Egg Hunt! - 4/9/12 (FULL EP)

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BETH HOYT: I was going to buy Instagram.
That's what I get for procrastinating.

BETH HOYT: Hello everyone, it's Monday.
It's My Damn Channel Live.
I'm Beth Hoyt.
Thanks for hanging out.
I hope you had a really good holiday weekend.
I did.
One thing I did was this.
I took this picture.
I made Brussels sprouts.
I made 10 pounds of-- there they are--
10 pounds of Brussels sprouts is what that is.
That's a lot of time.
Look mom, I ate my Brussels sprouts.
OK guys, guess what else.
This is really sweet.
The crew here, apparently, they hid an Easter egg
somewhere on the set for me to find today.
So it means the day after Easter.
But, um, I've been.
So I've been looking like since lunch.
I don't want to waste too much time on this.
But tweet me @thebethhoyt if you see it.
Um, I don't know.
I'll find it later.
But I've been looking--
I've been looking since lunch.
And they hid it really good.
Anyway, my mom used to always do an egg hunt at my house on
Easter Sunday, when we were kids.
It was really fun.
And then we grew up.
And she still kept doing it.
And we would like grab one or two of the eggs.
And then we'd be over it.
And she'd get mad, because she be finding hidden eggs in
cupboards for the next few months.
So one year she told us that there was a $50 bill
in one of the eggs.
And, ah, that got us looking.
That was also the year I learned that my mother
would lie to me.
Hey, who wants to watch a video?
I do.
But only for about five seconds.
Luckily, we have another installment
of Five Second Films.
-I've heard--
-Guys, I've got it.
I got it.
Let's just put this online.
People will love it.
This cat loves cheeseburgers.
-Everyone knows that you blow in the bathroom, Steve.
Just call it a day.
BETH HOYT: You know what I would do if I could go back to
1996, uh, right now, is just, I'd like to re-watch Space Jam
again, for the first time.
Anyway, um, oh my god.

Ooh god.

OK, I'm just, I'm going to get.
Um, OK.
Uh, last week, be had a lot of threats of litigation from the
estate of Donny Hoyle.
But that's not going to stop us from showing our new star
here at My Damn Channel.
Please enjoy Ronnie Cox with You Rock at Photoshop.
RONNIE COX (OFFSCREEN): My name is Ronnie Cox.
And you rock at Photoshop.
-(SINGING) You rock at Photoshop.
It's crazy, kooky, funny fun.
You never can stop.
You rock at Photoshop.
stupid or ugly or terrible.
You just have to believe in yourself,
and you can do anything.
I promise.
-(SINGING) Photoshop.
RONNIE COX (OFFSCREEN): I like robots.
I like pirates and [INAUDIBLE]
We want to imagine that we have a pet robot that lives in
our backyard.
So let's put the selection in the window of our first
daddy's car.
Here's a good photo.
Let's find a robot we like.
Maybe you like robots with laser heads.
I like killer robots.
Open the image.
Select all.
Copy and paste into a car photo.
Now, go to the edit menu.
And [INAUDIBLE] the handles until the robot lives, um,
lives in the robot, in the windshield.
Now, select transform [INAUDIBLE].
And that shapes the robot to the cars on the windshield.
Got it where we like it.
Now, let's make it look really a selection in the glass.
Select the robot layer and click the
layer property drop-down.
Let's try this one.
Hi, mommy.
RONNIE'S MOTHER (OFFSCREEN): What are you doing?
RONNIE COX (OFFSCREEN): I'm doing my Photoshop tutorial,
like you told me, mommy.
So I can go to college and not ruin my life.
RONNIE COX (OFFSCREEN): So that's how we make a robot
Before and after.
(GIGGLING) I'm going to go make poops
and get in my jammies.
-(SINGING) You rock at Photoshop.
It's crazy, kooky, funny fun.
You never can stop.
You rock at Photoshop.
All right.
I'm going to, I'm going to get off later.
I get credit for finding that, though.
Good job guys.
Uh, moving on, more and more these days, we're hearing
about specialty vodka flavors, like root beer vodka and
whipped cream vodka.
Now there's apparently a peanut butter and jelly
flavored vodka.
But you don't need to be paying $50 for a bottle of
that when you can make your own.
And it's a fresher way to do it.
I'm just going to show you how today on the show.
So the first thing you need is a bottle of vodka
and an empty bowl.
This is going to be our infusion bowl,
our infusion bowl.
So I'm just going to pour the vodka right into this, this
empty bowl.
Um, just go, we want to get the, we want to
let this vodka breathe.
We want to get it out of that glass taste from being from
the bottle.
Just let it, give it room and space to, and air just to
really open up.
Uh, after that, if you pour your vodka into your bowl,
what you're going to want to do for peanut butter and jelly
vodka, I mean, you're just going, you're going to want to
make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is what
the next step is.
So we have two pieces of white bread.
You could use, you could use rye.
You could use pumpernickel, any sort of bread or wheat
choice, gluten free.
Get a nice big helping of peanut butter on this slice
here and spread it.
You know, you know that, you know how you do it.
You just do up and down, you know, coast to coast, the
north, south, east, west.
Crust to crust, basically, just spread that all on there.
Stick that in there.
We have a squeeze jelly, which makes it easier.
We chose grape jelly.
Just put that, makes it much easier if you can just use
your hands and just squeeze it like that, you know.
And then really get a, you know, you really want to give
yourself enough to really taste that in there.
Use that, use that same knife, it's no big deal.
Spread that, you know the drill, east to west, coast to
coast, crust to crust.
Get it all in there, evenly distributed on
that side of the bread.
And then just mix, just kiss these two sides together.
You have your sandwich.
Now here's an important tip.
You've got to cut off the corner.
I'd considered it the southeast corner.
If you're left-handed, maybe go for the southwest corner.
Cut off a little triangle, so here we have this.
We're going to say that for later.
Put that aside.
We're going to be using that later.
Now, that we have your peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
just put that right in that infusion bowl.
I'm just going to put that right in there, really just
going to let that flavor soak up the vodka, just really
infuse that, just, just get that in there.
And that needs to sit for about three minutes to let the
flavors settle, which is perfect.
Because that's about the length of our next video,
created by Brit McAdams.
Looks like we have a couple of people with
the case of the Monday's.
It's Workless, I Will Destroy You.

