerant towards Serbian Orthodox Church.
Archbishop Stepinac invites Pavelic and ustashe emigrants to solemn lunch, upon their return from abroad.
Pavelic oath to Almigty God:"I, Ante Pavelic, poglavnik of Independent State of Croatia, swear to almighty God
that I will be faithful to Croatian people and will do everything for its benefit, that I will protect independence of
the Independent State of Croatia, and that I will uphold the usashe principles in my work, so help me God."
I can tell you that issue of the rest of Croatian frontiers, will soon be resolved, and the frontiers of Croatia
will be set, to the great satisfaction of entire Croatian people.
Independent State of Croatia, as of today, is greater then ever in its history!
The epistle of Archbishop Stepinac, from April 28, 1941:
Honorable brothers, since we are familiar with the men are in charge of the fate of Croatian people,
we are deeply convinced that our mission will have great understanding and support
Therefore, respond to my appeal for holy work in order to protect and improve the Independent State of Croatia.
In relation to that, solemn Te Deum(hymn of praise) is to be held on Sunday,4th of May, in every parish church.
The motto of "Independent State of Croatia" was "God and Croats"
The state ideology taught about "Croatian race" and "Croatian blood"
Archbishop Stepinac and almost entire lower Catholic clergy were selflessly helping the ustashe.
Their mystical enthusiasm is shown in Sarajevo newspapers "Catholic weekly" from 11th of May, 1941
The image of holy Virgin Mary appeared as an omen, across the skies of our new, young and free Croatia.
Mother of God is coming to visit Croatia. She wants to take young and newly born Croatia under her veil
to mark exactly 1000 years of Catholicism of Croats. She is coming to us again, to take her old place on our freedom flag.
Croatian God and Mary of old times rose again.
Christ and ustashe, Christ and Croats, are marching side by side again, through history
From the pulpits, it was demanded from Catholics to persecute Serbs. The harshest followers in the extermination
were the sons of St. Francisco of Assisi, whose monasteries were used by the ustashe as warehouses even before the war.
German writer Karl Hans Genscher, in his book "With God and fascists"
The provincial of Zagreb, fra Modesto Martincic says:
Almost every better monastery outside the capital is built as a military stronghold.
Catacombs of Captol(Croatian church hq) become place of the first conspiracy. First ustashe camp is founded there.
From ustashe gazette "Ustasa", issue 3, 1941
Siroki Brijeg was an criminal ustashe center in Herzegovina, it has recruited not only many creators of ustasha ideology,
but many ustasha cuthroats as well.
Many Franciscans took an ustasha oath in front the cross, knife, hand-grenade and a gun even prior to the war.
I swear by Almighty God and by everything I find holy, that I will hold on the ustashe principles and follow the rules,
that I will unconditionally obey all orders of the poglavnik, and that I will never disclose any of the secrets.
I swear that I will defend new Croatian freedom on the sea, in the air and on mainland, as a member of ustashe.
So help me God.
Dido Kvaternik, the son of military commander Slavko Kvaternik, is organizing the police.
Without any selection, he is recruiting and arming even the people with most notorius criminal past
Source:Walter Hagen:
"Every office, shop, trolley car, in every bus and restaurant, had a sign saying:"No Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and dogs".
A truly lethal hatred was directed against Jews and Serbs who were declared "vogelfrei". That means anyone can kill them.
The pope designates the special envoy in Zagreb. That is his
elevation Ramin Marcone, with secretary Giusepe Masucci.
Archbishop Stepinac wrote the following in his diary:
By sending the envoy, pope has de facto recognized the "Independent State of Croatia".
The pope is appointing Archbishop Stepinac a Military Vicar for Croats army. Every unit had a trustee, a priest
whose duty was to look after the solidiers and encourage them when they plunder and commit heinous crimes.
By means of newspapers and radio, a blood-thirsty hatred against the Serbs is instigated from the pulpits.
Fra Srecko Peric, a Franciscan, is sending this message from the altar of the church in Gorica near Livno:
"Croatian brothers! Go and slaughter all Serbs. First slaughter my sister who is married to a Serb, then kill everyone else.
When the job is finished, come to my church, I will confess you and give you the communion, all your sins will be forgiven".
After that the massacre began. The cruelty of the massacre that took place that day, takes the breath away.
Ustashe hordes raped the women, cutting off their breasts, cutting off arms and legs to elder women, gouged out the eyes.
And they were decapitating young children, and throwing them on the laps of their mothers
Source: book Magnum Crimen, page 651-652
In Knin, the Italian division commander, Mr. Sassara, is asking Vjekoslav Simic, a Franciscan, what are their objectives.
Simic replies:"To kill all Serbs, as soon as possible"
Commander Sassara could not believe what he heard. He asked Simic to repeat that. Simic has reiterated:
"To kill all Serbs, as soon as possible. That's our program"
I am surprised, an Italian replied, that one doesn't realize the horror of that idea, and that a priest, what's more,
a Franciscan, could make such a statement.
Sourse: Italian daily Il Tempo, issue 250, page 38.
The most horrendeous crimes in Knin country were commited by ustashe leader fra Vjekoslav Simic.
This servant of God and St. Francisco too, was killing the Serbs personally.
