Progress Report: IBM Watson Utilization Management Pilot at WellPoint, Inc.

Uploaded by IBMWatsonSolutions on 15.05.2012

WellPoint is one of the nation's largest health benefits companies, and we actually serve one
in nine Americans -- that's over 34 million people.
Healthcare is very complex and always evolving.
We're faced with cataloguing and categorizing an unprecedented amount of information right now,
everything ranging from clinical guidelines to patient records.
And today, doctors are prescribing evidence-based medicine only 55 percent
of the time.
So at WellPoint, we're there to help make sure that our patients have access
to the best quality healthcare and evidence-based healthcare.
What Watson can do is help us match up all the new discoveries and new clinical information
and present that information to our nurses in the context of an individual patient.
The part that really makes it stand apart is the fact that it can process natural language.
In that way, it's even more useful to our nurses.
Our WellPoint clinicians have worked with IBM technologists
and process 25,000 historical cases to help teach and train Watson.
To date in our pilot we've used 1,500 real life cases and run them through Watson.
I think the biggest advantage of Watson is it allows our nurses to work
with the provider to make decisions more quickly.
Today what IBM Watson does is it takes a process and makes it more efficient.
I can see in the future that not only can it make the process more efficient,
but it can actually lead to better decision support both for providers
and one day for individual members as well.