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Uploaded by tyroneshum on 17.03.2011

Hi everyone! Itís Tyrone from Today Iíve got a special guest here where
firstly weíre sitting in our local park here and this is the first time Iíve actually
done an outdoor interview. Itís quite a change for a while and Iíve got a good friend who
attended my Outsourcing Live event workshop going back a few weeks ago and since then
weíve kept in contact and weíve become really good friends and I wanted to get him on the
call because this person which Iíll introduce to you very very soon is an absolute genius
when it comes to video and I have learned so much from you.
So without further adieu, I want to introduce you to Carl Vandeparl. Thank you very much
for coming onto the call for an interview.
Yeah, thanks.
Ah what I wanted to find out just to share for people the reason why I think youíre
a great video marketer is maybe give them a little background about what youíve done
for video marketing and also yeah, where youíre at at this point in time?
Yeah. Ah, pretty much where do I started was I -- Iíve been here since 1996 and so in
the time Iíve actually seen a lot of stuff come and go and all of sort of the usual stuff
that happens these days, you can -- ah just something like rehashed like 1998 or something
right there. And so it gets kind of old and then thereís brand new thing, whatever stuff
what not thatís it. So a lot of people out there what they tend to do is like they get
stuck into a lot of that at that behind but all the usual stuff just goes on.
So in regards to the whole video, I started pretty about 2005 and I had a client whoís
basically had a kidsí DVD series that he wanted to get out there and funny when I actually
got an email from Google saying that hey weíre looking at this kind of video service so make
sure you have the copyright and upload some videos. Okay so weíve made some changes and
what not and jumped into all that and obviously that turned into a Google video.
And so that was like back in 2005 and what happened from there was -- I said okay, thatís
all right and I thought you know where do we sort of move from here? Then as time went
on, a couple of clients were saying to me hey I want to get out there whatís the quick
way? And in that time Iíve been doing this is just watching this sort of stuff, these
kidsí animated series, I thought okay weíre getting a bit of news here so I thought okay
I wonder if thereís anything in this like a whole video thing. Then no doubt, I didnít
hear about Youtube and I thought Iím not a hard core techie guy, I donít need that
sort of stuff there.
Then like customers, funny enough because actually customers were asking me can we get
out there like can we use Youtube. What the heck is this Youtube thing? And so I thought
okay Iíll find out about it because I was too busy doing the old -- the old-school method
which is basically uploading an flv file and then uploading it to your own server and using
like that flashes output and then sit there and wait while it has to download for the
next 20 minutes before it even plays. Then my buddy whoís in Japan is a good internet
marketer over there, he said oh, Youtube, Youtube. Okay but I better do something, what
that Youtube thing is. He said look, watch how fast my video is like, click Play and
it plays in instant. Oh men okay so from there I thought okay Iíd better get to this Youtube
So we opened up a Youtube channel then we started to do some -- like I guess SEO tactics
in order to drive some traffic there then after a while we started to see some moving
there then I had some other clients, heís basically a fisherman and that started back
in 2008 or so, 2007 around about that. And what else, because I did bought some Youtube
courses to find out whatís this thing all about and -- so I learned some tactics so
I thought okay, Iíll give it a try and what happened was I said okay, like youíre my
test-dummy case so like I just have as many videos as you can and so I said look as long
as you have the URL in the actual video itself and have a feel of the things I started to
mention to him then what I did was okay, Iím going to create a whole bunch of accounts
on Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler and a few others that what these guys are suggesting so everything
was done manually at the time.
A lot of the -- or a lot of the software or the services or the accounts that are available
werenít necessarily available that time or in early phase they just crash all the time.
And so I thought okay -- so I did all the stuff manually and I did some stuff to drive
traffic to them and what happened was the result was, we started to get some momentum.
And, funny enough like not only Youtube but one of the bigger ones was Metacafe and I
started getting right equivalent as Youtube and I figured it like hereís a bit of good
info here and I thought okay letís drive traffic to this one and letís see what happens.
And what happened as a result for that when you do like a -- like a normal universal search
typing there, you get some video results. What surprised me to start with was I wasnít
getting one on the front page, I was starting to get 2 and 3. Like this is just video, like
the actual thumbnails and I thought oh, okay. And I was sort of intrigued and something
and I thought what if I get a few more and see what happens because I was starting to
notice that not only that the Youtube rank but also the Metacafe and the Vimeo. And Iím
ooh and I got -- a bit nicer, sneaky there and I thought okay if itís -- because you
can only rank for one site for like of minimum or sort of maximum of 2 links on the front
page or any page so you get like what they used to be called like indented listing but
now, with the universal and the local search results and the video results and then user
results and all those sort of networking results, itís quite changed. So what was happening
was I started to get 2 and 3 like consistently like on videos and I thought okay, but I didnít
notice that the clicked through rate was a lot higher than just the text video link.
So is this particularly just for that fisherman site that you had?
Just that fisherman.