Source: Magnum Crimen, page 652
Fra Marko Zvonko consistently instigates the peasants to murder and rob the property of Serbs, patronizing them:
"If only one Serb stays alive after the war, you will be paying the high price. That is why all Serbs must be exterminated"
Ante Pavelic decorated fra Zvonko with the Order of Merit of the second degree.
Catholic atrocities began with the destruction of Orthodox Churches as well as executions of Orthodox priests.
Priest Samardzic was killed in Kulen Vakuf. Ustashe killed his wife and children in front his eyes, before killing him.
Martyr's death was destined for priest Milos Vujic with many other Serbs from Slunj area. His wife was ripped apart
her unborn baby was taken out of her womb, another two-year-old child was murdered as well.
Poglavnik Pavelic declares in front of his army: "An ustasha who cannot take out the child from mother's womb with dagger
is not a good ustasha." From the book "Killers in God name", by Erver Orije
The same thing was done to Ljubica, wife of Spaso Lavrnja, priest from Suvaja village near Donji Lapac.
The ustashe first ripped apart her bowels and took out the unborn baby and killed it.
And then they wounded her four-year-old son with the rifle shot and slaughtered him.
Blind priest from Kulen Vakuf, Vukosav Milanovic, was forced to listen how ustashe slaugher his children.
They forced him to slaughter his daughter.
In Veljun, Slunj country, ustashe said to Serbian priest Branko Dobrosavljevic to dig a grave for his son.
When he was done, they brought his son and started to wip him in front his father's eyes.
When he was passed out, they woke him up again, cut off his arm and peeled off all skin from his head.
Then they bandaged him to stop the bleeding, gave him the beating and finnaly finished him with the hammer.
Than they forced the father to sing an Orthodox requiem for his son, whose name was Stefan. Stefan Dobrosavljevic.
The priest fainted three times during the requiem. The ustashe forced him to finish by whipping him.
At the end he was executed as well, with the hit of the hammer.
Source: IL Tempo, issue 38
The ustashe tied Bogic Djordje, a Serbian Orthodox priest, to one tree.
They wipped him until he was covered with blood, they cut off his ears, nose and tonque, sawed off his beard and chin.
They burned his eyes with a candle, and when they saw that the victim is showing sign of life despite all torture
they ripped his chest open with a knife, and fired a gunshot into the chest.
Source: IL Tempo, witness Pejanovic interrogated by the Italians
Serbian Archbishop Platon of Banja Luka and his companion priest Dusan Subotic had their eyes gouged out
while their chest was set on fire. Then their ears and nose were cut off, before they received the final blow.
Source: Karl-Hans Genscher, German writer, author of the book "With God and fascists"
The Metropolitan of Sarajevo Petar Zimonjic was murdered along with Archbishop Sava.
Several hundreds of Orthodox priests have been killed. At the same time, Catholic Archbishop Saric of Sarajevo
is writing odes to Ante Pavelic:" Dr. Ante Pavelic, with this dear name, Croatian has its treasure from heaven.
May the King of heavens always bring you back to us, our leader of gold.
Archbishop Stepinac to Pavelic: You have our wholehearted respect, and we promises you our humble and faithful
cooperation, for the brighter future of our homeland.
Glina church massacre
The bloodbath went on from 10pm until 4am, and this was continued for eight following days.
The cutthroats had to change uniforms for having them soaked in blood.
Later on, children were found on a barbeque stick with the arms and legs bent out of shape.
Source: Alfred Miler, German writer
Ljuban Jednak Glina church massacre survivor
The ustasha took one man was lying close to me, lifted him and asked him if he is alive, he said that he is.
"Please don't slaughter me", the man said. They asked him to give them his mother, and his sister.
"I 'll give you everything you want", he said. Then two ustashas took him by his arms,
took the candle and set his eyes on fire. The man was moaning, begging them not to burn his eyes and mustache.
Then one of them said:"Slaugter him". Next thing, they slashed his throat. He fell.
I kept on listening, I thought it's all over, the blood was up to the knees.
I jumped out of the the cupboard where I was hiding, throwing myself in between the slaughtered people.
One ustasha was stabbing people, one by one. He stabbed the man next to me, leaning his leg against my back.
I was waitng for him to stab me. He didn't.
The requiem for 700 murdered people in Glina church, among the walls that absorbed screams and horror
Red lips and mouth, with recent wounds and full of blood, kept silent. They kept on lying there, lying humilliated
deprived of themselves, deprived of everything but death, they lied there, stucky, slaughtered… slaughtered…
Soruce: Ivan Lalic
Velizar Zecevic
The ustashe begin slaughtering the peasants on the top of one cask, shouting that they are collecting blood
for the birthday of poglavnik Pavelic, that was due shortly.
The thing that astonished me the most,
and left the most striking mark on my soul
is that the peasants outnumbered the ustashe, and that that the ustashe were bringing the peasants to the cask.
Without much resistance, the ustashe would slash them over the cask, the blood was flowing into the cask.
Then they were thrown aside, while others were simply waiting there for their turn
Velizar Zecevic eyewitnessed the slaughter of Serbs over one cask, where ustashe collected blood to send it
to Ante Pavelic, as a birthday present.
Karl-Hans Genscher: Ustashe were pushing sizzling needles under one's nails and putting salt into open wounds.
They multilated and crippled all body parts.
They enjoyed the most to cut off victim's nose and ears while she is still alive, as well as gouging her eyes out.
