Raja Aur Runk

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Royal physician, hurry up. The queen..
Don't worry, Your Highness.
Father! Father!
Saju, why have you come here? What happened?
Mother is screaming out loud.
Let her scream. The entire world is screaming.
Some for money, some for food and some for a son.
Yes. Grandma says my brother's coming. Come on, Father.
What am I going to do? You go.
Take this, sir. - Well done.
Please come, Father.
I told you I don't have the time. Get going.
Haria, you should be home at this time.
I should because I'm winning and you're losing.
Haria, winning and losing is a daily occurrence.
Your child isn't born everyday. Go on home.
Yes! Yes! Go! Go!
Okay, enough. I'm going! Give me my money.
The game was in my favour and this wretched girl overturned it. Come on.
And she found today of all days to go into labor.
Come on now. Here's my bet.
One more destitute has joined this impoverished family.
You have a son. A son.
A son! Very good. Beat the drums now.
The pauper prince is born in King Ram's palace.
Long live the king! The prince is born.
The prince! Here.
Congratulations, Your Highness! - Congratulations.
'The full moon rose in the palace.'
The king has a son. - The prince has been born!
The prince is born! The prince is born!
The king has a son. - The prince is born!
Our son will surely become a rich man one day.
Why not? Why not? His father is a king, isn't he?
We live in a hut but dream of the palace.
Today this hut is experiencing the same joy that the palace is.
The prince and our baby were born at the same time.
That's why my child will definitely be blessed.
If your baby's shadow falls on that baby..
..he too will turn into a rock on the streets.
Enough! Keep quiet. You only say inappropriate things.
Mother, what will we name brother?
Raja! Raja! He's born with the prince, isn't he? He'll be a king.
Yes. Yes. To me he is a king. That's exactly what I'll name him.
Sure, name him. But which country will he reign?
She wants to name him Raja.
The blind one is being named lovely eyes.
Mahadevi! Mahadevi!
Royal physician, you must save the queen.
Mahadevi! Mahadevi!
Chief minister. Chief minister.
Have courage, Your Highness.
Citizens, tomorrow we celebrate Prince Narendra's twelfth birthday.
Every citizen must pray for the prince's long life.
Bless you, Prince.
My brother Raja looks so good.
Please, accept this birthday gift from me.
Saju, haven't you gone to sell the goods as yet?
And you are applying kohl for this twelve-year-old oaf?
What's going on here?
Do you ever remember anything?
It's his birthday today.
It's his birthday?
You stupid fool, a pauper's birthday is his dying day.
Birthday, cough day, sneeze day. The wealthy indulge in these whims.
Take this.
I'd made the dessert for Raja..
It's sweet. It's sweet.
Leave some for Raja. Take this, son.
Raja, you've celebrated your birthday.
Now, get to work. Go begging and bring me money.
I won't beg. I'll go to study.
What will you study and do?
Are you a father or monster? He only wants to study, not steal.
I don't care whether he steals or begs. I want money this evening.
But you won't do anything.
Drink liquor and gamble with your children's earnings.
I'll chop your tongue if you talk too much.
Chop my tongue!
Father, let him go study. I'll go bring you money.
The house can't run with earnings from your toys.
I need money today.
I have to return the money I borrowed from Lakhan.
To drink liquor and to gamble, right?
Yes. Yes. To drink liquor and to gamble. What's it to you?
Father. - Be quiet. You come here or I'll break your bones.
Raja, take your book and go to school. Okay.
My lovely sister. I hope you get a nice husband. - Shut up!
Toys! Toys! Toys!
Toys! Toys! Toys!
Give me one.
Hey, toy lady. Come with me. I want a toy.
Buy it here.
No. not here. The inspector's kids are bathing in the lake there.
There they will buy both types of toys. Come.
Come. Come.
Here's the lake. Where are the kids?
I too am a kid. And there comes the youngest of them all.
I don't want to sell the toys.
Where are you going? Come with me. You will be well rewarded.
Let go off me! Idiot! Let me go, I say.
Who are you?
This is Ram and I am Hanuman.
I see. So, you're here to free Sita.
My doll. My doll.
My doll. My power.
My doll.
Long live power!
Have them stop the palanquin, Chanchala.
Hey! Stop!
Go home.
Excuse me! Excuse me! The.. The royal dancer wishes to see you.
I'm sorry, I don't have the time.
I've came here myself.
Greetings. - Greetings.
What's your name? - Sudhir.
Your name befits you.
My name.. My name is Sundar. But you are pretty.
Wow! What's your name? - Chanchala.
What's the matter? - I feel naughty at the sight of you.
Don't tease.
It pleased me to see your gallantry.
I.. I wish to reward you this ring.
A beauty such as you complimented me.
What could be more rewarding that that?
A woman always worships courage.
And a man is a worshiper of beauty.
Thank you. - Well, goodbye.
Excuse me. - Yes.
When can I see you again? - Anytime. In similar circumstances.
I'm leaving. - Chanchala, my heart is leaving with you.
Take care of it.
Thank you very much for saving me.
Really? - Yes.
Here's a gift from me.
Very beautiful. - Excuse me?
I was referring to this toy. - Oh.
What's your name? - Saju.
And your name is Sudhir, isn't it? - Yes.
You live in that ashram next to the lake, don't you?
Yes. But how did you know?
My brother Raja studies there.
Raja is your brother? - Yes.
Brother Sudhir, I'm feeling naughty today.
It appears as though you are feeling like a toy.
Children, yesterday I taught you the duties of the citizens.
Today I shall teach you of the king's duties.
Teacher, my father says that the citizen's duty is to die of hunger..
..and the king's duty is to rob the citizens to fill his stomach.
No my boy, the king's duty is to protect his subjects.
The king is a servant to his subjects.
Tell me what I taught you yesterday.
What did you teach me yesterday.. I forgot.
You forgot so soon. Tell me. What was taught yesterday?
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
I remember.
Yesterday you taught us that the tree came before the seed.
Very good, prince.
Prince, please don't remember too soon.
Teacher, beat me as much as you like.
The more I am beaten, the more money I will earn.
Sudhir. What's this, son?
It's nothing, Uncle. I got into a scuffle with the royal guards.
The royal guards? - Yes.
How many times have I told you to stay away from the guards?
Teacher, what are we to do if they collide with us?
Quiet! Bloody fool!
Go and prepare food.
Sudhir, you're the apple of my eyes.
But you exchange blows with everyone.
Those guards were trying to molest a girl, uncle.
That idiot is supporting the guards. He can do anything.
Who? - The wolf that snatches other people's rights.
Commander Vikram.
The king is unwell and the prince is still young.
Lord knows what will become of the throne!
Why are you worrying about it, Uncle? Go and rest upstairs. Go.
6, 7, 8, 9. 11, 12, 13, 14.
Oh! Oh, my Raja has come.
Gangu, I'm sure he's brought me money.
Give me. Give me. Give me. Why don't you say something?
Are you mute? Give me. You cheat! - 1, 2, 3, 4.
You bought a book from the money you earned begging?
1, 2, 3, 4.
I told you not to buy books, didn't I? I'll kill you.
Let me see how far you run.
Now where will you go?
What are you doing? - Get out of way, Saju.
I'll break his bones today.
There's nothing at home, and he wants to spend?
He bought a book with the money he earned begging.