And youíre ranking like pretty much on the first page of Google for all these different
Yeah. And some of the times, I mean one of them I thought okay I want to try something
-- yeah like bit of a medium competitive word, I thought wonder how long this is going to
take? Ah to get on page one, position one, six minutes. So that was my little bit of
my claim to fame. That time it was just right because obviously Google literally or sorry
the spiders literally sit there on Youtube and they sit there and scrape in every 30
I mean because we started we already have about 20 or 30 videos already so it obviously
helped. It had a bit of page rank, I think it had like a page rank 3 or maybe, page rank
2 or 3. So that obviously helped and so what we wanted to do from there was I thought okay,
if I get two of them from page one, what if I get some more and start building some backlink
to those?
So I started like to the other -- like distributed to like a number of other like video services
and I thought okay, Iíll build backlinks to those and see what happens. When we started
five on the first page, Iím thinking like thatís a little better but then what happened
one day I felt like -- because I released a few videos on a certain keyword. But they
were like thereís maybe about three videos all up but I distributed it to 30 different
video sites. So it was like 60, would have not.
Yeah, would be.
Letís -- yeah.
No yeah 90. 90 for three different services yeah.
90 or so yeah. And so what happened was one day just like not knowing I thought letís
see how weíre doing sort of thing with that particular keyword. And obviously different
country showed different results so I thought Iíll check the US because they started cracking
the US market because itís an Aussie-based product. And so what happened from there was
a lot of them were ooh, I saw few more of them. One, two, three, nine! Huh? Wow!
So I literally tracked. It was 10 for a little while but it does flactuate. So anywhere about
7 to 9 now, it flactuates up and down. Then I thought what if Iíll see the second page
just to, just out of interest. Clicked on the second page, eight. Third page seven.
Next page eight. Obviously they go like whoa! So weíre in the first like five pages and
it flactuates anywhere between. I think the maximum weíve had was about 37 or so. Iíve
had 50 results.
Still thatís a horrendous amount of like videos for that one particular site on just
one page.
Yeah, thatís only three videos.
Wow. Itís amazing because it sounds like itís literally that company that youíve
worked for or done work for has been dominated by that first page so therefore everyone who
clicks on those links will go straight to their website.
Yeah so really no choice. And what Iíve noticed sometimes because a lot of people say the
maximum you can have is two. Iím like yeah, I sort of stand quietly sort of bit of a chuckle.
You can actually get 10. Iíve done it quite a number of times for a couple of number of
keywords for it. So it depends on the competition on the front page too. Obviously itís a low
competitive keyword but because weíre trying to get that sort of brand in there, so as
soon as I type in because thereís a lot of people selling that particular product.
And so he thought okay well letís get the company updated with it. And so what we did
was as I said like I got those out there and we started getting like 3, 4,000 views on
each video so if you added it all up, itís quite a number of videos for those particular
What Iím curious about is itís great to have all these great views coming through
to all these videos and you got all these links for people can find you, what Iím curious
is from getting those views, converting them from video views over to say dollars for example
for their business, how has that affected that? How has that helped?
Ah, it probably -- this is a little bit different model. That particular stuff heís getting
there sort of the brand out there, mainly because they can only sell to distributors.
They canít actually sell direct to the public so for them as soon as anyone types it in
like for that particular keyword phrase, theyíll be able to get like the brand awareness. But
for other customers, weíve done something similar.
So for example like for -- itís a weird niche. But Iíve never heard of this sort of stuff
but -- like Iíll give pretty much these like product and then half way I get it out there
I thought okay, letís give it a go.
This one Iíve heard this stuff before but it was battery chargers. And Iím thinking
like okay, right yeah Iíll give it a shot. And I once again applied the same tactics
and worked like the clock work. And so we started basically and getting some traffic
to the thing and a little about 3 or so weeks, he started to get about 7 or 8,000 views on
his video and he uploaded one video and just start to drive traffic to it. Now he got about
-- ah itís pretty bad. Maybe 200 subscribers and probably about 2,000 friends. Weíre obviously
using a software to give it a bit of a push. Now, what happened is once again because I
told him because you can rank to each different website like or different properties, say
for example you have Facebook, youíve also got the video sites, got the Twitter account
and what not.
What weíve got on the front page for him is literally two listings for his website.
But then what happens is now when the Google results you got a little plus button which
then heís the only one whoís got a little plus button which actually shows five or six
sort of results.
Oh, okay.
Then, not only that, I just checked the other day and now weíve got his Facebook Fanpage
ranking for his particular keyword. Ah because he obviously itís like battery charger is
his keyword so we obviously did or something like that.
Obviously with these kind of rankings it obviously helps and gets positions up onto Google in
the first page for example. So most of these businesses that youíve been targeting are
local businesses and Iím pretty sure a lot of the audience are probably now wondering
okay, if youíre able to help local businesses get their sites up onto the first page of
Google just using video alone, what are the strategies that youíre doing? I mean itís
obviously nothing that not everyone knows about these things and how to do it so maybe
if you want, just share maybe the how tos on how youíve done it as well?
Yep. Pretty much the quickest way to do it and this is where you have pretty much a wide
open market and Iíll share some ideas on how you can start by just -- by having a simple
basic camera. Like weíre just doing some recording like a Flip cam, or even a Kodak
Zi8 or just something as cheap as that, you can literally go in and like get some clients
like within an afternoon. So Iíll just share some of the things Iíve been doing with it
because not only in Australia but pretty much the world hardly anybody is targeting local
business for video.