-(SINGING ALONG TO RADIO) Workless, I spend the whole
night drinking.
-Hey, Alex, do you mind turning the radio off?
I've a lot of work to do.
-Oh yeah, yeah, right after this song.
-I'm serious, I have a ton of work to do.
Would you please turn it off?
-Look, it's, it's not even that loud, Jen.
And, I'm, it's just the one song.

-I'm serious.
-I'm serious.
-Turn it off!
-Make me.
-Just turn it-- ah.
Turn it off, Alex!
The immat-- what?
-OK, all right, OK.
-What are you doing?
Turn it off!
-I'm sorry.
Did you just call me a bitch?
-Yeah, I did, pussy.
All right.
-You're in my house!
I turned it off.
You can't just sucker punch me.
What am I supposed to do?
-Fight like a man, bitch!
-All right.
You wanted it.
You got it.
BETH HOYT: Let's see what you've got.
I've been waiting for this.
-I dream about this.
-I will fucking destroy you!
-Come on, let's see what you've got, loc.
OK, OK, all right.
Just go to sleep.
-Hey, what are you guys doing?
-She tried to turn off my radio.
-Alex is a prick.
-This is it not how you settle things.
Now let's do this clean and fair.
Ultimate fighting rules, no biting, no hitting below the
belt, and no office equipment.
Let's get it on.
-Come on, right here.
Right here, come on.
Oop, all right.
-You touched my radio!
Oh, you said no biting!
-OK, Come on, now.
-Looks like Alex and Jen are finally going to settle
-You're going, you're going to see it.
-Come on, come on--
-I got $20 on Jen.
-No way.
-I'll, I'll tell you, I will take that.
-Hit her in the face.
Oh, whoa.
-Come on.
-Hey, I said no office equipment.
-No, you're using the--
-(EVERYONE) No, no, no, no, no.
-Get him.
-Did she tap?
Do it!
-I'm done.
I'm done.
-Fuck you!
-Get this cleaned up.
-Who the hell, who taps out after going off the top rope,
-That ho, right there.
-I fucking hate her.
-Hey, good work here today, really good.
-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.
Thank you.

You don't touch my radio.
-You don't touch my radio!

BETH HOYT: That office needs to chillax and enjoy a
refreshing cocktail together.
Speaking of which, our infusion should
be just about done.
So it's time to make our PB&J-artini.
So what you do now, we have our martini shaker.
You're going to want to pour enough for one martini for
yourself, anywhere from three to eight ounces.
Just pour that vodka right in your shaker.
Cap it nice and tight.
I've had some accidents with that before you know.
Shake it up.
Mmm, sounds good.
Take off our top.
I'm just going to pour that right into our martini glass.

So now we have, then there's, we're not done
with our steps yet.
We have one import step.
We have this sandwich sitting in our infusion.
This is full of tons of flavor.
We take to take full advantage of this sandwich here that's
still packed with vodka and flavor.
We're just going to want to really infuse our Martini,
just specifically, get this.
Look at the beautiful colors happening, the
pink from the jelly.
It's making it a nice springtime color.
If you were using chunky peanut butter, maybe a peanut
or two would be falling into the martini right now.
But look at all this vodka we would be missing if we weren't
utilizing this important step in getting our
sandwich worth in there.
Just really get it in there, gosh.
So this is a great, a great cocktail
for a ladies luncheon.
It's kind of like an appetizer cocktail.
I think we got a good amount in there for this one.
Put that back in your infusion bowl.
Keep using that.
Wipe off your hands.
I'm smelling, I'm smelling peanut butter.
I'm smelling jelly.
I'm smelling vodka.
And then don't forget this little
triangle we cut earlier.
Remember that?
Garnish, what cocktail is complete without a garnish.
Not a good cocktail, that's my answer.
Cheers you guys, happy Monday.

I don't want to get too tipsy.
Um, ughn, that is so refreshing.
You guys, thank you so much for watching today.
Tomorrow, I'm going to be answering Twitter and YouTube
comments, so tweet me @thebethhoyt, ask me anything.
And keep your calendar clear for Wednesday.
We've got Reggie Watts with us for the full half an hour, My
Damn Channel premieres of new episodes of Co-op of the
Damned and You Rock at Photoshop.
It's going to be epic.
You guys have a great day.
And don't forget, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.