Plexus Slim Learn about the Pink Drink

Uploaded by lesterdalrymple on 13.06.2012

hey what's going on lester coming to you from my home office here in oklahoma
i just wanted to shot a quick video talking about plexus slim
and uh... let you know that when it first came out you know it was being
developed for diabetic and uh... away their use in a different and at
that time but what happened is Plexus slim found out that there was a lot
more money to be made with the weight loss industry and it wasn't goint to have to be
f_d_a_ approved for that so
they did a little bit of change is kinda changed up a little bit decided to go
with the network marketing company to promote it
uh... senada plexus slim and some people also call it the uh... pink drink
uh... in the main reason i put this video up is because i know that if you look at
this video you're either already in plexus slim and you're looking for a
way to generate leads or maybe you're thinking about getting into plexus slim
and if you're thinking about it than you need to know that your going to have to be able to
generate leads in order to have a successful network marketing business
and uh... kind of one of the things i do i've just i've developed a little system
that you know i'm just kind of sharing online uh... i shot some videos
then I link it to another site where you can go to that site and you can see the whole
process but
if you are just uh... there is a link under this video you can click on it take
you to my other website and i will walk you though the whole process of how i actually
make money on leads that i am developing for my main mlm and
if you're already currently on my blog at lester d dot com then hey that's cool too i'm
gonna put another link at the bottom of this because it is actually going to
the same page as the article
that i wrote about plexus slim basically i just like to use these videos and
articles to a drive traffic to my website to uh... generate leads to uh...
build my team
and uh... you know i'm jsut showing everybody else the same thing that i do and you can
use it or not use it but it works out pretty well so hey i will uh... i'll see
you just make sure you click on a top link it will take it to the next page that talks
about exactly how i use this system right thanks a lot we'll see there