No, Father, here's the money he earned begging.
Here. He gave it to me on the way.
Money! And what about the money from selling the toys?
Here. - Give me.
No, I'll give this to mother.
Saju, please give me some drinking water.
Are your hands broken? Take it yourself.
Boss, nobody even bothers to give me water here.
Come with me, I'll treat you to liquor.
Liquor? - Yes.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Your father tore the book? - Yes.
Don't cry. I'll fix it.
Okay! Don't cry.
Take this, Your Highness.
Son, I summoned you because I am unwell.
I'm handing this royal seal to you to lessen some of my burden.
Use this with the chief minister's advice.
This is very heavy, Father.
This isn't half as heavy as its responsibility.
You should be cautious of covetous people.
They attempt to make illicit use of the royal seal.
Your Highness, you should rest now. - Yes.
Yes, my boy. You may leave now.
Keep the royal seal away carefully.
Ma'am. What are you thinking, ma'am?
I said, what thoughts are you immersed in, ma'am?
Guess. - Guessed it.
The one who one madam's heart in the first meeting.
You are immersed in his thoughts. Right?
Truly. His face is entrenched in my eyes.
His name is Sundar and he's good looking too.
And a torso as broad as a tiger.
And his heart is just as big.
Ma'am. The.. he.. he..
Madhvi, who's the fortunate one whose qualities are being described?
Please, take a seat.
Well done. When I come close to you, you flinch.
And you think of me when I'm away.
Nothing of the sort.
You say no when your heart says yes.
Dancer Madhvi, I am awaiting the day when I shall make you mine.
I'm the royal dancer, Commander. I can't belong to one.
It is my duty to serve the royal auditorium through dance.
Chanchala. - Coming.
Make yourself comfortable and I'll be back.
Toy lady.
Toy lady.
Oh God, Gangu is coming. He'll tell father.
Don't worry. Sundar is sitting there. The path is blocked. - Oh.
You toad, get out of the way.
You bat, the path is blocked.
I see. So, this road belongs to your father.
My doll!
Doll. You play with dolls and bump into a man like me. Take this.
Hey animal, wait up. - What?
1, 2, 3, 4. - Speak now.
1, 2, 3, 4. Leave my foot. Leave my foot.
Was that a doll or a packet of power?
Let go. Leave my leg. Let go. I'm dead. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
May I leave now? - Not yet.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Didn't I just say I'd be back tomorrow?
"Hey, toy lady, come back tomorrow."
"Don't go back on your word for your eyes are a little shifty."
"Hey gorgeous, why did you break my heart?"
"Why'd you shoot me with your looks? For I'll die just with a smile."
"Once before too one day you said to me."
"Once before too one day you said to me."
"I will come but you didn't make it."
"You vowed you'd pour like a cloud but you didn't pour."
"My thirsty.. My thirsty eyes yearned but you didn't leave home."
"Let the world tell you how that beautiful night was spent."
"For your eyes are a little shifty."
"Hey, toy lady, come back tomorrow."
"Don't go back on your word for your eyes are a little shifty."
"I thought someday my beloved would smile at me..
"I thought someday my beloved would smile at me..
..and talk to me. But you didn't speak."
"I thought you'd dance hearing about my love but you didn't dance."
"My dream.. My dream girl. Wait up."
"You have stolen my heart."
"Ask the land and the sky, my beloved."
"For your eyes are a little shifty."
"Hey, toy lady, come back tomorrow."
"Don't go back on your word for your eyes are a little shifty."
"For your eyes are a little shifty."
The king is a servant to his subjects.
I am a servant of the people. Right, chief minister?
Yes, Your Highness.
Your Highness, this man has committed a very grievous crime.
What has he done?
Your Highness, he gambles. He consumes liquor.
He consumes liquor under my reign?
Yes, Your Highness. And he beats his wife after consuming liquor.
He beats a woman? Beating a woman is a heinous crime.
He is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.
Imprison him.
Your Highness, your father.
Let the father come. He has the same habit.
He also will be punished.
A stinking skunk wants to smell sweet?
So you want to be a king? I'll get it out of your system right away.
What are you doing? The kids are only playing.
I'll play with him. I'll make him the king and he'll punish me. Move.
Where did he go?
Idiot! - He's a kid, forget it.
Listen. Listen to me. - Father.
How far will you run?
I say, let him be.
Who are you? Why have you entered the palace?
I.. I..
I, what? Thief!
I'm not a thief. I'm not a thief.
Why did you enter the palace if you aren't a thief?
Tell me, why did you enter the palace?
Thief. Thug. Fraud.
No! Don't beat me. - Tell me, why did you enter the palace?
I'm not a thief. Don't beat me.
Thug. Fraud. Tell me, why did you come into the palace?
Chief! Why are you beating him? Wait.
Tell the prince you had come to steal.
Chief, what has he stolen?
Prince, I haven't stolen anything. I didn't steal.
And yet he says I should confess to the prince I came here to steal.
No! No! Prince, I didn't say that.
You be quiet. Did he beat you very much?
I don't care about the beating.
Father has strengthened my back by beating me.
You seem very resolute.
Prince, I'm resolute with the resolute..
..and straight with the straight.
All the village boys dance to my tune.
To your tune? - I mean they do my bidding.
And whose bidding do you do? - My own.
I fly anywhere I please. Just like a free bird.
You are very cheerful.
My cheerfulness is the cause of being beaten.
Now nobody will beat you. Come on inside.
I inside? - Yes.
Prince. This beggar? - Silence!
Come with me. Come.
Frightened? - Not at all.
This is my bedroom. How is it?
This is sheer heaven. It is so beautiful.
What is your house like?
Small. Made out of hay and clay.
Hay and clay? How do you live in it?
Very enjoyably. There's plenty of wind.
And sometimes the roof flies off in a storm.
It flies off? - Yes. We rebuild it.
And when it rains, there's water in the house as well as outside.
We take leisurely rainwater baths.
Have you ever bathed in rain water?
I never get out of the palace.
That's amazing! You can't leave the palace and I can't enter.
I'm under great constraint. - I'm under no constraint.
I play to my heart's content with my friends.
What games do you play?
Hide and seek. Baseball. Fire in the mountain. Kabbadi.
Kabbadi! What's that?
Don't you know? I'll show you right now.
Kabbadi! Kabbadi!
Kabbadi! Kabbadi!
It would be so nice if I too could play like you do.
What are you looking at?
If I could dress in finery like you it would be so nice.
Do you want to? - No. No. Prince. I'm poor.
What nonsense?
Sudama too was poor but Krishna used to eat his sweets.
He used to play with him. This is our game. Take your shirt off.
You see? - Yes. How do I look in these clothes?
The clothes are good. But what about your face?
There's some water there. Go and wash up.
Idiot. A street urchin has become a royal guest.
He refuses to come out.
The poor chap can only come out when the prince permits him.
What poor chap? If the king learns this, all will be in trouble.
Once he comes out I'll teach him such a lesson..
..he'll never look in the direction of the palace again. Darn beggar!
You see? Aren't we similar?
Now the onlookers will think I am you and you are me.
Look, this'll be great fun. The maids are coming. I'll go hide.
Speak to them as though you are the prince.
Prince, it's time for you to rest.
Time to rest? - Yes.
Okay. Leave. - As you wish.
Were you afraid?
