Professor Releases Weight Management and Healthy Blood Sugar Control Products

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Zemel: "So let's be clear about what it's not.
It's not magic.
We don't do magic."
Narrator: It may not be magic, but for many the products invented in the lab of Michael Zemel
professor emeritus in nutrition, at the University of Tennessee Knoxville could be exactly what they are looking for.
Zemel's NuSirt Sciences has released two products, NuShape for weight management, and NuControl for healthy blood sugar.
NuShape is an all-natural product taken in pill form.
Clinical studies show that it burns an hour's worth of calories, that's three hundred, in a quarter of the time.
Zemel: "What we ask people to do is to add about 15 minutes a day.
of moderate physical activity over and above what they're already doing.
That should burn about a hundred calories.
Women can expect to lose a dress size in less than a month.
Men can expect to tighten their belt and lose a pants size within the same period of time.
Often much faster than that."
NuShape combines the amino acids of leucine with vitamin B6.
The two work together to inhibit fat storage and transfer fat to muscle tissue.
NuControl, also all natural, is for anybody who is concerned about getting type 2 diabetes.
It works by harnessing the power of resveratrol to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.
Zemel: "Having high, chronically high insulin is a risk factor for multiple diseases.
You don't want that.
What you would like to do is manage your blood sugar
with lower levels of your own body's insulin.
And so what we're able to do is exactly that."
NuShape and NuControl are the first in a line of products to be released.
They can be purchased on-line at