My Business Story:

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\f0\fs26 \cf2 >> You book everything in advance, right? Your flights, your hotels, your car.\'a0
Ten years ago, my father asked the question, \'93Would you go to the airport without a
plane ticket? Would you show up at a hotel without a confirmed room?\'a0 Of course not.
\'93\'a0 That\'92s when they created\'a0 Airports are unpredictable.\'a0 The traffic
with the shuttles getting to and from the airport can take forever.\'a0 So, if you book
in advance, you get a guaranteed spot at the best price, and you\'92ll take a lot of those
worries out of the situation.\'a0 One of our employees is passionate about autism, and
what\'92s important to our employees is important to us.\'a0 So we stand behind him and we are
supporters of Connecticut Autism Spectrum Resource Center.\'a0 And, we all just want
to get to our destination.\'a0 We all want to get to our vacation.\'a0 See our families,
see our friends.\'a0 So we make the beginning and the end of your trip easy.\'a0 Airport
parking is part of your travel itinerary.\'a0 So we help people save money, save time for
the fun parts of their vacation.\ \
[plane engine]\ \
I am the new generation of this business.\'a0 My name is Thomas Lombardi Jr. of
and this is my business story.}