That is so true. I think a lot of people have just gone for search engine optimization and
just hopeful in getting the text listings but nowadays, the reason why I think people
havenít done videos for local businesses is one, I think itís too hard, and two itís
a lot of work I think. In actual fact, itís actually not that hard.
It was a bit of a help with outsourcers, you can pretty much get a lot of the job done
for what you think so you donít even have to get your head around it. If you can basically
get in front of a customer and basically pitch them an idea, a lot of them go you must know
what youíre talking about. Who are you?
So pretty much what Iíve done is Iíve pitched myself as the video guy to these customers.
I mean we do a few other things as well. I mean we do search engine optimization which
helps as well to get the local listings. I mean we also do the Google Places.
But one of the things was to get in front of the video so Iím having my guys, my clients
and say like get the video in front of it. If you got tips, tricks anything we need to
get video out there. We need to get your face. Now for -- weíre just with a client yesterday
in like a beauty spa therapy and they were saying that thereís a guy from Australia
called Napoleon Perdis now to the outside world, nobody pretty much knows who that is.
But heís literally one of the leading guys now in the whole makeup arena. The reason
why was heís doing videos.
And then what happened was as soon as he chapped his face, it was like ugly mug shots sort
of thing, as soon as he puts his face on it, he then just started getting this literally
viral. They go like like man if that guy can do it like anyone can do it. And so he just
like kind of started a bit of a way and started the whole viral thing happening for his makeup.
Before, he was just the guy running a normal shop and no one knew it.
Now, heís going to people in the US with the celebrities now and now and heís got
a name for it. Now itís pitched himself to premium top end. The top dollar sort of thing.
So after talking to it like this lady yesterday in her business like she relies on foot traffic
going from the front door. Like they sort of see it like oh, I didnít see that you
are there because itís actually a house converted into business. So itís a little bit tricky
and what sheís looking to do is get some traffic and to get the word out there.
And so I said as soon as I said videos, she was funny I was just like the other day and
I was sort of doing some stuff about it, Iíve heard about it but donít know what to do.
So all theyíre looking for is a bit of help. If you can show them, all you have to do is
just be a little bit further down the track than them then you can pretty much close the
Now what Iím giving you some ideas just to sort of trick some stuff to do, so you can
go okay I can literally roll with this right now. Like you can once we finish this video,
you can literally stop right now and take off and go literally sign up a plan if you
wanted to. Now just to give you an idea, so for example youíre going to a pet shop. Bring
your little Flip cam or bring your little Kodak Zi8, go into there and obviously picture
deals so hey we do videos so we need to get your business out there. So all you need to
do is charge them 5, 600bucks a month, you go in there and film all the little pets in
there. Like this is a little scruffy and heís like a silky terrier whatever type of dog
it is, you can even read the bulleted list they give you. Heís had his shots, this being
that, whatever. So he just read it from the bulleted list, all you get the girl like in
the shop to present.
Get her in front of the camera, you just put your little tripod up, hold the puppy oh -- nice
whatever. So all it has to be is like 30 to 60 seconds on telling them the benefits of
you owning this puppy and then what you do is you start to do your channel on Youtube
or your video channels.
That is so easy to do. I mean just you and I just right now talking here, as soon as
this video gets finished, itís going to get uploaded to Youtube. Iíll send it to database,
my subscribers on Youtube will see it and thatís basically free information out there
and then as soon as you get that kind of traffic through, obviously youíre going to have some
people converting asking some questions go okay what are your services, how to do this,
etc, etc. Exactly what youíre doing in local business environment.
Yeah. Ah, or you can go to your -- especially your local traders, a lot of them have a bit
more cash and so and theyíre like -- like theyíre sole trader so theyíre like the
decision maker. Whereas, you get a bigger company you get to speak to so and so, you
get to speak to this person, they get shifted around and so okay you never get anything
So what you want to do is maybe go to small to medium business, maybe about say 5, 10
people and itís doing bit of business already in your local area so you donít have to travel
like 200 miles away just to go and find your client. You can literally go down the street,
find your local plumber or local builder or whatever the case is that want to get these
services out there.
Even if you wanted to do it as a bit of a freebie so you can get the experience and
exposure, because you -- you can mess up a few times but hey, thatís part of learning.
So as long as you donít want to get everything perfect, thatís the thing. Good enough is
good enough, thatís a bit of a Dan Kennedy thing. Donít sit there until itís absolutely
perfect and then not doing anything with it and it sits there in your hard drive. You
get to at least upload it.
Actually, thatís a really good point that you just made. Taking action to go and meet
the clients, just take a video and get on your hard drive and upload it to Youtube.
But obviously itís not only that, you still need to do some kind of extra work behind
right to be able to get these videos out there. Itís just -- so what do you need to do to
be able to do that?
Okay well the main thing or the main things are if youíre going after the local business,
weíre going to talk about the local viewers. So say for example weíre in Sydney at the
moment, so what we target is -- so letís say for example weíre doing pet store or
a plumber. We would -- say, Plumber Sydney as the title, in the description, in the keyword
tags so you obviously associate those with that. Then what happens after that you do
a few other things in order to like -- I mean like we do or say with that Youtube, literally
the Google spiders literally sit with that front door and indexing like within seconds.