The Italians have photographed one ustashe who had a necklace made of tongues and human eyes around his neck.
This is how famous Italian writer Curzio Malaparte described his meeting with Ante Pavelic in his book "Kaputt":
"While he spoke, I gazed at a wicker basket on the Poglavnik's desk. The lid was raised"
"Are these Dalmatian oysters?" I asked the Poglavnik. Ante Pavelic said smiling, "It is a present from my loyal ustashas.
Forty pounds of human eyes."
The pope receives Pavelic, giving him his blessings and rosaries as his present.
Jakob Altmeier:
World history remembered many perpetrators of genocides and mass murderers.
However, none of them was that fierce to ask to be served eyes of his victims in wicker baskets
That was the speciality of Pavelic and his ustashe.
Dr Herman Neubacher, Hilter's trustee for South-East Europe:
Croatian military campaing of exterminating Orthodox Serbs represents one of fiercest crimes in entire world history.
From Neubacher memories "Special task in South-East Europe 1941-1945, report of one flying diplomat"
German commander for South-East Europe, General-Oberst Alexander Lehr, belived that Croats are not able to run
the country by themselves. He asked for disband of ustashe government, and believed that ustashe massacres
of Serbs strengthen the national liberation forces of Yugoslavia.
Glenst von Horstenau, Hitler's representative in Zagreb, shared the same view about Pavelic:
Falsegood and deceitfulness, are the main characteristics of this head of state that we installed.
Shave off his head, give him the prisoner uniform, and you will have the exemple of the worst criminal.
Dr Herman Neubacher asked Hitler personally to get rid of Pavelic. He was unsuccessful.
Source:U.S. military intelligence, interrogation in 1945
Death camps opened in Jasenovac, Jadovno, Pag, Ogulin, Jasterbarsko, Koprivnica, Krapje, Zenica, Stara Gradiska
Djakovo, Lobor grad and Tenja
Genscher: The sons of St Francis of Assisi, whose monasteries served as ustashe arsenals for a long time
were particularly rigorous in exterminating the Orthodoxes.
Father Augustin Djevola walked with the gun while wearing his mantle and telling people to kill Orthodoxes.
Dr Ivo Guberina, a priest and the leader of Catholic Action, and at the same time a chaplaine of Pavelic personal guard,
wrote this on the 7th of July: Croatia must cleanse its system in all possible ways, including by the sword.
Karl-Hans Genscher mentions priest Bozidar Bral, who took part in murdering 180 Serbs in Alipasin Most,
and later danced a merry dance around the victims, with the ustashe.
Bozidar Bral often repeated: When we finish slaughtering Serbs, we will settle the score with Moslems.
Priest Franjo Matica tells the Serbs: God is in heven, ustashe on Earth, Jasenovac in between, take your pick.
During German-ustashe offensive on Mt Kozara in late spring of 1942
The greatest number of Serbs was deported to Jasenovac death camp.
The operations were led by German army HQ and Kurt Waldheim was one of the officers.
Andrija Artukovic, the butcher of Balkans, and other prominent leaders of "Independent State of Croatia"
were bragging to Hilter that they exterminated Jews better than he did, in "Independent State of Croatia".
Only in Jasenovac death camp, 35 000 Jews were eliminated, according to Vladimir Dedijer 31 500.
Thousands of men, women and children were killed on the spot.
By order of General Stahl, 68 000 Serbs were deported to ustashe death camps.
Poglavnik Pavelic decorated general Stahl. On the same occasion, Kurt Waldheim receives an ustasha decoration.
Friar Miroslav Filipovic, a chaplain of Petricevac monastery, took an ustasha oath as early as 1940.
He organized the massacres in Drakulic Sargovo and Motike, villages around Banja Luka.
He first killed the child of Djuro Glamocin saying: "Ustashe, this is in the name of God"
Then they murdered 1500 men, women and children by axes and hoes.
A beast in human form Franciscan Miroslav Filipovic, a most blood-thirsty of all cutthroats, becomes the commander
of Jasenovac death camp. He took part in mass murders of women and children, and was nicknamed "Fra Satan".
He used to pray to God after massacre, covered with blood. His poglavnik Ante Pavelic was giving confession
every day, in his personal chapel. He was a good chatolic, unlike Hitler and Mussolini, who were atheists.
Franciscan executioner Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic, had the support of other priests in Jasenovac death camp
namely priests Brkljacic, Matkovic, Matijevic, Brekalo, Pcelina, Vipovac
who competed in killing more Serbs.
Only one Franciscan priest, Pero Brzica, slaughtered 1350 inmates during one night in Jasenovac death camp
The account of this event was given by Zile Friganovic, who claimed that he was the bloodiest ustashe in Jasenovac.
"Franciscans Pero Brzica, Ante Zrinusic-Sipka and me, made a bet on who kill more inmates in one night.
The slaughter began, and after one hour I was
well ahead of all the rest by the number of the slaughtered.
Some unusual delirium came over me that night, I felt like I'm in seventh heaven
I never felt such bliss in my whole life. After several hours, I managed to kill 1100 people
while the others killed only 300-400 people.
By chance, at the hight of my delirium, I took one glance on the side, and I saw one peasant man who was rather old.
He watched me slaughter my victims and witnessing them dying in pain, with some incomprehensible peace.