I wasn't afraid. I was nervous.
This fruit. - Yes. Yes. Eat it. Eat it.
I was very hungry. - No problem.
What is this? It leaps like a frog.
I sleep on this. - Really.
Very.. Very good. Very good.
Very good.
You're back. - Chief! Who are you talking to so disrespectfully?
Don't you recognize me? I'm the prince.
You spent two minutes with the prince..
..and you consider yourself the king? Darn beggar!
Chief! How dare you?! I'll tell the king and have you flogged.
Flogged, my foot.
Chief, he'll complain to the prince again.
Just send him away from here somehow.
Prince. - What?
I made a mistake. Please, forgive me. Go.
Go on. Go.
All right. I'll teach you a lesson when I return. Yes.
Teach me a lesson after you return.
Try returning here and I'll make you cry.
Kabbadi! Kabbadi!
Kabbadi! Kabbadi!
Kabbadi! Kabbadi!
Got you.
Why did you beat me? - My wish.
Your wish?
You hit me? Take that.
Hey. Scram. Go on. Scat. Scat.
What's the matter, Raja?
Who's Raja? I'm the prince.
Silence! - Raja. Raja. Saju is looking for you.
Who's Saju? Who's Raja?
Hey Raja, what's the matter with you?
What's Raja? Address me as prince.
I'm prince Narendra Dev.
He was all right till yesterday.
Sundar, it seems as though Raja's lost his mind for fear of beating.
Prince. - Yes. Yes. Prince.
Prince. - Prince.
Prince. - Prince.
Why are you going that way? Your house is this way.
Who's house? I'm going to my palace.
Yes. Yes. Prince, you go to your palace everyday.
For a change come to our humble abode today.
Please, accept our plea. We'd be very grateful.
All right. I shall listen to you as you defended me.
Bring the horse. - Sundar, bring the horse.
Bring the horse. - Getting it. Getting it.
Please, come.
Welcome, Prince.
I'm sure you know this place.
What nonsense! I've come here for the first time.
I wish to be seated. - Certainly. Take a seat. Take a seat.
Here? - You fool, bring a throne for the prince.
A throne? - Yes.
Okay. Okay.
Forgive him. He's a complete moron.
Here. - Here.
Here. - Please, take a seat.
I wish to eat food now. - Food?
Sundar - Yes.
Arrange for some food for the prince.
Yes. Certainly. I'll have it organized right away. Right away.
Sudhir, you are nice. But your ashram isn't nice.
All right. I'll convince the king to build a huge ashram made here.
I would be highly obliged.
Prince, build a bigger kitchen as well for me.
I choke because of the smoke.
You fool, hurry up and serve the prince food first.
That's absolutely ready. Please, come.
Our Sundar is good too.
Come, Prince. Come. Take a seat.
Sudhir, you aren't a good man at all.
I was good just a moment ago. What's happened now?
You dare sit in my presence?
Let him be, Prince. He is a complete moron.
Sit down. The food is getting cold. Eat.
Is this the food you'll eat? - Yes.
Not good.
It's good. - It's good? It's good.
Aunt! Aunt! Aunt! Aunt!
What's the matter? - We found Raja.
You found Raja. Where is he?
He's gone insane. - He's gone insane?
Yes. He calls himself the prince.
But where is he?
Well Sudhir, I'll be leaving now.
Where will you go in the dark?
What did you say? Insolent!
Forgive me, Prince. Today I shall teach him a lesson. - Prince.
Don't stop me. - Prince.
How dare you misbehave with the prince?
No, Prince, don't stop me today.
I'll chop him to pieces.
Sudhir. - Yes, Prince.
I've forgiven him.
Put the sword away. - As you wish.
Prince, may your children live long.
You're silly. I shall leave now. - Come on.
Why is he crying? Did you beat him?
No, Prince. Hey, why are you crying?
I thought I would tell him some nice stories but he's going.
Now whom will I tell the story?
Okay! Okay! Don't cry. I won't go.
Tell me a story. - All right.
Raja. Where is my son? Raja.
Brother. - Raja.
Sudhir. - Yes.
Who is this?
Don't you recognize me, son? Don't you recognize her? I..
I know. You are a poor and unhappy woman.
Today I saw several poor people like you.
But you couldn't have seen one unfortunate and miserable as me.
Saju, we've been ruined. - Mother.
Sudhir, are these people insane?
Insane? - Look. Don't cry. I shall relieve you of all your troubles.
And I shall erase poverty from my kingdom.
Sudhir, take their addresses.
Why are you staring? - Yes.
Sundar. - Boss.
Tell me a story.
Yes, my child. I'll tell you right away.
Sundar. - Yes.
Why is there poverty in my kingdom?
Goodness me!
What's happened to brother?
How will he be cured of his insanity?
He isn't insane. - What?
He used to perform roles of kings.
Perhaps that has permeated into his head.
But my child will get better, won't he?
Yes. Of course. When the effect gets out of his head he'll be okay.
Please, go now. I'll personally bring him to you tomorrow.
Raja! Hey Raja! Raja!
He's not there. - What? - Not there.
"Friend, what do I do? My beloved hasn't return yet."
"Friend, what do I do?"
Gangu. - Yes boss.
Is that Raja standing there?
Boss, a man is an donkey when he's drunk.
What? - Nothing. I mean he can see an ass.
That isn't Raja. That's a donkey. A donkey.
That's a donkey? - Yes.
Then where has that donkey gone?
Where has that donkey gone? Let's look for him. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Come on. - Come on. Come on.
Guards! Open the door.
Who is it? Hey, you're back?
Chief! Mind your language. I'm your prince.
Prince, my foot.
You bothered me during the day taking advantage of the prince.
Now you've had it! - Chief! Ungrateful!
You're calling me ungrateful! Get out of the palace.
1, 2, 3, 4. Found him, boss. - Found him?
Leave me. - Where had he gone? - Leave me.
Please, forgive him. He's my son. He came here by mistake.
What nonsense! I'm not your child.
What are you if not my son? My father?
I'm the prince.
Very good, son. If you are the prince then my boss is the king.
Come. I'll take you home and give you a good hiding.
Let go off me. I am the prince.
Forgive him, Chief. He's lost his mind. I'll take him away.
Yes. Yes. Take him away. He's been a pest.
I'm the prince.
Come on. Prince.
I'm the prince.
You've forgotten your place. Come on home.
Just wait and see what I do, idiot!
Who are you calling a idiot? Rogue!
Oh Lord! You slapped your father?
How dare you! You imp!
I won't let you get away with this..
Father. What are you doing, father?
Move out of the way. Move.
Mother! - I won't let you get away.
What are you doing? Are you trying to kill him?
Yes. Yes. I am going to kill him?
Get out of the way or you'll die at my hands.
Yes. Yes. Kill me. Kill me.
Silly woman, he slapped me.
Never mind a slap, I shall have you hanged.
You will have me hanged? - Yes.
I said, let go.
Father, what nonsense is this? Don't you know he's gone insane?
I'll make him better right away.
Boss, I caught him.
Darn prince! Gangu, bring me a rope. - Here.
Tie him up. He shouldn't escape.
Wait a minute, boss. - Very good.
Oh Lord! Are you a father or a butcher?
Quiet! If anyone releases him, I'll break their limbs.
Gangu. - Yes boss.
Massage my legs.
Prince! Prince!
