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Narrator: Are you ready to discover the secret weapon for athletes?
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Grand Master Ed Ciarfella: Decision and taking action.
That's what martial arts training and Isagenix have in common.
Michael Barker: I wish I had this when I competed.
Paul Anthony: Isagenix really helped me actually get all the bulk I have
to get lean muscle to win a world championship -
a natural body building championship.
Lori Harder: This is a realistic thing for so many people's schedules,
where me asking them to cook chicken and brown rice
and make all this different stuff.
That's very hard to incorporate 5 different meals.
This is easy, it's accessible, and it's the perfect answer.
Lisa Wolny: What this is doing for me energy wise,
you can't get this just from chicken and vegetables.
Shane Freels: The power of Isagenix caught like wildfire
with my professional clients.
They're always fighting for a job,
so when one is doing something successful, the others all want it too.
I've personally trained NFL, NBA, and NCAA athletes with Isagenix
and never had any issues with testing.
Me personally, I lost 10 pounds and went from 11% to 7% body fat...
in just 30 days!
Michael Barker: I didn't know I had 15lbs to release
but I released 15lbs 10.5 inches off my body, in less than a few weeks.
Narrator: If you are ready to get your body and performance
to a level you never thought possible,
keep watching this video to discover the technology
that thousands of fitness professionals and athletes are using now
to deliver the results you are looking for.
Michael Colgan is a world renowned expert on training,
nutrition, and anti-aging programs for athletes.
He has worked with over 11,000 athletes - including Olympians
and is the best selling author of 18 books on nutrition and exercise.
Dr. Michael Colgan: I've been working with athletes for 40 years.
I've tested many cleansing and diet systems.
Most of them don't work.
I went down to 5.3% percent body fat and I'm 72.
At my age, that is very difficult.
Narrator: Isagenix is not a one product wonder.
Isagenix is a scientifically engineered total body system
of natural products created by a master formulator
with over 30 years in nutritional science and a decade of proven results.
Cathy Savage: I coach over 500 to 600 women in the world globally
for the sport of competitive fitness.
I have been approached by so many supplement companies.
I've also been offered to have my name carried on my own protein blend
and I just couldn't find anything that would match the quality that I demand.
Lori Harder: After I'd been using Isagenix for 6 months
and then I competed again.
I already noticed placing better, I was feeling better.
I was so excited about everything.
I ended up going into the Fitness America world championships last year
and I won both titles of Miss Bikini America overall champion
and Miss Figure America overall champion.
That has never been done before.
Narrator: Unlike most products on the market that address only one thing.
Isagenix takes a multi-pronged approach to optimal health.
Cleanse for Life encourages safe and effective weight loss
by gently removing impurities with a blend of gentle cleansing herbs
and other natural compounds.
While Ionix Supremes nutrient rich formula
buffers the body from toxins to support optimum performance.
Dr. Michael Colgan: Athletes generally don't think they need to cleanse.
Let me tell you differently.
The American Lung Association report 2011 in North America,
154 million people now live in air that is often too polluted to breathe.
The EPA report in 2010 shows that the average American
has 40 to 80 toxins in their body at levels that can damage their health.
Putting powerful nutrients into a toxic body doesn't make sense,
it doesn't do any good.
You have to clean it out.
Narrator: Isagenix addresses nutritional deficiency
and maintaining lean muscle mass with the IsaLean shake.
A nutritionally complete meal with a balanced ratio of
high quality undenatured whey protein, healthy fats, and energy boosting carbs.
Lori Harder: I'm literally hours away from
stepping on stage right now and I feel amazing!
For me to be able to have access to these things
that make me feel awesome right before going on stage
is like nothing that I've ever experienced before.
You are able to kill it in your workouts
before a show when it's most important.
Cathy Savage: This isn't dieting, this is fortifying your body.
Dr. Michael Colgan: The superior protein structure
the range fed cold membrane extractive,
Isagenix whey formula provides optimum stimulation of muscle synthesis.
Isagenix maximizes lean muscle while allowing healthy fat loss.
That's the key to improving body composition for athletes.
Narrator: Isagenix is easy,
adaptable, and cost effective for any goal and lifestyle.
Lori Harder: We can usually get our clients to work out.
What we struggle with is their nutrition.
Shane Freels: I love the flexibility of being able to
tailor Isagenix to my clients needs.
It can be for weight loss, weight gain, maintenance,
performance enhancement, and recovery.
Narrator: Isagenix products use no artificial ingredients
and only the highest quality nutrients for optimal athletic performance.
All products are triple standardized to ensure purity and safety.
Michelle Despain Hoeger: While I was training at the Olympics
I used Isagenix products to enhance my performance and recovery.
I know first hand that the products are safe and effective.
When you are training in sub-zero temperatures
it's really important to stay health.
Also, I was drug tested 3 times and at the Olympic level I had no problems.
Narrator: Diet and exercise alone, won't make it happen.
Discover the Isagenix difference by yourself.
Dr. Michael Colgan: Isagenix has put together
and most complete system of safe and effective nutrients
that I've ever used to increase athletic performance.
Michael Barker: My flexibility increased, my endurance,
and my recovery after my work out.
That was amazing for me.
Because I couldn't believe what this product was doing.
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