BritMums Piggy Bank Tales with Maggy Woodley - money saving tips - sponsored by Virgin Money

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Hi. My name is Maggy Woodley. I am a mum of two. Here’s my two-year-old here, Pippa!
I spend my time, well, looking after the children, blogging.
I have a craft blog called Red Ted Art and it’s all about crafting inexpensively. You’ll
find a lot of up cycle crafts there; taking old materials and turning them into something
new. And I think the children benefit because I do a lot more with them because of it.
I do enjoy making things and knowing I’ve made it for less money. I see something in
a shop and I think, ‘I can make that.’ Well, I have taken an old jumper and made
a Christmas stocking out of it, and it’s just something that comes out year after year
and it’s already becoming part of our family tradition. It’s lots of little things that
sort of please us and make us happy.
Another way we like to save money is once a week we take my handbag, empty it out and
find all the coins rolling around. The kids get to have the brown pennies and 2p coins
and put them in their piggy banks…
…and then there’s always some money for, I don’t know, yet another bunny or a trip
to the cinema.
Do you like putting money in your piggy bank?
Yeah, it’s fun, isn’t it?
You’ll never guess. It was a monkey’s jumper that started me off saving. I was about
eight-years-old, and up until then I’d taken my 20p pocket money and I’d run straight
to the newsagent to buy sweets. And this was the first time I wanted something and my parents
said no.
And it was a great lesson.