So as I said that 6-minute one could have been quicker but I didnít refresh it obviously
every 2 seconds or anything just to see it was indexed so long. Yeah so one of the first
things you do once the video goes live, go basically ping the site. Now if you donít
understand what pinging is, just do a search for a pinging service and thereís literally
all you need to do I think thereís like one called and thereís Ping-o-matic,
thereís a few others like that.
All you do is you take your URL from your video, enter description, hit the ping button
and then it goes off and trigger other search engines and other sites to basically come
and index your particular video.
Itís as simple as that right? You just ping it and then Google engines are coming to start
crawling your site so that way it gets it out there.
Thatís right. Another thing too because you -- at the moment youíre like a fresh, brand
new channel so you want to start building up friends, subscribers and obviously comments.
Remember guys, this is only for Youtube that weíre talking about right now specifically.
But an actually across the other video sites there are comments as well. But in particular
mainly because there are so many things going on that a lot of people donít know about.
If they donít understand what page rank is, itís basically like a -- I guess you can
call it sort of an authority. Are you becoming an authority. So for example Google is a page
rank 10 which is on maximum. Facebook is a page rank 10.
Okay if youíre a page rank 0, itís just like you really got no authority. Like Google
doesnít know who you are until you start moving up the rank, you start getting a higher
page rank. Well the thing about Youtube is actually you can ping back on top of Youtubeís
-- I guess authority in some ways.
How does that work then? Please explain.
I guess. Because I was also talking to a buddy like early on and because thereís a lot of
thing out there. If you look at Wikipedia, itís always seemed to be updated on the ranks
with their keywords. The main reason why is they hold a lot of the authority internally.
And a lot of the internal pages get ranked really, really well. But what theyíre doing
is if you have an external link going to an external site, itíll basically say donít
pass any of your authority to that site.
But if you have an internal page, then that will then automatically go up because it will
allow the authority to pass the -- with the internal links.
For people who donít understand what the backlinks are, maybe explain how backlinks
work because youíre talking about getting backlinks from your channel to all the other
commenters and on the site as well?
Yeah so if youíre looking at a normal typical SEO or sort of backlink, what they are -- if
you can imagine them as votes, so the more votes you have, the more popular you become.
Thatís simple terms thatís nice and easy. So what you need to do in order to get votes
in Youtube rather than the normal seach engine optimization, the same tactics apply but you
go about it slightly differently.
So in regards to getting backlinks within Youtube itself is you have to make comments,
you have to subscribe to people and you also have to befriend people. They are the three
main aspects. The other ways are basically creating a playlist of your own so you want
to target with the keyword, create a playlist with a keyword in there then add your videos
to it as well.
So you might not be targeting on your particular keyword like I was talking about plumber before
like Plumber Sydney. And then what you do is you might want to really save for example
five videos. And within those five videos you target your particular keyword phrases
then what you do is you create a playlist called Sydney Plumbing Services so itís slightly
different to your keywords on the other ones but it still got your keywords in there and
itís a playlist there so itís an extra backlink which also contains those five backlinks within
the actual videos.
What Iím just curious so what youíre saying to me is that if you create a playlist on
Youtube, that playlist actually counts as another keyword-optimized term which also
allows you to be able to get another backlink back to you.
Not only backlink but it also passes authority juice.
Oh, I didnít know that. So basically we get backlink or authority juice from leaving comments,
setiing up your own playlist, subscribing to other peopleís channels and becoming friends
to themÖ
So making the comments, the friends and subscribers. Theyíre just sort of the three main and then
obvously the -- the playlists.
Thatís mindblowing how simple it is.
A lot of people when theyíre doing search engine optimization, they go and build backlinks
to all these sites and go and find a lot of common courses out these days, go and find
a .edu backlink and if you get a .edu backlink or a .gov backlink then oh, youíre sort of
not going to make.
But Iím going okay -- well tell me if on all those, Iíve made 20 backlinks already
by making some friends.
What Iím curious is where do you find these really good -- or become good friends with
people on Youtube because you just donít go to anyone do you?
Ah you can but what you want to do is find out whoís got the juice. So within Youtube
itself, a lot of channels have already got there established. Like for example if you
go to is like one of the most subscribed people online. That maybe
loves to hate or hates to love or whatever and so with that, heís actually got a page
rank 8 channel.
So if you go to the channel page, not the video itself but the channel page. It could
be And when you look there, if thereís a few plugins on the Firefox
browser, to then check the page rank and also to check thatíll be all something -- the
other bits of the page to check the follow and no-follow links.
And so with that, I look for people with high page rank. So while Iím doing these, Iím
kind of link frogging over the other guys so Iím getting backlinks so to speak from
page rank 8 sites. Page rank 7, I got a page rank 9 in there and fully a whole bunch of
page rank 6s and 5s and 4s and everything else in between.
So what you want to do is target the top ones first and work your way down.
And simply all you have to do is once you find these page ranks, you just hop on them
and leave a comment right?
Leave a comment and make sure you friend them and so because inside their friend little
box there, you show up in there and thatís part of the page rank. And thatís once again
a backlink back to your channel.
Got ya. So Iím curious now, for also the others as well theyíre probably wondering
how do you find these high page rank type ofÖ
Aha, aha. You want me to reveal the secret.
Probably that.
