Egypt Travel Blog 2010 - Exploring Cairo (2/19)

Uploaded by 852abroad on 31.10.2010

Hey this is Matt, first day in Cairo, little bit of a video blog going on
We've landed it pretty sweet to be fair
How's the Egyptian journey so far?
Today we are going to do all the religious sites
Which, as you can see, I'm totally dressed for
But I'm not wearing a bra so there's no push-up
Which I think is umm... The best I can do
Why don't we just pretend that we're boys
Because we got boobs, and bum, and hips. Child bearing hips
And here's Alex coming in now with some tea
You alright man?
Hey man, just getting the video blog going
This is the free breakfast, which isn't bad at all
And so far it's been pretty sweet. Good showers
Really hot though
We went for a wander last night and that was pretty fun
That's the drop from our glass-less window
And that's the hustle and bustle of Cairo
Next installment tomorrow
Kushal is that good?
Damn fine
F*** off
Hey man, yea... On the way to the market
Egyptian wedding, how cool is that?
This is like a proper skill
This is like Britain's got talent - more than skill
Britain's got talent?
Britain's freaking set of skills, man
Oh my gosh
How much is that?
One piece of wood
This, LE£1,600
That's £200 