His look had struck me, I felt like I was petrified, and I lost the deliruium feeling. I coludn't move for couple of seconds.
Than I approached him, and he told me he is Vukasin from Klepci village near Capljina, and ustashe killed all his family
and that he was sent to Jasenovac camp from some forest works. He was saying that with some inconceivable peace
that struck me more than all horrifying cries around me. Suddenly, I got the flaming desire to break his peace
and serenity by fiercest torture, and to restore my bliss in killing people watching his pain.
I singled him out and sat him down on one stump. I ordered him to yell "Long live poglavnik Pavelic",
or I will cut off his ear. Vukasin was silent, I cut off his ear. He didn't say a word. I told him again,
yell "Long live poglavnik Pavelic" or I will cut off the other ear. I cut the other ear. Yell "Long live Pavelic, or I will
cut off your nose. When I ordered him to yell "long live Pavelic" for the fourth time or I will rip his hearth out,
he looked at me as if he looked through me into uncertainly, and said calmly and clearly: "Just do your job, child".
These words of his made me go completely wild. I jumped at him, gouged out his eyes, rip his heart out, slashed his throat
all the way from one ear to another, and pushed him into the hole by my legs. But then something broke inside of me,
and I couldn't kill anyone else that night. Franciscan Pero Brzica won, by killing 1350 camp inmates,
and I paid the agreed bet, withoud a word.
700 000 men, women and children have died in Jasenovac concentration camp
Despite that, Ivan Stevo Krajacic, the head of Croatian parliament will state the following to the Serbian delegation
at the opening of Jasenovac monument: "We haven't killed enough of you here".
Edmond Paris was listing the never-ending lithany of horrendous Franciscan crimes in his book
"Genocide in satellite Croatia":
Ustashe executioners asked fra Silvio Frankovic, when he will take the confession from them.
He replied: It's too early for that. When you kill everybody, then come to me for confession.
The Franciscans at Pavelic's reception. All those murderers received high ustashe decorations.
Catholic nuns took part in the massacre of wounded partisans in Otocac hospital. In the death camps,
nuns distinguished themselves with cruelty. They too were seen by Pavelic who acknowledges their alegiance
to "Independent State of Croatia".
Unlike the pope and Catholic bishops, who gave their blessing for genocide against the Serbs
Italian army openly confronted the ustashe violence.
Il Tempo: One cannot describe atrocities the ustashe have done to Serbian girls. There are hundred of photos
confirming that, because those that survived the attacks, blows with the bayonette, pulling off tongues and teeth,
nails and nipples - and it was all done after they were deflowered - were gathered by our officers, and taken to
Italian hospitals, where this documentation was gathered.
In Gospic one woman had the courage to go to ustashe to ask them what happened to her son who was missing for 3 days.
This woman made a mistake of taking her 12-years-old daughter with her. Ustashe took the girl from her mother.
After mother protested, the murderers gave here one bundle, as if they are trying to console her.
The woman thought it's some small gift. When she opened it, she passed out. Her son's eyes were inside.
This happened in Gospic, and victims name was Dukic. He was sixteen years old.
"That is what Croats were doing to Serbs. Certainly, we cannot prolong these stories that freeze blood in one's veins.
One would need to write entire volumes of books."
Source: Italian daily Il Tempo
Italian army general Mario Roata, the commander of second Italian army says: "When we saw what kind of
horrific massacres the ustashe gangs commit in the name of Catholic faith, slaughter of the elderly, women and children
we intervened immediately, occupied significant territory and took charge of civilian authorities everywhere.
Professor Dr Stevan Pavlovic, an expert for the history of the Balkans from Southampton University, says:
"It should be said that Italians were rescuing Serbian people. It was a huge thing to do. The fact that Knin Krajina
remained Serb populated area is thanks to Italians, who didn't allow ustashe to slaughter all Serbs from there.
No bishop in "Independent State of Croatia" has protested against the crimes committed.
In Hilter's Germany, some Catholic bishops stood up and protested, like bishop Gallen, putting their lives at risk,
raising their voice those persecuted. On the other hand, Archbishop Stepinac was saying this in his sermons:
"Hitler is a gift from God".
In Vatican, one who raised his voice was a Franch Cardinal Tisserant, who once said to hight representative
of "Independent State of Croatia" in Vatican: If you only know what the Italian officers from your coastal area say
it is terrible indeed. According to them, it is hard to imagine that such atrocities ever took places in human history,
Murders, arson, banditry and robbing, are the things on the daily agenda in that region.
I know for a fact that some Franciscans took part in the attack against the Orthodox population, as did Fra Simic,
assaulting people and destroying the Orthodox churches like the one in Knin
Father Simic led personally an armed group of people who tore down the church in Knin.
I know as well, that the Franciscans in Bosnia-Herzegovina adopted the same miserable attitude. It hurts me.
A well-mannered, educated and civilized man cannot do such things.
Statesman Winston Churchill
Remembered Dante's Inferno:
"That was the torturing the theologists once intended for those condemned to hell".
President Rosewelt was shaken by reports about savagery and fierce massacres of Serbs in "Independent State of Croatia"
and condemned the acts by saying: "Croatians should be placed under guardianship".
The leader of American democracy believed Croatian people are immature and incapable to govern themselves.