Oh Ram! He's still sleeping since noon.
He hasn't even eaten as yet.
He hasn't even changed his clothes.
Could he be unwell?
Wake him up. Let's sing.
"Prince, wake up. It's morning."
"Prince, wake up. It's morning."
Who are you? Where is the prince?
You are the prince, Prince.
I'm not the prince. I'm not the prince.
Prince. Prince.
Prince. Prince.
Prince. Prince. Prince.
I'm not the prince. I'm Raja.
Yes, my boy. You're the king next in line.
But I'm not the prince. I'm not your son.
What are you saying? I'm your father.
Oh no! My father is a thief. A thug. A dacoit.
Prince, what are you saying?
It's okay, chief minister.
I might be a thug and thief in someone's view.
But Son, it pierces through my heart like a lance when you say it.
I haven't bothered my subjects even by mistake.
Tell me. Who's telling you this? Who has manipulated you?
I didn't say it to you. I am the thief, thug and a beggar. I am.
Please, forgive me. Please let me go. Let me go out.
Please forgive me.
Prince. Prince. What's the matter with you, prince? What's the matter?
Let me go.
Chief minister. The prince has truly lost his mind.
Go get the royal physician. Go. Hurry up.
I can't bear to see this any longer.
For God's sake, at least release him now.
I won't release him.
I see. So, he came here.
Yes. He's come. He's tied here. What's it to you?
Behave yourself with a guest.
Sudhir, please save me from this wolf.
Am I a wolf? - This is not the way to treat insanity. Release him.
Who gave you the right to teach me? Get out of here else..
Don't cross your limits.
Please, release me. I'm not insane.
Please release me. I'm not insane. I'm not insane.
I'll release you, son. I'll release you.
Don't you dare release him!
I will. I certainly will release him. Do as you please.
He has fever.
Take him to the royal physician if he is feverish. Go call Lukman.
Go and get the doctor.
Do you have money, Mother?
Money. Does your father ever leave me any money?
Oh God! Son.
Let's see your eyes, Prince.
Let's see your tongue, Prince.
Prince, let's check your pulse.
Pulse? I don't have one.
God help him! He's displaying symptoms of insanity.
He's forgotten everything.
Royal physicians, what is your opinion?
He is completely insane, Your Highness.
I'm not insane. I'm not insane.
Prince. - Prince.
I'm not the prince. Let me go.
Royal physician. What's the treatment?
Do not worry, Your Highness. He'll be treated.
Rajnarayan, give one dose of that medicine to the prince.
Take this, Prince. - No. I won't drink it.
Drink it, son.
Prince, don't forget I'm the king, even if I am your father.
Drink it. This is my order.
What have you done? - It was very bitter.
Your Highness, the prince is insane but he's shrewdly insane.
He will recover soon by the grace of God.
The future of the kingdom is in your hands.
Make the prince better as soon as possible.
Commander Vikram, news of the prince's illness..
..must not leave the palace.
You. What are you doing here?
Yes. Because you are here.
How did you know I was here?
Love finds its way.
You play with kids' toys at this age?
This toy is a memory. - Whose?
Have you ever thought of me since that day?
Several times. Many times.
Sundar told me everything. - What did he tell you?
I won't tell you.
Tell me. - No. - Tell me what he said.
That you praise me very highly.
Is that what Sundar said? - Why? Was it a lie?
No. no. He told the truth. Who wouldn't praise a beauty like you?
Please, accept this.
I've come to apologize to him. Father told him off for no reason.
It was just your father who yelled at him.
He wouldn't mind even if a dog from your street bit him.
But where is he? - There.
It is very regretful. - Why? What's the matter?
Not for me. For you. Are you feeling kind of jealous?
Why should I feel jealous?
You're blessed! This is called true love.
I'm dead! A flower there and a stone here. You broke my back.
Why did you tell her? - He loves her.
What? He loves her too? - Let him.
Just like Krishna he makes everyone happy.
He loves everyone.
But I'm only crazy about you.
Nothing. Nothing.
Come on.
Ma'am, perhaps you are upset and leaving because Saju is here.
Of course. He loves one and he's marrying another.
That's why it has been said..
..a woman has less brains and more envy.
He'll marry only her. He's only in love the other one.
Your plan worked. - Of course. I'm not an idiot.
Hey, you will come, won't you?
Of course. Now she will come and so will I.
Chanchala. - I'm leaving.
Why do you have to apologize? I know your father is hot headed.
You are so soft hearted. You have such a big heart.
Never mind the big and small. Tell me, how is Raja.
He's still the same.
Hail Bhadrakali.
Chief! Scoundrel, I'll have you hanged.
You're correct. The child thinks he's the prince.
He's haunted by the spirit of the prince of Chandangarh.
Spirit! - Gruesome spirit! He has made him lose his mind.
Please, protect my child.
There's a solution for this but it's very tough.
What's the solution?
A three day fast without food, water, and sleep.
Three days? But, mother didn't even have anything yesterday.
She hasn't eaten anything today either. - You keep quiet, Saju.
Yes Baba, what else would I have to do?
Bathe seven times a day with the water from seven different wells.
Chant mantras and bring the Goddess' ashes from Khede temple.
Apply it to his head and put some in his mouth.
And on the third day place the Goddess' lamp on your palm..
..and orbit his bed one thousand one times.
A word of caution. The lamp should not go off.
Okay. Okay, physician.
Teacher! Teacher! Where are you? Chandrika!
Where have all the maids disappeared?
Ramsingh, fetch my horse.
Stop it now. I am all right.
No, my boy. I must complete it. I must complete it.
Mother! Mother, your palm is burning.
Whether my palm burns or it kills me, I want my son to get better.
What have you done?
"You are so nice."
"You are so innocent."
"You are so lovely."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"You are so nice."
"You are so innocent."
"You are so lovely."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"This world is a forest of thorns."
"You are a blossom."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Your eyes have started hurting, mother."
"Your eyes have started hurting, mother."
"You have stayed up through several nights for me."
"You have given up your sleep for me."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"You don't care about your own joys or sorrows."
"You don't care about your own joys or sorrows."
"If I smiled, you smiled. If I cried, you cried."
"You sacrifice everything for my smiles and tears."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Mothers are children's life."
"Mothers are children's life."
"The ones who have mothers are fortunate."
"You are so pretty."
"You are so calm."
"You are charming."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"You are so nice."
"You are so innocent."
"You are so lovely."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
Oh no, prince. This is my job.
Oh no, prince. This is my job.
Then whose job is it to eat?
What are you doing, Prince?
Can't I even scratch my head?
There is another maid to scratch your head.
Chandrika. Hey Chandrika.
A maid to scratch the head. A maid to scratch the nose.
Maid! Maid! Maid! I am fed up of these maids.
Go away from here. I don't want any maid.
Trust me. Let me go.
I'll go to the palace and get rid of all your pains.
And I'll send for you to the palace.
Palace! Palace! Palace! What is this nonsense in your mind?
There's no nonsense in my mind. You misunderstand me.
I'm really the prince.
You're the prince.
And I'm not your mother.
Oh no. You have showered your love on me.
You are my mother but not my genetic mother.
My mother died when she gave birth to me.
Saju. Saju. He hasn't recovered as yet.
The two of you didn't let me..
.complete the fast as directed by the witch doctor.