What youíre looking for is just like couple of simple tactics. Like you need like to start
with the Firefox browser has a plugin that it actually tells you -- itís called SEO
Quake and what you need to do is install the plugin, just go to SEO Quake in Google you
go over to find it and then youíll be able to show some extra stats when you do a search
on Google. So what you need to do is go to or in your local country, then
sort of next to Google logo or the actual search box thereís a thing thatís called
Advanced Search.
Now what you want to look for are certain keywords on a page. Because some of them -- ah,
you want to look for those that allow to comment straightaway rather being a subscriber so
you can do that if you want if you donít want to subscribe to every sort of type you
can have. So go to, click on Advanced Search and what you need to do is type in
the actual first box there your keyword in phrase match. And what you need to do with
that is to put that into like quotes. Like for example Iím doing internet marketing.
So what Iíll do is put internet marketing in quotes into the first box. The second box
it says look for phrases like or something along those lines. And what youíll need to
do is type in add comments so A-D-D comments okay.
So what does looks for in a page is youíre going to hit that comments on the page. You
donít have to put that in but as I said thatís just the extra step to get some instant sort
of pages but you can literally skip that step. Now what you need to do because what youíre
looking for is internet marketing or whatever your keyword term is, then what you need to
do is scroll all the way down, itís got how many results per page. You can drop down that
list and select 100.
Okay, now what you want to do is go to last box, it says what site you want to search
on. See we donít want to search all of Youtube, we only want to search channel pages because
we can actually leave comments and what not from there rather in videos itself. In videos,
you can do it slightly different. But itís a longer same lines.
So you would actually type in with http://, just put then what you do
then is you go to your little plugin for your SEO Quake, turn that on and then hit Submit.
So itís as simple as that. Oh I got to go home and try that out myself. Itís really
good, this little tip that you provided for us and I really, really thank you for all
that because simple thing like that you can really generate quite a bit of traffic back
from other peopleís sites as well and also get backlinks as well.
Yeah so with that, what you need to do is now that you have your results, you have your
100 results for that particular phrase match and youíre searching Now
what will happen is you see a bunch of results but now you have the -- you need to turn the
plugin on first before you hit the search results page. Otherwise, extra results will
show up. When you see the results in Google, you see the usual results with the title and
description and what not but there what youíll get with the plugin is you get a few extra
little bonus tips.
Now one of them is a thing called page rank. With this particular plugin in general, compared
to some of the other sort of page rank plugins or the other extra stats plugins, you canít
sort by page rank. Now remember how I said you want the highest ones first, the highest
possible like a page rank 8 or 9 or if thereís any sort of anything higher than that, thatíll
be good. So what you need to do then is thereís a little button there that says ìSort by
ascendng or descending,î so you sort by the highest page rank first.
Which is in descending order that means?
Thatís right. So you might have a page rank 8 and I know like for example Jeff Johnsonís
videos is a page rank 8. And so what I do was okay, Jeff Johnson youíre now going to
be my friend. So sort of underlying sort of -- like I guess motions behind it to obviously
going to take some page rank juice but obviously for all good purposes.
But say what happens from there is all then copies like basically open up into a new tab
his channel and then what I do then is I watch maybe like 10 seconds of their video and okay
Iím coming onto the video or whatever it is, or inside his channel page. You can actually
come into inside the actual channel itself. So thatís my first tip.
The next thing, some of them what they do is actually moderate. So let it go, make sure
itís decent. Donít do spammy stuff like oh nice video sort of thing. Letís make a
decent comment and watch maybe half of their video, whatever. I always add value. Some
of those just do like any sort of spammy comment. Then what you need to do is go to their little
subscribe button, subscribe to him and make him a friend.
If it comes up straight away on the comments, what you need to do is ping! Of what we talked
about before is hit a little ping button. Now in Pingler,, theyíve actually
got a Firefox plugin so instead of you going of to going to the website, typing it in -- typing
it in and then hitting ping, thatís going to take time. All you need to do then is install
their little Firefox plugin. At the top, you have the start button and refresh button.
All you need to do is hit the button and it gets pinged to like 85 services or something
there. So what thatíll do then is theyíll pick up you as being that personís friend.
What Iím wondering is when you ping that -- to that service, whoís address, which
address do you put in there? Jeff Johnsonís?
For example weíre going to Jeff Johnsonís for example site, so it will ping his but
the purpose is to get it indexed that youíve been just added to his friendsí list and
youíre a subscriber.
Therefore creating an extra backlink back to your site.
Quicker rather than later. So rather than Google trying to find out when you come and
check, youíre helping them even really give them a push.
Thatís awesome. Iím really, really loving these tips and I want to keep asking you more
than but I think what will be good as well, too is maybe letís just change things a little
bit. Recently weíve had a little chat and youíve shared with me that youíve targeted
a really, really competitive keyword.
You can hear that is -- ah, I mean you donít have to share exactly what it is but what
Iím curious about is why did you do it? And also too, how has that also worked out for
you because something like that is a very, very competitive niche and also too, something
that you can monetize very well.
Ah pretty much Iíll sort of give the general -- the overview there just to get the concept
of it. Because a lot of it is actually using very advanced strategies that sort of only
the initiated -- sort of saved in a day -- just kidding. But yeah, it does take a little bit
of work. So pretty much what I did was one day, I came out and itís when I first started
like I put my blog out there so I had my -- itís had my domain name which is
for about two years and I thought maybe I should do something with it and get it something
out there because I got a few services and I thought okay, get that out there as well.
