Gönülçelen )) Episode 15 - Part 6/9 [English Subtitles]

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What are you doing here at this hour? You should be in bed
It's easy for you to say. As If I can sleep
So I thought if I wasn't sleeping
I should think of what is going on..
I mean about the concert.
will it go further..
...the studies
Have you been thinking too.. about what will happen..
I thought I should see if you were thinking too
It seems that instead of thinking a lot
you were doing stuff
Your hair, your make up.. it's interesting
It looks like you're trying something new.. interesting
.. interesting..
The best way to fall asleep is to read something..
You can go to sleep thinking you're part of a nice story
Here.. take it
Your nails.. ? nevermind
But I think you shouldn't try these new things with your hair and make up outside of the house
Have a nice read and I'll have a nice sleep
And don’t forget you've to go and try dresses tomorrow with Levent. Ok.
are you ok?
yeah I am ok.
you didn't speak all the way
I did
you only talked giving money to the driver..
I mumbled a song to myself
Well good night
are you awake? Nakiye?
what happened?
your eyes are watering too? Are you sick?
allergic reaction
Where did you get the scented detergent?
what detergent?
my bed smells of perfume or something? Did you change the detergent you were using?
no it's the same
Oh shall I bring you water. When you were a kid once this allergy took 2 weeks
I need some fresh air. Change my sheets please tomorrow
Tonight I'll sleep in the guest room
bless you!
you…. You too..
bless you again
bless you again
(Gülnaz wants to complain to Balçiçek about Cobra's new behavior)
(Balçiçek tells Cihan she needs to talk Gülnaz)
(Gülnaz tells her that plans are not working on Cobra he's acting cold)
(Balçiçek says continue as always stick in there and he'll come round)
(Gülnaz is scared cobra will not ask her to marry again)
(Gülnaz has prepared breakfast for kadir and there is chocolate spread)
(she bought him a t-shirt with a dragon on it but) (she can't pronounce the dragon properly LOL!)
Ms saime? You weren't here last night
I stayed at a friend's house
you keep going away you might lose your job
don’t worry about me
how can I not? You're the person I trust most in this house
I might go away soon.. I've resigned
It's because of that witch Nesrin She'll pay for all the bad things she has done some day
It's my fault. I shouldn't have gone out so much
but everyone has a right to go out now and then
Hasret look I've decided and in a couple of weeks I'll go
ok.. you can come stay with me
with you?
I won't live here forever. You can come stay with me
so you might need a butler when you are rich ?
yes I'll be rich but even if I'm not I feel rich at heart
I'm a better person than these sort of people
Of course I may not be able to succeed. What if I can't sing?
I don't know what to do. I'm so scared
don’t be scared. And it's early to think such things
Let's go and have a bite to eat. It'll make us feel better
(Salih says he should have kept an eye on saime and never let this happen he thinks saime is weak)
this dust is collected from 40 different shops
We'll burn all this and take it round the house..
It'll bring blessing and good fortune to the house
I guess this is for something else
This spell is used to make husbands stay at home or to make your lover get closer to you
So he won't love anyone else
how do you know all this
Are you sure you aren't one of us?
I would've liked to be one of you guys