Oh Goddess, please forgive me. I will repeat the fast.
Saju, don't let him go. Don't let him go.
Are you going to repeat that fast? - Yes.
Oh no. I'm perfectly fine. You're my mother.
I'm your son. I'm not the prince.
I won't leave you. I won't leave.
Really, Son? - Yes, Mother.
Son. - Mother.
Son. - Mother.
Come here, son.
Yes, Commander.
Highness, last year's balance sheet is as follows.
The income from taxes is Rs.200 million..
..while our expenses are Rs.220 million.
A loss of 20 million.
What plans do you have to salvage this loss?
Highness, increase taxes on all cosmetics.
What do you mean?
It means, the men in our kingdom love to grow their hair long.
If the men were to be taxed for long hair..
..the kingdom would stand to gain Rs.5 million.
And what if the people shaved their heads?
Then.. - The barbers would earn.
Very good, Prince.
Who says my prince is insane?
Son, why don't you suggest a way to salvage this loss?
Reduce the salaries of the senior officers.
There are loads of maids in the palace. Reduce them by 50%.
I support the prince's suggestion.
I'm of the same opinion.
I have no objection. Your Highness, the royal seal.
Yes. Prince, where is the royal seal?
Royal seal? - Yes.
What's that? This is the first time I've heard of such a thing.
Highness. Highness.
Chief minister. My son. My son hasn't recovered as yet.
My son. My son.
Your Highness, it's our festival tomorrow.
It wouldn't be right for you to take part in it due to your health.
If you permit us, we could cancel this year's celebration.
No, Your Highness, the customs of the dynasty shouldn't be broken.
That's right, Commander. Our chief minister is correct.
The prince will sit in for me.
He will visit the family deity.
As you wish.
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
"The lap of the land is yellow. The blue sky is dancing."
"The best of all colors is the color of spring."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
"Your veil flutters like the swings of monsoon."
"Your beauty has stolen my heart, honey like the mustard flowers."
"Your veil flutters like the swings of monsoon."
"Your beauty has stolen my heart, honey like the mustard flowers."
"Every time I see your beauty I wish to name you spring."
"Let go. Don't tease me."
"O God, the things you say. You have stolen my heart and sleep."
"Spring has come with your love."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Henceforth there will be no rich or poor."
"All the inhabitants will be equal."
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Nobody will be hungry and thirsty."
"Everyone's wishes will be fulfilled."
"I am the king."
"You are the prince of which kingdom."
"Its not nice for a poor man to dream so big."
"Sway, dance, sing and play. Spring is here."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."
Hail the prince! Hail the prince!
Hail the prince! Hail the prince!
That is a lie. He isn't the prince. I am.
Hail the prince! Hail the prince!
Raja. Raja.
He isn't the prince. He isn't the prince.
Raja. Raja. Raja.
Guards, move all of them away.
He isn't the prince. I'm the prince.
Move everybody.
Raja! Raja!
Prince, what nonsense is this?
Move everybody away.
Come on. Move.
Greetings, Prince.
Come on.
Mother. - His highness.
Mother! Mother!
Why are you rambling in this crowd? I'll look for Raja.
Go home with Saju. Saju, take her.
Go. Come on.
He isn't the prince.
Open the door. Open the door. He isn't the prince.
He isn't the prince. I'm the prince.
He's an impostor. He's a fake prince.
And you are the real prince, are you?
Yes. I'm the real prince.
Really. We shall see in a minute. Go.
Don't you dare!
You are hitting me?
Hey, please don't do that.
I'm dead! I'm dead! I'm dead!
Hold on. Let me check for my doll.
You'll fracture my foot.
Sudhir. Sudhir. Sudhir.
You continue fighting. I'll keep this guy busy.
Take him away. Come on.
Who are these people? What have they done?
Inspector, that boy swore at our prince.
And he got into a brawl with our soldiers.
Inspector! - Beware!
Constable, 50 lashes for him and 25 for him.
And ten days imprisonment for both.
Beware, Inspector!
You dare to tell the Inspector to beware?
Constable, make it 50 lashes for him. And take them away.
Very well.
Inspector, lash me 100 times instead of 50..
..but please have mercy on this innocent child.
All right. Lash him 100 times.
No. Don't whip Sudhir. Don't whip Sudhir.
Don't whip Sudhir.
Sudhir, you endured so much pain for me.
I shall.. I shall appoint you my commander-in-chief.
Idiot! You'll appoint him as your commander-in-chief.
Guards. Take this commander with you and put him into prison.
Lock him up as well.
Wait! Wait, Inspector. Wait. What has this imp done?
Who are you? - I am this scamp's father.
You are his father? Guards, lock him up too.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Why are you arresting me?
Because your son abused the prince. Take him away.
Boss, he's gone.
Come on.
Come. Come.
See what all we face because of you.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Prince, your sorrow is the kingdom's sorrow.
It is the sorrow of the subjects.
No! No! No! No!
Boss. Hey boss. The king has passed away.
What nonsense! - I'm not talking nonsense. It's true. I just heard it.
What did you say? The king has passed away.
His Highness. His Highness.
Why are you crying? Has your father died? - Yes.
Yes? You imp. Calling someone alive as dead?
Let that be, boss. Let that be.
I forgot to tell you something important..
..the guards are looking for you all over the place.
It isn't safe to remain here now. Shall we 1, 2, 3, 4.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! - No. I won't go with you.
Come on.
I want to go to the palace. - Yes. We know it is your father's palace.
Come on.
Madhvi, have you seen the prince up-close recently?
Of course. What's the matter?
My doubts are being confirmed.
What suspicion? I don't get it.
I'll explain it to you in due time.
Commander, Amar Singh is here to see you.
Amar Singh? - Yes.
Come in, Amar Singh. Come in. Come in.
Tell me, Amar Singh. What brings you here?
Hey, I have no secrets from her. Tell me, what do you wish to say?
Your employee Karamchand who'd been in hiding..
..has resurfaced after 20 years.
And my cousin Vijay? - Vijay is alive, sir.
Vijay is alive?
Yes sir. You paid Karamchand Rs. 25,000 to kill Vijay.
That ungrateful wretch reared Vijay with the Rs. 25,000.
Where are the two of them?
Guru Shivanand, who lives in the ashram..
..outside the community is Karamchand.
And the young Sudhir is your cousin Veer.
Amar Singh, arrest both of them under any pretext.
Yes sir.
Apologies! Apologies! I'm not Karamchand.
I'm Sundar, the cook. - Frightened monkey.
You? - Sundar. Where's Sudhir?
Sudhir, who? - I asked you where is Sudhir?
Sudhir is locked up in the state prison.
The cops arrested him this morning.
Come with me. - Yes. Come on.
Come on. - Come.
Ungrateful wretch! Cheat! Crook!
Tell me. Why did I give you the Rs. 25,000?
You gave it to me to take his life and I took it to save his life.
Tell me. Am I the crook or you? Am I the cheat or you?
Unfaithful! I'll have you buried in the ground. I'll have you executed.
You can execute me but you can't execute my loyalty and morals.
Even if I die my soul will be content I have been humane.
Rotten idiot , I'll have you executed along with Vijay.
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
"Talk to me, Inspector. Please open the door."
"I've been standing at the door for a pretty long time."
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
"I've have gathered flower buds for you from nurseries all over."