Ustashe criminal Viktor Butic pointed out:"Either we ustashe will win and these damned Serbs exterminated for good,
or Yugoslav state will be created again, to our misfortune. In that case, we have corrected the statistics
in favor of Croats.
One of the most fierce crimes commited in the genocide against the Serbs, was throwing people alive into the pits.
Official documents about this were kept with list of the pits, involving the location, and the estimate
about number of people it can hold, i.e. space for 100 people, space for 800 people.
Golubinka pit was the place where ustashe criminals threw woman and children from Prebilovci into the abyss,
and where they died for days. Out of 1000 inhabitans of Serbian village of Prebilovci, ustashe killed 800, among them
296 children younger than 14, and 64 children younger than two.
They were all thrown into Golubnika pit in MEDJUGORJE, in 1941.
They took small children from their mothers and threw them over the pit, making a lot of noise
shouting "Oh, how nice Serbian kid is flying".
Then there were children about 11-12 years old, who were grabbing those criminals by the legs, saying:
"Please Mister, please don't kill me". Then the ustashe would take bats and break their arms and throw them into the pit.
Forty years later, in 1981, Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje,
allegendly declaring she chose Medjugorje on purpose.
The mastermind of this appearance was Franciscan Zovko, who was sentenced for teaching children fascist salutes.
Two friars Zvonko from this region were ustashe cutthroats who murdered in the name of Our Lady,
as Our Lady was an ustashe symbol and the "Queen of Croats"
Before throwing Prebilovci people into the pit, the ustashe commited unprecendented sadistic acts of torture.
Every good-looking girl, and that included some 12-years-olds, was raped in front of the mother.
The infants were stabbed so they don't cry, their heads were slammed into the walls of village school.
Pope Pius XII receives these criminals, and hand over a gift to each one in particular.
This is the photography of Ustashe gendarmes after meeting the pope.
A high Vatican prelate is sitting in the first row "Croatian people", from September 5, 1943
reported that the pope spoke very affectionately with ustashe gendarmes
and stated that he knows Pavelic, and blessed the gendarmes and Ante Pavelic too.
This is the second case that the pope received perpetrators of ustashe terror.
The predecessor of this pope, pope Pius X, supported Austria-Hungary in 1914 in the attemps to punish Serbia.
Pope's bishops in the Balkans also support and give blessing to the army of Austria-Hungary.
Bonaventura Jegic, bishop of Ljubljana, is telling the soliders of Austro-Hungarian army:
Men, the emperor is calling you to defend Catholic Austria with arms. Therfore, go to fight enemies
of Catholic Austria.
The Arhbishop of Zagreb, Dr Ante Bauer, made a speech to lined up soliders of the Austro-Hungarian army
in Cernomorec near Zagreb: Croatian heroes, our beloved king calls you to war, God is calling you to war
God and eternal justice is calling you to be avengers of the crime commited in Sarajevo.
The bishop of Sarajevo Dr Ivan Saric, delivered a warlike speech too, in front of Catholic and Moslem soliders
who were going to river Drina to fight the Serbs in 1914.
The ustashe rampage continues. Almost all Orthodox churches are destroyed or turned to Catholic churches.
This devastation was accompanied by forced conversion of one part of Orthodox population to Catholic faith.
At the trial in Zagreb, Andrija Artukovic declared:
"Moral principles and laws I adhered to are identical to the principles of Catholic church
There is no difference between those principles. My life and my actions were determined by the principles
derived from the principles of Catholic church. I spoke with Stepinac about conversions. I was not an expert in this.
Since I knew Stepinac personally, I let him take charge of that task, since he is an archbishop and a holy man.
He gladly accepted it and, as a holy man, he was advising me: Leave that to me, I will do that.
The best way according to my own conscience, since I represent Catholic church"
In his book "With God and fascists", Genscher wrote this in the chapter "Croatian atrocities":
"With unreserved support of Catholic clergy, 299 Orthodox churches have been destroyed and looted,
240 000 Orthodox Serbs have been forcefully converted to Catholic, and 750 000 Orthodoxes were murdered
many times after the torture that makes one shudder"
In many Croatian cities, our priests are converting those whose grandparents left the religion of their ancestors
They do it with shepherd's caring and understanding, as in this village of Mikleus.
This is the footage of Franciscan Vlah Margaretic, converting Orthodox Serbs in Slavonian village of Mikleus.
Archbishop Stepinac is informing the Pope Pius XII, that 244 000 Orthodox Serbs have been converted to Catholicism.
According to the records preserved, the Pope was very pleased with that.
The worst form of ustashe genocide were the mass murders of children.
The ustashe opened special camps for children in Lobor, Jablanac, Mlaka, Brocica, Ustica, Gradiska, Sisak, Jasenovac,
Jastrebarsko and Pag island.
Dragoje Lukic, a child captive himself, devoted his life to investigation of Catholic war crimes. He says:
The children still wearing diapers were shot by the firing squad, slaughtered by knives, killed by axes,
burned in their own homes, cooked in boilers while tied in sacks, thrown into rivers and wells,
thrown alive into pits and caves full of blood, poisoned by potassium cyanide and sodium hydroxide
worn out by hunger, thirs and cold.
People were taking out rafts full of children in Sabac and under Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade.
According to Dragoje Lukic estimate, 40 000 children have been murdered in bestial way,
aged 0-15, mostly Serbian, Jewish and Gypsy children.
