QUESTIONS FOR ABRAHAM - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Uploaded by AbrahamHicks on 15.01.2008

Questions For Abraham
We want to show you
how to follow your bliss
and if we have to take a little
rampage through rage, so much the better.
What do you want to talk about?
Oh well no one has anything.
I'm an actor.
An actor pains with rage, resentment
joy, bliss.
How does one
have all the access
to all the so-called shadow emotions?
Full, quick, immediate access
where you can go there in thirty seconds
but not manifest
the results of those-
those feeling states
in your life
in your personal life?
It's been
over five months
since my last confession.
I wonder
if i should go for angry thoughts first.
I've got some
career, health and financial issues
that I
need a little help.
Thank God I'm the only one here.
The anger and the rage just
are so uncomfortable.
much more comfortable
to stay around in depression.
A lot of my life
revolves around a very
19 year old daughter
whose had a difficult path.
can think about
my multimillion dollars
that I have in escrow.
I can get really happy
and think
it doesn't matter if takes me
tomorrow to achieve that
or um- sixty years
or like- three lifetimes.
I'm like
I can stay happy about that.
But then i think
about my beautiful husband
and three kids
and the house that we live in
and I think
oh well I- I better hurry up.
I was programmed
to believe
that uh-
if you don't accept Christ
as you savior
there is no salvation
in the next life.
The physical laws
are reproducable and provable.
Law of Attraction
by nature is not.
My desire was to somehow
find an angle to talk about this
without saying
that it's coming
through a channeled entity.
I see.
I got that one.