"I've have gathered flower buds for you from nurseries all over."
"Ill gild your streets with these flower buds."
"Look me in the eye."
"I am the queen of flowers. I am friend of the spring."
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
"Talk to me, Inspector. Please open the door."
"I've been standing at the door for a pretty long time."
"My heart beats like a rocking boat."
"My heart beats like a rocking boat."
"You cruel ruthless and handsome sentinel."
"Why did you move my veil?"
"I was as embarrassed as a new bride."
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
"Talk to me, Inspector. Please open the door."
"I've been standing at the door for a pretty long time."
"My name is Chameli. I am a charming gardener."
"I have come all alone all the way from Bikaner."
Mother. Mother.
Saju, have you learned anything about Raja's whereabouts?
Everybody's been separated, Mother. Everybody's been separated.
We have found neither Raja nor Sudhir.
And the guards have arrested Guru and taken him away, Mother.
There's been no news of your father since the last few days, too.
Lord knows what's happened. Oh God!
Gangu. - Yes.
This is a good place to hide. - Yes boss.
Now go and borrow some food from somewhere.
Boss, may I take Raja with me? I'll enjoy the company.
Yes, take him. But take care he doesn't escape.
How will he escape, boss? I'll hold the rope tight.
Come along, minion. 1, 2, 3, 4. Come on.
Who are you? - He appears to be a spy.
Let's take him to the chief.
Oh no. I am not a spy.
Chief, this man was lurking outside our hideaway.
Who are you?
Haria! - Lakhan Singh!
Friends, this is my very old companion.
What are you doing here, buddy?
What can I say you, Lakhan Singh? I killed a guard.
Do not worry. Now nobody can harm you here. Here. Drink it.
Give it to me. I haven't had a drink for the past three days.
God will bless you. Give the blind one paisa.
Just give me one paisa.
Hey Raja, nobody is coming forward today.
It seems as though we aren't destined to eat any food today.
Look there. A sack is coming along.
I'm dead! I'm dead! I'm dead! - What's the matter?
Help me! Help! Help! - What's the matter?
I'm dead, sir. Sir, I'm dead. - What's the matter? Tell me.
Sir, my stomach hurts very much.
His stomach isn't hurting. He is making excuses.
You're making excuses. Rogue. - No. No.
Sir, your wallet. He pinched it.
Give it to me, you fool. - Thief! - 1, 2, 3, 4.
Thief! Thief! Get him. Thief!
Somebody catch that thief!
Are you getting ready to go somewhere?
What's the need to go anywhere if the destination comes to you?
I.. I'm here to seek your permission to leave.
Farewell? What are you saying?
I have recovered fully with your loving care.
Let me go. It's not appropriate for me to stay here anymore.
All right. But not today. We shall leave from here tomorrow.
We? - Yes, we. Both of us.
You. With me?
Yes, Sudhir. I've given up my mind, body and wealth for you.
Perhaps you don't know I worship you like the God of my heart.
I've only chanted your name ever since the day I've seen you.
I've only thought of you.
Sudhir, I only.. I only love you, Sudhir.
But.. but..
But what?
All my wealth, riches, land and property belongs to you.
I belong to you. You belong to me, Sudhir.
Now nobody can snatch me from you.
May I tell you a story if you don't get upset? - What story? Tell me.
Yes. Yes. Tell me.
"Satyabhama and queen Rukmini, both were crazy over Krishna."
"Bhama was like the fire of the land, Rukmini was like cool water."
"She offers flowers of worship; she recites songs of the anklets."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya. Play the melodious flute for me."
"Light a fire in my mind and body. Light it."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya. Play the melodious flute for me."
"Light a fire in my mind and body. Light it."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Only I shall look at you, darling."
"Let no other eye look at you."
"I am your only fan."
"Only I will listen to you play the flute, flutist."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya. Play the melodious flute for me."
"Light a fire in my mind and body. Light it."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"It was Rukmini's birthday. She called her beloved over."
"My impatient eyes are awaiting you. Please come home today."
"I won't let you go, Kanha. I wont take any excuses."
Darling, don't break anyone's heart.
Look. Listen. Let me go. Let go.
Narayan! Narayan!
What's the matter, Krishna Murari?
Why is the beautiful lady upset?
You have come at a good time. My life is in a dilemma.
Rukmini says to go with her and Bhama says not to go.
God will go with the one whose invitation came first.
Narad! - Narayan.
"Kanhayi went with Rukmini. Bhama didn't like this at all."
Narayan! Why are you so lost? Do you need my services?
My old wounds haven't healed as yet. You're back to heat things up.
You know I am at everyone's service.
Test me if you don't believe it.
Give me a solution so he doesn't go to the other ones home.
Okay. Will you keep a fast? Will you meditate for your husband?
What kind of a solution is that? Only Ram can save me from you.
"My love who I dream of everyday has disappeared."
You don't understand. What do you mean lost?
Donate gold to a Brahman equal to his weight. Take Mohan back.
Is that all? Organize the fast. Rukmini will lose to Bhama.
But do you have gold equivalent to Krishna's weight?
Narad. If I open one safe of gold I can weigh up to 100 Krishna's.
Narayan! Narayan!
There's some underhanded. Krishna Kanhayi isn't so heavy.
Your gold is counterfeit. My Manmohan is genuine.
I brought everything I had. Give Krishna Kanhayi to me.
You want me to take this measly gold, is he Mohan or a toy?
Come; let me sell you in the world. Ill sell in the slave market.
Take this instrument, flutist. Hold this instrument, brother.
Bhama. - Lord.
What Lord! Whose Lord! The Lord will be auctioned.
"Pay heed. Pay heed, passers. This is cheap goods. Take him."
"Pay heed. Pay heed, passers. This is cheap goods. Take him."
"I am selling everyone's desire. I'm selling such a divine slave."
"He is everyone's salvager. His name is Krishna Kanhaiya."
"His name is Krishna Kanhaiya."
"I fall at your feet."
"Don't embarrass me all over the city and streets."
"Don't auction Shyam."
Who can help the one who sets fire to her own house?
I made a mistake. How shall I survive without him?
Ask Rukmini. Ask her how to win over a husband.
Rukmini, forgive my mistake. Do something to unite me with Krishna.
Come Bhama, I like you. You are my Krishna's darling.
Is this only your sorrow? Whats your is mine too.
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Please, defend my honor, my flutist."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Life is a two-sided scale."
"The world is on one side, only you on the other."
"The world is light, you are heavy, flutist."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya."
"Please, defend my honor, my flutist."
"Long live Krishna Kanhayi. Long live Krishna Kanha."
"Long live Krishna Kanhayi. Long live Krishna Kanha."
"Neither illusion nor power, God is obtained only with worship."
Ms. Madhvi, did you understand the story?
The one basil leaf placed by Rukmini was heavier..
..than all of Satyabhama's gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.
Similarly, one toy given by Sujata..
..turned brother Sudhir's mind towards her.
Isn't that right? - Sundar!
I get it.
I couldn't be Rukmini or Satyabhama.
But just like Radha did for Shyam..
..nobody can snatch the right to give my life.
Lady. Lady, Vikram is coming.
Sudhir, leave from the back door. Maybe Vikram has come to know.
God willing we shall meet again.
Today, I shall only leave after meeting brother.
He isn't your brother. He's your enemy.
