Guardianes del Futuro, México 2/2 [Guardians of the Future]

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Well, let's say there are two levels: which is an administrative level
and another is the operational level
At the operational level Guards has an institutional structure
where the director of ecology is the most involved
From there, three are derived promoters who are engaged
by the municipal government
Some of them just barely hiring
but allow him some institutional project
and in addition to that, well, is the most administrative
Which reports directly to me as municipal authority,
of the municipal treasury, which is resources to where they exit
fund some things. Depends on rural development and
and human development alderman as responsible
and depend on the auxiliary in each community
Well, within the proposed Guardianes Future as alderman
on health area,
us as authorities in particular I'm very interested
In forming this organization of Guardian of the Future
since they concienticen through This project
care environment while
They also raise awareness us adults
including me, huh? never separate the trash
we did not know how much was environmental care
and through these discussions, all what has been taken with the children ...
I also come from the very beginning
With the choir
Me too
It is my tribute to the deities,
the sun, the fertility of maize and love;
of dawn to sunset;
from life to death;
bow before you my body
Mother Earth!
Workshops have been held rights of children, for example
There have been actions in education environment, such as visiting the
X community of people and talk in person at your home with them
on the classification process garbage
are actions that children have
but have been getting green cards red and the people who pollute
and the people did not pollute, people separating their waste
and people who do not separate
This is an activity that they have in different communities
Within this range of more possibilities
have participated in drawing
Last year one of the girls Participants were brought, I think,
a third place at state level in drawing
Well, and besides, as they have done many camps have ...
Especially the group of children of Santa Rosa
One of the most requested activiades they were the bike rides
then they went on bike rides to Lagartero, La Vega, the Gachipín,
different comuidades nearby
as part of a process of environmental education
but also as part of their community
Because I assure you that in the municipality now there are adults, not children,
or adults who do not know Peñas Negras, for example;
adults who do not know Jocotepec, Adults who do not know Chacahua
Now imagine the children
So it is also known their environment, they know their communities
Because only that way because are able to participate more actively
Games and camps, where we get-together
Those communities that meet and
To go to the field to stay a week,
one night, and at night to campfire and talk
The support of the UAM Iztapalapa
Well, we got a team of twelve social psychologists
All of the UAM Iztapalapa,
coordinated by Dr. Anne Reid
We work with a number of socio-environmental workshops
for fifteen communities in the municipality
which were Peñas Negras Santa Cruz, Santa Anna, Tututepec, La Maquina,
Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Chacalapa, Jocotepec, San José del Progreso,
Charco Redondo, El Azufre, The two Chacahua neighborhoods and El Corral
The workshops were set with structured exercises
as games, manual activities, interviews, walks in the community
awareness of their environment, artistic awareness
and rights of children, among other
Well, the purpose of these workshops
is that children recognize the importance of their environment through
communication and coexistence that is generated by the game
Some games like the bridge of solidarity
help us learn to work teamwork with all colleagues
and to live with others and not fighting all the time
and we are not boring, do things and play
for we are not bored
This gives support to the university to consolidate these groups
seems vital to the continuity Project
We hope later to contact with other universities
with other volunteers, so that support and the support
Projecting future
Well I see a very viable, because
with your support, young coming from the UAM
and they too are motivated much are motivated enough
and for me, because I believe that this project should not be neglected
because every day it should grow should be strengthened further and more right?
This project should continue
because in the future will be a great thing
What will happen to Guardians of the Future?
I believe that much of the decision is in the hands of children
I think they are going to have to decide what to do with Guardians
And it may come to a right decision or not,
also depends on this consolidation phase
then give them things, give them tools so they can decide
what to do with guards
Because if the question is, for me, What will happen to Guardians?
I do not know is the answer
Then the surviving or not survival depends on
that children make this project still alive
with this we are encouraging
or we have been encouraging this
we sit and talk what we do
Beyond that he was born as a
activitiy triggered by the council
That take too long
and is widespread across the Mexican republic
Existed in other countries
That exist around the world Guardians of the Future
and not only involving children, but were both children and adults
that they also train ...
We thank all the Guardians of the Future on your cooperation for this video
We appreciate the support given by the citizens of the communities involved in the project