Catholic priest Dionisije Juricev was saying:
"Do not think that I could not take the machine gun and start killing everyone including the newly born children
if I'm man of the cloth".
Source: Genscher: Here is a testimony of the ustasha named Oreskovic from Pag island, who coluldn't kill:
Maks Luburic ordered the ustashe to bring two small Jewish children. He handed over one of them to me
and told me to slaughter him. I said that I cannot do it. Then everyone burst in laughter, and have ridiculed me.
Luburic took the dagger and slashed the child's throat in front of me, saying: Here is how it is done.
When the child cried out, and blood was splattered, everything became dizzy to me.
When I pulled myself together, Luburic ordered me to raise my right leg. He had the other child underneath.
Luburic ordered "Hit it". I hit the child on the head, and crushed his scull.
Luburic said: There might be a good ustasha out of you.
Priest Brekalo enjoyed in taking a child from mother's arms by force, throwing him in the air and sticking it on a bayonette
Jastrebarsko was, a concentration camp for children that was founded in July 1942.
The warden was a nun Barta Porheria, a sister-in-law to Mile Budak, a man who inspired the ustashe crimes.
Along with nun Gaudencia, Barta was mistreacting and abusing 3200 Serbian children in the camp.
They were found guilty for war crimes.
As this happens, cardinal Stepinac is informing the Vatican about ten good examples of conduct of ustasha government.
Here are some: 1. Crackdown on abortion, as the abortion threatened to destroy Croatian state as well as the Church.
Example 2: Banning all pornographic content, as it is the real pestilence for Croatian youth.
Is there a greater cynicism than this: Stepinac publicly advocates prohibition of pornography and abortion,
while ustashe thugs murder tens of thousands of innocent children along with a part of his clergy.
A number of children have been converted to Catholicism. Catholic charity Caritas start looking after the children
whose parents were murdered. The chairman of Caritas was Archbishop Stepinac.
The children were too small, they didn't know their origin nor their village, and they were easy to convert.
Therefore there is a large number of them, living as Catholics today, including as Catholic priests.
Stepinac could only be proud and there was not one voice of dissent.
Eight thousand photos documenting ustashe atrocities against the Serb was delivered to Rome.
Sepinac writes to pope: I feel obliged to warn you that the material the Holy See received from Serbian propaganda
is aimed only at diminishing the good reputation present regime has in the eyes of the Holy See.
National liberation army is liberating the country.
The Franciscan criminals from Siroki Brijeg monastery, an ustashe stronghold, fought fiercely to the very end.
Dead friars had a significant sum of dollars, millions of kuna (Croatian currency), they all had ustasha IDs.
In the beginning of May 1945, while German and ustashe troops are retreating from Zagreb,
Archisbishop Stepinac is handed over the archives of Ministry of Foreign affairs of "Independent State of Croatia"
and signs the proof of delivery. At the same time, Archbishop Stepinac allowed the Franciscans to bury a part of
Pavelic's gold under Kaptol, mostly golden teeth of Jasenovac death camp victims, as well as other looted valuables.
When poglavnik Pavelic saw that Hitler's days are numbered, he gave 100 million kuna to the Catholic archdiocese.
The money is aimed to enable the church to protect the Ustashe genocists and war criminals from the rule of law.
Before the escape, Pavelic invited Vatican representatives Basucci and Marcone to lunch
as well as bishop and Archbishop Stepinac, to thank them for doing a very good job.
On the 5th of May 1945 Pavelic escaped along with his family, the ministers and several thousands of ustashe.
There were 500 Catholic priests among them.
Ivan Saric, Archbishop of Sarajevo and Josip Garic, Archbishop of Banja Luka, are the war criminals that escaped.
Pavelic and Artukovic, laden with gold, found refuge in the monastery of St Diogen near Salzburg.
Since Pavelic did not feel safe in Austria, disguises as a Franciscan and moves to Rome, where he lived in one
monastery protected by the Vatican, as father Gomez and father Benares.
He carried 250 kg of gold and 1100 karats of precious stones.(Genscher)
Serbian Patriarch Gavrilo Dozic spent time in Rome from 1945-1946 and wrote in his memories
that the pope Pius XII wanted to see him, offering him to stay in a mansion in Rome.
The mediator was Miha Krek, a leader Of Catholic Party of Slovenia, in exile.
Here is what Serbian Patriarch replied, through the mediator:
"You know well what has happened in my country. The massacre of innocent men, women and children
has been commited. The cruelty of this massacre represents the most shameful period of 2000 years of Christian history.
According to the sources of the Allies, 700 000 - 800 000 Serbs have been killed.
Orthodox Archbishop were tortured by shoeing with a horseshoe, their beards were pulled off with pliers,
their noses and ears were cut off while they were alive, their eyes were gouged out, and all the rest bestiality can be imagine.
Women were raped, and unborn children taken out of their wombs. The pope never even thought to condemn it,
not only did the Vatican kept silent, but the pope was seeing the initiator of the genocide in his quarters
and gave him his blessing.
For sure, this criminal is still hiding under pope's protection, in order to escape from being tried in court.
How can I ever cross that line, and go to Rome to see him in person?
I have to stress that there were people of Catholic faith who have condemned the massacre of Serbs during the war.
One of them was cardinal Tisserant, a Frenchman, who is still holding a high position in Vatican."
