Nagios Monitoring Solutions

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Nagios is the world's most powerful monitoring system enabling companies
to save time and money by increasing visibility into their IT
infrastructure and reducing downtime.
Trusted for over a decade and deployed by more than a million users worldwide
Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring.
Fast to install and easy to use, Nagios provides complete monitoring of
your entire IT infrastructure including servers, switches, routers,
websites, services, applications, and more.
With thousands of monitoring plugins available, Nagios can monitor everything
in your network operations center, cloud infrastructure, and IT environment.
Nagios makes it easy to get up and running quickly. Auto discovery features
allow you to rapidly monitor critical infrastructure elements and web
based configuration wizards make monitoring new systems and services
a breeze.
Once configured you have access to real time network status at a glance from
your own customized dashboards.
Advance reports provide insight to current problems and offer valuable
information for future planning.
When there's trouble,
Nagios alerts you to the problem immediately via email pager or text
message. If you're not available, alerts can be escalated to other team members
so little issues don't become bigger.
As your infrastructure expands, Nagios grows with you.
High performance addons and distributed monitoring capabilities allows Nagios
to scale to monitor thousands of services and systems.
Powerful multi-tenancy capabilities provide you with the flexibility to
deploy custom security levels for different teams and clients.
Unexpected downtime in service interruptions can be costly. By providing
increased visibility to your IT infrastructure and for immediate awareness of
problems. Nagios provides a powerful solution that helps reduce downtime and
increase your bottom-line at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.
No matter what type of a IT infrastructure you have, Nagios is
unbeatable when it comes to providing you
with peace of mind.