Ezel - Episode 1 part 1/9 (English subtitles)

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I've come here after a long road. I still have a long road to go.
How long until we're at the hotel?
A little more.
I have no idea how this story is going to end.
But I know how it has started.
This story has started with Omer.
Omer had a friend which was like a brother to him.
Whenever there was trouble, he was there for him.
His name was Ali.
But the people knew him by his nickname.
Are you a freaking maniac?
First you're going to smile at my face and then you're going to do stuff behind my back.
Get the hell out of here.
Haven't you heard my nickname?
Mr. Ali, I know you very well. You're the security chef of a casino.
I didn't ask you my job you idiot.
What's my nickname?
Mr. Ali sir, I.. uh, I have a high blood pressure disease.
I swear to god I'll faint or something.. I swea..
Tell me my nickname man.
Pliers Ali.
Don't, don't!! Let me go!
Omer had a friend from his childhood he wasn't seperatable with.
His mate. His headache.
Ms. Eysan is upstairs, she's asking about you.
One more game and I'm coming.
It's my lucky day even if I say so myself.
And the one Omer loved so much.
The one he was heavily in love with.
The girl he'd give his life for.
Good morning miss Eysan. - Good morning.
I told your husband you're coming.
He's coming after one more game isn't he?
Is he on his lucky day today?
How do you even do this?
Seriously, I can't get used to it. You can read everyone like a book.
Not everyone Aylin..
Only the ones that love me.
Good morning miss Eysan. - Good morning.
Our guest that's coming to the Kings suite, mr. Ezel, is he here yet?
No sir, he'll be here in a moment.
This is the first time he's here, so we want him to leave happily. From the hotel and the gamblers part.
I understand miss Eysan.
Did he need anything in particular?
Yes.. he does actually.
He doesn't want anyone to get in his room without permission. He asked that especially.
Our guest is pretty mysterious.
Omer was a good kid.
But he had a big downside.
He trusted people too easily.
He thought that just because he loved them, that he knew them.
If I could go back in time and tell him, I would.
Omer, I would say.
Every betrayal, starts with love.
Welcome, sir.
My name is.. Ezel.
I've come here for revenge.
Ezel, look, they also have oriental massages.
Let's go there, we'll be able to rest up too.
Tell me, Tefo.
I am, sir.
Ezel Bayraktar. 32 years old, single.
We don't know any of his family.
Place of birth, Istanbul.
Ezel comes to play 4 years after this.
Before that, no one has heard of his name
Monte Carlo, Vegas, Buenos Aires.
He has his name in atleast 20 big games.
He wins alot, he loses alot.
I mean, he's literally given away money at some places.
And sometimes he has won from the best.
Does he have a crime record?
Clean as a whistle, hasn't done anything wrong, doesn't owe any money
He's really clean.
I don't like it.
He's too clean.
Tefo, brother.
He disappears and appears again.
He plays a huge game and disappears again.
No idea where he's getting all the money from.
Even if he has a job or something.. No one knows.