He is thirsty for your blood. For God's sake. Come. Hurry up.
Madhvi! Madhvi! Where are you?
I have come to know you harbored my enemy.
You hid him in your palace.
I haven't hidden him. I apprehended him to hand him over to you.
Very good. Where is he? - There.
Where is he? - He was right here. He must have fled.
Darn the idiot!
Brother, you've got the wrong man. - Yes.
I'm Sudhir. I'm your brother Vijay.
Come on brother, give me a hug.
Shall I behave with you like a brother or an enemy now?
Vijay, I'm your older brother.
Was that why you snatched what was rightfully mine..
..and now you want to snatch my right to live as well?
Vijay, I shall return all your land and property.
You're welcome to all the land and property.
I just want that God that changed my death into life.
Promise me you will release Guru immediately.
I promise you. You let me go.
Don't be afraid. I won't disgrace my sword with your blood.
Sudhir! Sudhir!
Scores of guards are coming. Let's flee quickly.
Remember. If you don't fulfill your promise I will kill you.
Cowards! Where the hell were you?
Go and arrest that rogue.
Go. Hurry up.
Guru, why have they nabbed that man?
Commander Vikram has imposed the death sentence on him.
Death sentence?
Guru, you said I am the king now. My orders will be observed now.
Yes, Prince. Your word is the law.
It is my order to bring that man before me.
Commander, the prince has summoned Karamchand.
No. No. Greetings, Guru.
What are you doing?
Commander, why have you arrested him?
Prince, he is a royal traitor.
He teaches the children of the kingdom lessons on treachery.
Oh no. I know him well.
He has taught me. He teaches good things.
Release him. He will stay with me.
Come along, Guru. - Please forgive me, Prince.
He will be released if that is your wish.
He will stay here as a royal guest.
Guards, take him away with due respect.
Please, come.
Now you also get some rest.
What are you doing here? Go.
Tell me the truth. Who are you?
I'm Raja. - Aren't you the prince?
No. I've been saying it since that day I'm not the prince.
But here lies are considered the truth..
..and if I tell the truth I am called insane.
Then where is the prince?
He dressed me in this attire, wore my clothes and went out.
Ask the chief. He had seen me come here.
He caught me and beat me up.
Who are your parents?
The woman you saw yelling out for Raja on the day of the procession..
..was my mother.
My father's name is Haria, mother's name is Shanta..
..and my sister's name is Saju.
Now I've told you the entire truth, haven't I? Let me go.
Commander, my mother must be crying.
My sister must be crying for me. Let me go. - No.
You can't go out now because you're the prince now.
No. No. That's a lie. I'm not the prince.
Now this lie is the truth. If you tell anyone you aren't the prince..
..you will be executed that very minute. Get it?
Prince, please rest now.
It is true, Commander. He came in and he was the one who went out.
No. He didn't leave. He is inside. The prince is outside.
But he shouldn't be permitted to come in now.
And this one shouldn't get out.
What good is it?
You will be made commander.
I will be the commander. And what about you?
Figure it out yourself.
I get it. I shall be the commander and you shall be the king.
Prince Narendra Dev is with Haria.
Haria. - Look for him. And kill the real prince along with him.
The fake prince is in our grip. He can be finished at any time.
That's how it shall be.
He isn't here. - He isn't?
Tell me, where have you hidden both of them?
I don't know. I know nothing. I'm telling the truth. I know nothing.
You don't know anything. Guards. Set fire to the hut.
No, sir. Don't do that. Don't set my hut on fire.
Set fire to the hut.
No, I won't let that happen. Don't do it. No.
Take her away! - No. Leave me.
Come on.
Don't go inside. You'll get burned. - Let me go.
No Kammo. Let me go.
What happened here?
Mother! Mother!
Chief minister, ever since the king has passed away..
..commander Vikram is doing as he pleases and you are silent.
There is no other solution.
The constituency has faith in Vikram.
And he has complete control of the army.
I am waiting for the right time to expose his misdeeds to all.
All this is the devious Vikram's doing and you let him escape?
That degenerate didn't release guru even after promising to do so.
Now, he won't escape from me.
What's the point of shutting the barn after the horses have fled?
Wonder where those two must have gone!
Come on. Let's free Guru first. Then we'll look for them.
Mother, let's rest at that temple for a short while.
You're tired. And you're having a fever too.
You see the temperature raging outside, my girl.
But you don't see the fire raging inside me.
But rest for a short while.
I shall rest when my husband is out of danger.
When I find my son.
"My Raja."
"My son."
"Where do I look for you?"
"My Raja. My son. Where do I look for you?"
"My love cries. Mother agonizes. Where do I look for you?"
"My Raja. My son. Where do I look for you?"
"You know not what I endured at your departure from home, love.
"You know not what I endured at your departure from home, dear.
"Your mother.."
"Your sister.."
"They will cry from agonizing over your estrangement, my dear."
"Come back. Come back."
"My Raja. My son. Where do I look for you?"
"My Raja. My son. Where do I look for you?"
"What is it that belongs to me in this world?"
"You are my only dream and that is shattered too."
"What is it that belongs to me in this world?"
"You are my only dream and that is shattered too."
"My luck is upset. The world is upset."
"Why are you upset with me, apple of my eye?"
"Come back. Come back."
"My Raja. - My son. Where do I look for you?"
"My love cries. Mother agonizes. Where do I look for you?"
"My Raja. My son. Where do I look for you?"
"Where do I look for you?"
Mother! Mother!
Raja! Raja! Raja!
Mother. - Chief.
Mother. What's happened to you, Mother?
Whom are you calling mother, prince? I.. I'm not your mother.
You're my mother. Sister, not even you recognize me?
I'm your brother. Raja. Yes, Mother, I'm Raja. Raja.
Ignore these clothes, Mother. They belong to the prince.
I'm trapped here. I'll tell you everything later.
First take me away from here, Mother.
Trust me, Mother. I am your Raja.
Raja. - Yes.
My child. My son.
Hurry up, Mother. Hurry up.
Who are you? Where are you taking the prince?
Mother, tell him I'm not the prince. I'm your son.
No. You are the prince. Come on inside.
Brother. - Raja.
Mother! - Brother, please leave him.
Chief, arrest these people. Come on.
My child. - Mother!
Come on inside. Come on.
Sit here.
If you ever disclose to anyone you aren't the prince..
..I'll have your mother and sister beheaded in your presence.
No. Don't kill my mother. Don't kill my sister.
I'll do as you say.
I'll call myself the prince.
I'll never say they are my mother and sister.
Rest now, Prince.
Foolish women. Celebrate.
Day after tomorrow your Raja will be made the king of the masses.
No. no. I don't want the king of the masses. Give me my poor Raja.
Even if you accidentally tell anyone he is your son..
..remember, his eyes will be gouged out right before you.
He will be murdered.
No. No. Don't do anything to my brother.
We won't say anything. We will keep our mouths shut.
Your betterment lies in this.
Mother, don't even accidentally tell anyone he is our Raja.
But, my girl, what will become of our prince who..
"A mother is the children's life."
"Those that have mothers are very fortunate."
"You are so pretty. You are so calm."
"You are charming."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"You are so nice."
"You are so innocent.
"You are so lovely."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
"Oh mother. Oh mother."
Mother, what are you thinking?
I was thinking about how fortunate..