In Zagreb, a city liberated by National Liberation Army, Cardinal Stepinac can be seen in a new company,
at public events, along with communist Bakaric and other leaders of National Liberation Movement.
Perhaps these photographs show the reason to begin the cover up of ustasha genocide.
All traces of Jasenovac death camp are being removed. Not one facility of this genocidal torture chamber was renewed.
All pits used as mass graves were sealed and covered with concreate.
Ivan Krajacic, president of Croatian parliament will state: Investigation of ustashe crimes in an insult for Croatian people.
Vatican succeeded to hide Croatian catholic war criminals in safe places to prevent them to be tried in court of law.
At the same time, war criminals are brought to justice in Nuremberg, Dachau, in French occupation zone, in England.
"I will use all my authority to prevent the extradition of Pavelic, as he is a good man and a good Catholic."
Statement of Pope Pius XII, according to classified documents
The documents of U.S. counter-espionage corps that were declassified in 1986, show that American and British
occupation authorities knew about Vatican's shelter for war criminals in the seminary of St Jerome, which is located
in Giacomo Veneziano street 17c. Under the patronage of Archbishop Stepinac and priest Krunoslav Draganovic
the greatest genocidal war criminals of Nazi Croatia hid there, including the poglavnik, Ante Pavelic.
It can be seen from U.S. Army documents, that Krunoslav Draganovic was smuggling ustasha criminals, transferring
them through his ratlines to South America, with the support of the Vatican.
Genocidal ustasha poglavnik Ante Pavelic boarded Italian ship "Sestriere" accompanied by Draganovic.
His passport was under the name of Dahl Ranens. He arrived safely to Buenos Aires harbor
on November 6, 1948, hidden behind the friar's uniform.
Balkan butcher or Balkan Himmler, as they called Andrija Artukovic, minister of interior of Nazi Croatia
managed to enter United States, with Vatican's assistance.
United Nations General Assembly adopted the convention on prevention of genocide, reiterating that the prevention
of genocide is not a national, but the international obligation. However, Vatican was stronger even than
United Nations.
Italian General Giovanni Esposito writes in his book, on the edge of the book "Trieste and its odyssey",
from 1952, the book has the addition: “The history of Ante Pavelic”: “It is really strange, that among all the leaders
of totalitarian states, which were allied with Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany, only Pavelic hasn’t been arrested
or placed under court order, because of acts against humanity committed by his government.”
The answer to this question lies in Counterintelligence Corps of the United States documents, in which stands loud and clear:
"Pavelic's connections were so strong, and his position was so compromising against Vatican, that if his extradition had
occurred, it would give devastating blow to the Roman Catholic Church."
The National courts of Yugoslavia condemned many war criminals, including many of the Ustasha priests.
After he continued his counter national work in free Yugoslavia, Archbishop Stepinac was sentenced in 1946.
All charged are entering the courtroom for the last time, to hear the conviction of the National Court:
"By the name of the people, the Court of the People Republic of Croatia, in the criminal motion against
defendants Eric Lisak, Dr. Aloysius Stepinac, Saric Ivan and fellowship,
for offenses under the laws of crimes against the people and the state, on 11.10.1946 declared the following sentence:
secondary charged Dr. Aloysius Stepinac, sentence of imprisonment for a term of 16 years."
Rough campaign was then opened by Vatican, against Yugoslavia, alleged that the government
persecutes the Catholic Church.
Already in 1951 Archbishop Stepinac was released from prison, and he was declared a forced residence in his native Krasic.
Monica Farrell: "As a result of Vatican pressure, Stepinac was released from prison. So the killer
of over a million Serbs is able to freely join other
conspirators, and soon the blood of another generation will be shed in another Vatican war".
Josip Broz Tito answered: "It is true that we arrested some of the church representatives, but only those
who collaborated with occupiers.
Such was the case with Archbishop Stepinac of Zagreb who was Ustasha; during the war in Croatia
he over-baptized the Orthodoxes in the Catholics.
He collaborated with Germans and Ustashas, he was known as enemy of us, and our people."
Pope Pius XII doesn't think so, instead, he appoints Archbishop Stepinac for the Cardinal of the Roman Church:
"No matter of his absence, we embrace him with fatherly affection,
and we wish, that everybody knows that our only wish was to award his efforts and solid faith of his people
who spread the Catholicism bravely by
giving a Cardinal of the Roman Church honor to him, as an exemplary pastor, true example
of the apostolic faith and Christian strenght."
After assassination of Ante Pavelic in Buenos Aires in 1957, under mystical circumstances, he was never fully recovered.
He transferred from South America to Madrid, Spain, hiding also from his most faithful supporters.
Before his death, a Franciscan Branko Maric has confessed Pavelic and gave him the last rites, and the Holy Father
Pope John XXIII then gave him a special blessing.
Ante Pavelic received 3 papal blessings in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of his career.
In the early morning of 28. 12. 1959. at 03.55 AM, Pavelic died in his sleep, holding a crown, given to him by Pope Pius XII.
The greatest genocide villain of all time died a natural dead, on shame of the whole humanity…
On the tomb of Ante Pavelic, on the ledger says: "Rest in peace".
Other real culprit Stepinac died just a month after his friend Pavelic. He was buried with full honors in the Zagreb cathedral.