So I thought okay, what do I need to do? I thought Iíll go -- Iíll give the concept
then weíll go through other details. The concept was okay, I want to go after the keyword
term so at least get some decent traffic, not just one visitor a month sort of thing.
So I did -- in my keyword research and sort of stuff I thought what market can I go after,
I thought okay because of my business background, I target a lot of people who want to start
like their own business which they knew eventually goes into like a fully pledged business so
they might started home grow, grow or see about sort of like outlet or shop or whatever.
And so I thought okay Iíve been helping those guys so I know what it takes to get something
started. So how can I help these guys a little bit -- like how to get some good traffic and
give them, because I want to give away some good tips because I probably helped 100-120
businesses get started from absolute scratch.
So thereís a lot of experiences there and we know a lot of the hurdles and whatever
they come and so okay, the first thing I would do is I need some articles on my site. So
in order to do that, I thought Iíll use the same tactic I used for the Youtube to find
out like best, like sort of keyword term for and obviously the highest ranked thing on
say -- if I go onto articles, why donít just go after like Ezinearticles because thatís
the sort of the grand daddy of the article sort of websites.
So what I did was actually target a keyword phrase around homebased business that I did
some keyword research on and I was getting fairly good traffic. But it sometimes also
the derivatives on that keyword also so itís not only homebased business, homebased business
to start and a whole bunch of other 30 or 40 other keywords.
So I thought okay, whatís getting simple traffic but whatís the most traffic-ed article
on Ezinearticles so I thought okay, Iíll do the same tactic using the same technique.
So I went to Youtube, click on the Advanced Search so I typed in my keyword phrase in
phrase match and what I did was a little extra trick it says what do you want to search for.
And I searched for whatís the most viewed -- now if you look at some of the answers,
youíll think better than advanced technique but one other form is footprint on a page.
Now what a footprint is is something that is on every single page on Ezinearticles.
And whatís that? This page has been viewed x times.
Ah okay.
Okay, so what you need to do is copy that phrase not with the number like how many times
it has been viewed like the 10, or 20 or whatever it is so copy the phrase thatís part of the
sentence, ìThis page has been viewedÖî then what you do then is -- you can actually
type in a number range because Googleís got to look at it like code of a hack but sort
of a hack. But all you do is a number range. So you type in, in phrase match this page
has been viewed, or whatever the term is it you copied from the page and you want to see
okay, things between 1,000, 2000 or 1,000 and 99million like views and that will pick
up anything outside of that. Then what you do then is put the first number range you
want to start like say for example 1,000 donít put it on commas.
So you type in the 1,000, you put three dots or the ellipses. So three dots itís like
the ìÖî then the highest number you can possibly think like 99,000,000 or whatever
-- itís up to you that many views on that many views. So what it does then is it goes
up and searches Ezinearticles for the most viewed article within that particular keyword
But by doing that, youíre going to get hundreds and thousands of results not just one or two
No because youíre targeting in number range, youíre dropping out the ones with less than
Wouldnít there be articles that have greater than 1,000 views?
Yeah for sure. But now, now what you do is you keep on bumping it up. So instead of 1,000
you want to put like 3,000 then what you do from there is you up the 80s so you literally
come up with the top 10. Then what you need to do then is before as I said you turn on
your SEO Quake and thatís what youíll do, sort by page rank.
So you get sorting by page rank and the highest viewed most relevant particular one for that
one, thereís your article starts. So you see, write that article and get the general
juice to what itís saying then Iíll pretty much put it onto my site.
You spun it right?
Well of course right. I donít want to get in trouble yeah so I took the general essence
of it. I said okay, the elements are there so take some similar elements, put my own
spin because like some of the stuff in there are okay but this is based on a lot of my
experience and will sort of the hundreds of visitors that Iíve sort of helped. So okay,
Iíll bit more extra to it.
So what I did there was I got my article, itís sitting there and Iíve put a few articles
up and few videos up and I thought okay itís not even getting the traffic so I thought
what if Iíll just do extra backlinking from a few sources and see what happens. And then
what happens was I noticed because I got a Rank Tracker to basically check what Iím
ranking for that particular keyword for that particular URL.
Itís interesting itís only about Rank Tracker because itís something like market samurai
has a rank tracker in it as well, too.
Thatís what Iím using.
Okay cool there you go.
Thatís what Iím using. So I put my keyword in there, I put my URL in there and I said
Iíll keep it tracked. And so watching the track it started to go there, well okay Iím
starting to move up a bit. Iím starting to get some pretty good traffic now. I thought
I wonder if I can get it significantly what do I have to do? So a lot of the tactics that
I did for this particular one was the use of auto blogs.
Now for those who donít know what auto blogs are is using say okay a WordPress site and
you can basically get a number of different feeds, a number of different articles and
you write your own stuff and it basically gets feed in automatically.
So all I did was if you can just get the concept is you can actually put like a description
at the footer, like a sentence but actually anchor text my keyword and that was then going
back to that particular inner page of my website.
