All-American Family

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Producer: Imagine having to tell your family something you’ve kept from them your entire
life. How would they react? This is the precarious predicament of Corey Mathews.
Producer: Corey, a physics major, will be going home this weekend to share his deepest,
darkest secret. He will be coming out to his parents, Kevin and Stacy.
Producer: So how long have you been waiting to tell your parents?
Corey: Since my seventh grade Homecoming dance.
Producer: Why now? Why this weekend?
Corey: I’m just tired of hiding who I am. I’m tired of lying. I love my parents and
my sister. I hate that I have to deceive them.
Producer: Now you recently told your sister, right?
Corey: Yeah, I told Madison this summer.
Producer: And how did she take it?
Madison: I told him I didn’t care. He’s my brother!
Producer: Were you surprised?
Madison: No, there were some pretty clear signs.
Producer: How do you think your parents will react?
Madison: I don’t know. I think they’ll be pretty shocked.
Corey: Part of me thinks they’ve known all along and the other part of me is convinced
they’ll just freak out.
Producer: How are you getting through this emotionally? How are you getting prepped?
Corey: My friend Mark. He’s been really great.
Mark: I told Corey, “Don’t worry. I’m here for you til the end.” When I came out
to my parents, I was flipping out! So, I know how he’s feeling right now.
Producer: Corey lives about thirty miles from his parents’ house. That’s almost a half
hour for him to ponder what he’ll say and how his parents will react.
Madison: Hey Corey!
Corey: Hey Maddie. What’s with the bag of potatoes?
Madison: Fake baby for Family Dynamics. So, are you nervous?
Corey: Yes, I’m nervous. Are they home yet?
Madison: Not yet, should be about another hour.
Corey: Okay, I’m going to go change.
Producer: So, what are you preparing?
Madison: Corey’s favorite – Italian chicken, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, and crescent
Producer: Are you sure you should be doing that?
Madison: Oh sure I’ve been chopping, slicing, and dicing since I was eight. My dad taught
Hey Dad.
Kevin: Hey Honey! Mmmm, smells good in here.
Madison: Thanks!
Kevin: Oh, Stacy is running a little late – a last minute staff meeting at work.
You know, all I ever wanted to be was a Dad so I couldn’t be prouder. Stacy and I are
blessed – we’re blessed to have such great kids. Corey is a 4.0 student at State, and
Madison is going to be the greatest chef in the world. We’re just an all-American family!
Madison: I guess it’s Uncle Juan’s again.
Kevin: Cameron?
Cameron: Mr. Matthews?
Kevin: What are you doing here?
Cameron: You ordered pizza?
Madison: Oh, that’s mine. Thanks Cam. Dad, pay the guy.
Corey: I got this dad.
Kevin: Don’t be silly, just wait in the family room.
Kevin: Kids! Stacy’s home! Time for dinner!
Corey: Hey guys, can you come sit down. I have something I want to tell you before we
eat dinner. Dad, Dad – I’m straight.
Kevin: Huh?
Stacy: What?
Corey: I’m Heterosexual.
Stacy: But what about all your Andrew Lloyd Webber albums?
Corey: Dad, Andrew Lloyd Webber is the best Broadway composer of our generation.
Stacy: I should have seen this coming. This is all my fault!
Corey: No, it’s not! This is just who I am.
Stacy: I cannot do this right now. Just give me a minute!
Corey: Dad!
Kevin: Stacy!
Madison: Dad, don’t be such a drama queen!
Kevin: Stacy, don’t worry. Your blood pressure – calm down. It’s okay.
Corey: Dad, just listen to me.
Kevin: It’s going to be alright. Just calm down.
Stacy: Turn that camera off! Turn that damn camera off!
Corey: Dad, it’s still me. I’m still the guy who used to stay up late and watch Ab
Fab marathons with you!
Kevin: There were some memorable episodes.
Stacy: You’re right. And I do love you.
Corey: I love you too, Dad.
Kevin: Really, he’s still our Corey. No matter what.
Stacy: He’ll always be our little baby. Yes, we were shocked, but we love him gay
or straight.
Corey: I’m great. I feel like this weight has just (vibration) Oh, sorry. Hey Allison.
Yes, I told them. Yes, I can’t wait for you to meet them. I love you too.
Producer: So in the quiet, suburban town, we see that despite the non-stereotypical
makeup of its members, this really is an All-American Family.