Just two days after death, Pope John XIII holds a Souls Day ceremony at Peter's Basilica in Rome, for Cardinal Stepinac.
Dr. Pribislav Grizogono's letter to Stepinac on which he never received an answer:
"Doctor Aloysius Stepinac, I am writing this as a man to man, as a Christian to Christian.
The slaughter of Serbs began from the first day of poor NSC. These innocent Serbs have been rammed on stakes,
lodged fire on bare chest, roasted alive…
Burned them in the houses and churches, poured boiling water on them, dug shredded flesh, salted live wounds,
extracting their eyes while they were alive, cut off their ears, noses, tongues…
Priests have been cut beard off along with their skin and flesh, cut their genitals off, tied them to the truck and so they drove
like that. They tied people's arms and legs, drove nails into their heads, penetrating people's blind eyes and pierced their
threw them alive into wells and abyss….
Busted their heads with handspikes, threw children in lime pits, full with boiled water or fire, stretched their legs way over
the maximum, smashed their heads against the walls…
Smashed their spines against the rocks, and many other tortures which moral human mind can't think of.
Thousands of hundreds Serbian bodies carried the river of Sava and the river of Danube, on some was the headline: TO BELGRADE.
Caught on the river of Sava, there was one boat, with bunch of children's decapitated heads,
and there was one female head, probably mother's, with a headline: MEAT FOR JOHN'S MARKET - BELGRADE.
Horror of these massacres stunned the Germans and Italians, they photographed many cases of slaughter.
The Germans say that the Croats were doing this during the thirty-year war, and from that time in Germany
was the saying: God save us from hunger, famine and Croats.
The Italians photographed one bowl with 3500 Serbian eyes, one Croat with necklace strung with Serbian eyes, and one who came
in Dubrovnik, surrounded with two rows of Serbian tongues. Why am I writing this to you? In all these savage, stunning crimes,
that are more than just godless, number of Catholic priests, clerics, friars, and organized Catholic youth participated.
Primarily the church is required to speak out against all the above mentioned.The German bishops are great to raise their
voice in favor of persecuted Jews, and here not even a bishop did not raise his voice for innocent Serbs - Christians.
I wrote you this letter to save my soul, and leave you to search for and to find a way for the salvation of your soul.
Zemun, 08.02. 1942 year, doctor Grizogono personally.
The author of this letter, Croat, former ministers and deputy, member of the Yugoslav National Party was known Belgrade lawyer.
Jakov Blazevic: If anyone deserved the 9 circle of hell it is Stepinac,but for our Catholic gentlemen that war criminal
is blessed shepherd of great intentions.
Poet Matija Beckovic says:In vain is to concrete the pit and keep quiet, earth can't rest until all the victims come to light
A battle with innocent victims no one got, it can be completed only by confession and repentance.
One of the few from the top of the Catholic Church who sought forgiveness was the bishop of Banja Luka,
Alfred Pihler, and the day before Christmas 1963. he stated:
"In this country in the last war many brothers of Orthodox faith were killed because they were Orthodox.
Those who had killed them had in their pockets Catholic birth certificate, Catholics were called
and those Christians killed other Christians because they are not Catholics or Croats; we painfully admit
that terrible delusion of those stray people and beg
our brothers of the Orthodox faith to forgive us as the Lord Jesus on the cross forgave"
Forgiveness was asked by the Bishop of Banja Luka, native German.
Other German chancellor Wili Brant bowed down before the monument to Jewish victims of the Warsaw
ghetto during his visit to Warsaw seven years later
in penance on the genocidal crimes who did the members of his nation.
During Occasion of the Orthodox Church in Jasenovac, the Serbian Patriarch German said:
we have to give forgivness because gospel said so, but we must not forget, let our great-grandchildren
and their great-grandchildren know that this huge flower in the Jasenovac is witness of one madness that must never happen again
Although we are aware of the fact that there are many good and virtuous people who were born accidently as Roman Catholics,
it is truth that this religion as a system has been always ruthlessly cruel. Monica Farrel
Alfred Miller,a philosopher,can not stop wondering how public is not aware of the bloodiest crime in the history of the world:
It is unbelievable in which doze they succeeded to hide and keep quiet facts about events between 1941. and 1945.
but it is not wonder that they have tried everything. In fact, Roman church could not let the truth be available to everyone.
Academician Vladimir Dedier, the president of the Russel Court, and Christopher Hurley, member of the Russel Court,
sent a letter 06.09.1986. to Pope John Paul II, because he refused to come
and visit Ustasha death camp in Jasenovac, during the tour of the Yugoslavia.
I invite you to come to the place of the terrible crimes,of the worst examples of deadly sins and to make a pray for the soul of
the church because these horrors are unforgettable,unforgivable. If you did this honest self-criticism, you would help to many
people all around world in their fight against genocide. If not, people would make their own conclusions about Vatican.
Fifty years after Pavelic's NDH : "This constitution we have made in the name of man and God's will."
Fifty years later, Vatican will demonize whole Serbian people with a help of the global mass media.
This is the new genocide, genocide over Serbs today.
Monica Farrell in her book "Voracious wolves" says :I will beg God to use this book for waking up Australian
people who think that Roman's priests and bishops are keepers of God's herd,but the truth is that they are the ones that our Lord
Jesus Christ described when he said:Beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing, but in soul they are voracious wolves.