..we were to have our prince live in our hut.
To please me, to protect me from trouble, he called me 'mother.'
He conferred a son's love on me.
Yes, Mother. And the prince even called me his sister.
Saju, when I think of every little thing about him..
..every fiber of my being trembles.
That highly merciful person fed me. And massaged my legs.
God! God! Please, protect the prince.
Please, protect the prince, Lord!
Saju. - Yes.
Mother. - Saju.
Found him? - Found him, Chief. He troubled me a lot.
I'm glad you're here. We're going to rob the royal treasury.
Very good, Chief.
Who'll dare rob my royal treasury? I'll break his legs.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Really. Is that so, son?
Hey lunatic, where did you learn these tactics?
Stop talking nonsense. - Is that so?
Very good. - Caution.
Very good.
Very good. The son is even better than the father.
Gangu, tie him up.
Come on, Chief. - Let's go.
Come on. - Chief, take me with you.
I'll show you the secret entrance to the palace.
I'll show you the treasury.
The secret entrance is in east and the treasury is to the north.
Haria, your son is very useful.
Whom are you listening to? The fellow is insane.
Be that as it may. He is talking sense.
Come along. Let's go.
The treasury is in the basement over there.
Warning! Warning!
Bandits have infiltrated the palace to burgle the treasury.
Wake up, Prince.
Prince. You? - Yes. The prince.
You're sleeping peacefully here while I've been wandering door to door.
And I've been spending days like a prisoner.
You have no idea what I've gone through.
Everybody considers me insane.
I had the same problem. Everybody thinks I am insane too.
Prince, neither are you insane, nor am I.
The crowning ceremony takes place tomorrow.
I'm glad you've come. Please, discharge me.
Let me go. Let me go.
Don't cry.
I'm here now. Everything will be all right.
First get me out of here. Come on.
Chief, arrest him.
Don't you dare! - Silence. Come on.
Where are you going? Come here. Stand here.
Chief! - Silence.
Traitor! Insolent! Don't you know who I am?
Commander Vikram, I'm prince Narendra Dev.
Yes. Yes, Commander. This is your prince. Let me go.
You keep quiet. I know everything. Take him away.
Leave me. Let go, Chief. Leave me.
Where are you off to? Come here. Quiet. Stay here.
Leave me. - How can I let you go? Come on. Come.
Chief! Finish him before sunlight tomorrow.
Very well. You just watch. Come on! Come on!
Uncle Haria. - Uncle Haria.
Uncle Haria.
Where are they taking Raja?
They are taking Raja to kill him. Please help me, Sudhir.
Hurry up. The horses are ready. We don't have much time.
Get ready to die, Prince.
Chief. Mongrel! Rogue! You've joined hands with that traitor..
..to kill your prince to usurp the monarchy.
You're selling your fidelity?
But remember. Deceit is extremely short-lived.
Raise the sword. I bow my head to the God's wish.
Prince. Prince. Forgive me.
I'm a sinner. I'm a sinner, Prince.
Sudhir. That infidel Vikram is snatching the prince's rights.
Haria. Haria. Go quickly.
The treacherous commander is crowning your son..
..with the crowning of death.
He has imprisoned your wife and daughter.
Prince. Please forgive me, Prince. Prince.
What's this? Tears in your eyes.
Prince. Prince. Please forgive me, prince. Prince.
I hurt you very much. Please forgive me, prince.
Rise. What happened was unintentional.
Hurry up, Haria. There's very little time.
King Narendra Dev! - Long live!
Long live king Narendra Dev!
Prince Narendra Dev! - Long live!
Prince Narendra Dev! - Long live!
Prince Narendra Dev! - Long live!
Prince Narendra Dev! - Long live!
Come with me, Prince.
Haria, take the prince inside quickly. I'll handle them.
Stop, royal priest!
Royal priest, this isn't the prince. He is Raja. I'm the prince.
Who is this insane boy?
Who let him inside?
I've brought him, Commander.
Who has brought him? Who are you? Who is this?
Ask him. Ask your prince.
He will tell you who I am and who this is.
Prince, who is this? You don't know, do you?
You don't know? Raja, I'm the prince.
This is your father. Hariram. Why are you sitting quietly?
Say it. Say you aren't the prince. You're Raja. Haria's son.
Raja, why are you sitting silently? Why are you afraid of him?
Say it. Simply say it.
Guards! Arrest both of them.
Don't you dare!
Wait! Chief Minister, the prince's silence..
..and this child's courage have made me doubtful.
The doubts should be clarified.
Correct! Correct!
Child, if you claim to be the prince, tell me, where is the royal seal.
Royal seal?
I remember. It's on my table.
The prince's palace has been searched several times for the royal seal.
But the royal seal hasn't been found.
Child, you are given one more chance.
Think it over. Where is the royal seal?
I had laid it there.
That is untrue.
Royal priest, this child could not prove he is the prince.
I'll prove it. I have the royal seal to set him straight.
Idiot. Talk. Who are you?
You have affronted the prince.
Guards. Take these schemes and lock them up.
Royal priest, complete the crowning ceremony.
Wait! Else it will be blasphemous.
Royal priest, this is his mother and this is his sister.
Ask him.
Prince, do you know them?
Prince. Tell us.
Raja, you are declining. You refuse to recognize me.
You refuse to recognize your mother.
But.. But I am his mother. And that is my unworthy son.
Raja, why didn't your neck break?
You've forgotten your mother for the monarchy?
You forgot your sister?
Mongrel, you want the monarchy. You don't want your mother.
You don't want your mother's love.
The mother whose son refuses to recognize her is better off dead.
God! I should die! I should die!
I'm not the prince. I'm your Son, Raja. You're my mother.
I don't want the throne. I want my mother. I want my mother's love.
Son! - Mother!
Mother! - Son!
Mother! Mother!
My son Raja. My son.
Prince, please forgive me. Vikram has forcibly made me the prince.
He threatened to kill my mother and sister.
That's the reason, I sat quietly.
I know, Raja. You are completely innocent.
No. You had to stay outside the palace because of me.
And Lord knows how much you must have had to suffer.
No, Raja. Because of you I acquired the priceless treasure..
..for which I had been yearning since I was a child.
That is a mother's love.
Mother, what are you doing?
A mother's status is higher than God.
Raja, you've enjoyed a mother's love for a long time.
Now, let me enjoy it.
You sit on the throne and let me sit in the shadow of mother's love.
Prince! Prince! I've found the royal seal. It was in the garden.
Is this the royal seal?
I thought it was a tool to break almonds and threw it out.
You see that, Prince. How can that person rule..
..who thinks the royal seal is a tool for breaking open almonds?
Say, long live the prince!
Madhvi! Madhvi!
Sudhir. - Madhvi. What have you done?
Didn't I tell you I couldn't be Rukmini or Bhama?
But just like Radha..
..nobody can take away my right to give up my life for Shyam.
Nobody can take it away. No.. - Madhvi.
No.. - Madhvi.
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Henceforth there will be no rich or poor."
"All the inhabitants will be equal."
"Hear ye, citizens."
"Nobody will be hungry and thirsty."
"Everyone's wishes will be fulfilled."
"I am the king."
"You are the real king of this country. This crown adorns your head."
"Sway, dance, sing and play. Spring is here."
"Spring companions. Spring bodies. Spring colors."
"Great season is here."