So say for example if I was targeting keyword for say homebased business for example. So
Iíll anchor text that on my auto blog site and then what itíll do is say for example
I have 50 articles. That will mean 50 backlinks with that one only because itís just sitting
on the footer obviously on every single page.
Okay, what Iím just curious is youíre talking about auto blogging. Are you saying that these
-- these sites, blogging sites are sites like Blogger, I donít know -- Livejournal, all
those kind of sites or are they different?
It could be, thatís one aspect to it. But I want to control -- my mini network. So I
will then create a blog about an x and then what I want to do is on the footer, as I build
that particular. Say for example Iím doing something in the homebased business market
so then get -- thereís a lot of auto blogging tools out there, theyíre a dozen and what
you need to do is bring in some feeds like from like homebased business or all those
type of high authority sites but as I said in the footer of the theme, then you have
your link -- like you have a few links you have a few different sites sending backlinks
So you might have maybe two or three links in the footer of that particular one. But
if you have 50 articles, then you have like your tags page and all those sort of things
that are associated to that, then what you got then is 50 backlinks automatically.
Thatís really smart because the way Iíve been looking at it especially for what Iíve
been doing with my team is we create articles and we put the anchor text inside the body
of the article, we donít actually put it on the footer but that means that you have
to create each individual article with individual backlinks.
Itís actually to do with the theme of your overall site.
Yeah, thatís what Iím saying. The way youíre doing it is a lot more smarter because you
just use basically one theme and you multiply it across the different articles.
Thatís right yeah thatís right.
Whereas in order for us to be able to have that many backlinks, we have to create a lot
of articles in your site to be able to get that and it takes a lot more time.
Exactly, yeah. Yeah but you can do both. You can do both. So with that, so I thought okay
going on from there, was okay Iíll get some more auto blog sites and Iíll have say for
example 10 auto blog sites for exampleís sake then each of those ones has a link in
the footer going back to that inner page of my website.
Then -- so then what Iíll do from there is I have what you call articles but I have them
obviously pre-written and I come in with spin syntax. Now for those who donít know what
spins are, a lot of people -- I mean, mean different ones. I mean -- a lot of the guys
out there do what they call synonym spinning.
Now Iíll just replace it word by word like -- there it goes until he was going there.
All itís like is very basic spinning but the articles that we get are pretty much the
top of the cream of the crop because what Google literally caught into that and they
caught onto the synonyms. They got actually the synonym and like itís basically like
-- a lot of people see oh itís duplicate content and so thatís another thought you
go another day about but basically the duplicate content is a myth.
So itís going to cause a lot of controversy with a lot of hardcore SEO guys but itís
a lot of bollocks.
That -- we wonít go there.
We wonít go there. And so with that, these articles are not necessarily synonym spun,
we basically spin like say for example we have one article. The article is written 5
times so thatís five levels of spinning just right there. Because each paragraph then is
spun 5 times. Then each sentence within each paragraph of those five times is then spun
for another 5 more times for each sentence. So youíre getting literally billions and
billions of spins all 100% unique.
Are these articles done with a computer? Or is it sent out to someone outsourced who does
it for you?
They are -- English as their first language. English writers from around the world. Itís
maybe that 10 different writers and so what we do is we give a subject to write on. These
particular ones you know thereís another myth too -- oh it has to be about my subject.
Once again, absolute load of bollocks because I use internet marketing articles and I put
any link I want in there.
Whoa with your keyword right? As -- yeah.
With my keyword.
Iíve done that too and it works.
It works yeah. Because thereís a lot of people going, ìYou know it has to be in my niche
ofÖî like this some skewer niche that no one even writes about. Is that I have to have
an article about that. Neither. Is that what I do then is I take those ultra spinnables
and I get one of those every single -- every single day. So I can literally submit that
one article 200 times and not to get done for duplicate content or the myth that what
we spoke about.
So I can literally take that article, spin it again then resubmit it. Spin it again and
then resubmit it.
When youíre talking about spinning. Are you using a particular software to do that?
Any software you can recommend or I can recommend?
Yeah, the one that Iím currently using for that particular one is The Best Spinner which
is quite popular out there. There are others out there but that is which you get the job
I mean like to get a copy of what it is out there, weíve got one. We use also The Best
Spinner. You can get it at which is our link here and we use that all
the time as well. And we also use another one called Unique Article Wizard as well but
we also have a trial affiliate link with Unique Article Wizard so if you do want to download
a copy of that, itís at and you can just get a trial there for 30
days for $1.
Itís good.
Yeah itís good to all the people who listen to this as well, too.
Yeah. Then what I do then is I actually take those articles then a lot of people go oh
you have to submit it to Ezinarticles. Yeah sure you can do that but itís like get a
bit of power. But when your tool here, you can submit it to absolute masses like really,
really quickly. Thereís a thing called Blog Networks. There are quite a number out there.
Now Iíve got a subscription to about 4 or 5 of them. Now what I do then because thereís
a lot of syntax, or the spinning syntax is exactly the same. So what you could do is
literally have three tabs open or four tabs open depending on how many sites you subscribed
to. So what you could do is literally have three tabs open or four tabs open depending
on how many sites youíre subscribed to. So what you can do is you take one article and
you put it into The Best Spinner and you do what they call the Flat Spin.
