GRAPHISOFT BIMx for iPad/iPhone - Navigation

Uploaded by Archicad on 05.09.2011

Welcome! GRAPHISOFT BIMx provides you a natural, game-like
experience to explore 3D architectural projects. We will walk you through the navigation basics
of GRAPHISOFT BIMx on an Apple iPad or iPhone. Let’s open our sample model by tapping its
icon… and let’s start navigating. You can move in the building in a natural
way by using the joystick, located at the lower-right area of the screen.
Move the joystick up with one finger to walk forward.
Move the joystick down with one finger to walk backward.
Move the joystick right or left with one finger to turn in place.
You can use both thumbs to navigate as well. While moving forward and backward with the
joystick, turn the view simultaneously with your other thumb.
There are two navigation modes that you can use
for different purposes.
The walk-mode switches on gravity and allows you to walk on the ground.

The fly-mode allows you to move freely in space.

The only other difference is that in the walk-mode,
you cannot cross through walls and other solid structures.
This means you can only enter the building through the doors.
If you get lost at any time, simply click the home button to see the full model.
If you want to rotate the model in space, use one finger to Orbit …
Would you like to see more details or the big picture? Pinch your fingers in and out

to move in close, or further out.
Now, let’s go inside to explore the interiors of the building.
Use one finger to look around inside your project…
Would you like to move up and down or side-to-side? Use two fingers to Pan….
Get closer to any location by double-tapping on the surface.
You can also quickly go through doors by tapping the door
and then tapping the appearing door icon one more time.
If you want to see where you are in the model, you can bring up the floor plan on your screen.
Open the BIMx Application Settings from the wheel icon and turn on the Map control. This
small map displays the floor plan with your actual location.
You can move between different stories of the building in a natural way simply by walking
up or down the stairs.
By default, Realistic shading is used.
To help the viewer focus on the essence of the
design concept, try other shading modes, including
hidden line, simple shading, and metal.
For the ultimate 3D experience, turn on stereo 3D…and don’t forget your 3D glasses!
As you can see, GRAPHISOFT BIMx provides you
a natural, game-like experience to navigate and explore any 3D architectural project.
All you need to do is visit the BIMx community portal for free BIMx models or ask your architect
for a personal BIMx model of your dream house…
Thanks for watching and … have fun with BIMx!