And because this is inner spun like the outer sentence is quite complicated so I wonít
go into it but what you do is a thing called Flat Spin inside The Best Spinner. So what
it does is one level of spinning not in a loops. So what you do is you take that article,
you post that into your first blog network. Now just a bit of background of what blog
networks are, there actually are people out there wanted to get content on their site
so itís like a main hardware theyíre subscribed to and say okay, hereís the details to my
site. Go post me articles on these particular subjects so you literally got hundreds or
even thousands or even 20,000, 30,000 people that want content for their site.
So what that system does it it takes your article and gives it a spun version to that
particular website.
And it distributes all across these blog networks. Now actually, letís take a step or towards
here because a lot of us are probably going wow, this is going over our heads. What I
just want to recap on is what weíre talking about right now is Carl is sharing his really
advanced techniques here on heís able to get this particular niche that heís working
on, which is a very, very competitive niche up to the first page of Google and these are
advanced technology strategies.
What Iím really curious about is how long this has taken you and what are your plans
for this -- you know, or where are you now? Where is it ranked now?
We started off like it has no rank obviously then I started to move up the ranks like 200
or for 500 to start with to 200 and it started to move pretty quick and what happened was
through the blog networks and the auto blogs and few other things, what I did was -- obviously
started to put some backlinks and I started to build some -- what they call social backlinks
to those backlinks of backlinks. So it does get a bit quite advanced there.
So what I did was I started and I noticed it started to get a bit more traffic. So I
was about on page three for the long tail keyword phrase then I thought okay, thatís
getting quite well. But I was noticing on my Analytics that I was getting all the variables
for that particular thing as well.
That particularly happens yeah.
Yeah and so because youíre ranking quite well and I absolutely optimized the page to
its absolute guilt to the absolute top, I donít think I can maximize but I can put
a little some more but itíll look a bit spammy. But yeah so I optimized on the whole page
and obviously want to keep it on there for as long as possible.
So what I started to notice was all the derivatives. I thought okay, Iím starting to get some
ranks so what else -- sending to the blog networks and Iím spinning my anchor text.
And so not only that, thatís the reason I was getting ranked for other keywords as well.
Oh this is all right then I started noticing the -- not only the long tail keyword phrases
but starting to get the four, three keywords and now some starting to get some twos. Okay,
I got a few traffic there.
So what happened was I started to move up and I got the page -- on page two and I started
to get a bit more traffic. A bit more traffic and I thought okay, I thought what if -- thereís
been a four-word phrase then I started to move up and I like bumped up to the first
page at the bottom. And it started to get bit more traffic I thought I might go out,
I might crack the top two and top one whatever. I looked at number one, itís on page rank
six Iím page rank zero and itís like -- itís actually big now, I think itís business and
theyíre position two or three now, so that position three or four now because I bumped
them out.
But so what happened was when I got to -- like moved up, I went up to position four, thatís
where the traffic really start to kick in. Iím thinking like okay, Iím noticing a bit
of traffic but now even at position four itís like from position ten.
What kind of traffic anyway are we looking at or talking about? Like thousands?
Yeah thatís not. When youíre going from absolute nothing, it maybe like 100, 200 like
a month sort of thing but now Iím getting to a 1,000 and I think okay, thatís only
one page of the site. And now, when I went from -- hereís what happened was. I thought
I was going to go really hard, absolute backlinks for the next about three to four weeks so
I did some backlinking there and I went from there and I did some little future, changed
a few tactics on my auto blogging just to go for shorter tail keywords now and then
that once pinged all of a sudden like index, index, index and then what happened was I
started to go like rank up usually just jump like within about few days I jumped from four
to two. Thatís when it was like a little bit holistic. Thatís was like for the four-word
keyword phrase.
Then I thought I wonder how Iím doing because I notice some stats from Google Analytics.
I noticed some stats for like two keyword phrase, I started three keyword phrase so
I thought oh, okay. If thatís the case, Iíll only change what the backlinks to that thing
and I want to see how this go with it.
So I was ranking about like page 3 for the -- the really heavy traffic and I thought
I was going to go for it and I was like what the heck, this was a challenge. And I started
moving up, and moving up, and moving up oh, I got on the front page and it really started
kicking there. Like when you get 4,000, 5,000 visits to what not -- a month. Then I hit
the sort of -- number 4 spot. Then that -- actually it fluctuates at the moment, it was at 6.
And it gets 5,000 or 6,000 for one page.
Yeah, thatís horrendous I mean -
So a lot of people donít get that in like six months sort of thing but when you get
in that per month on just plenty of pages, now Iím starting to do that for other pages
of the site. But then what happened was it went from about position 6 to 3. I just like
the curve just went. Iím like oh dear so I thought okay, so I thought okay what else
can I do?
Then I started like ranking so I moved up from 4 -- now Iím sort of fluctuating between
about 3 and 4 depending what country and what time of the day, what data youíre sending
are pulling from and what not. So now it just constantly sitting there. Now like the position.
I think itís bumped up to 2 sometimes, youíll notice itís bumped into 2 because itís getting
ton of traffic yeah.
Between 2 or 3 is actually quite significant particularly if youíre getting the keyword
terms on the broad sense is probably about 1.2million searches a month.
Well I mean I know for a fact is the statistics that says apparently the first page of Google
gets about 40% of the traffic and then it drops down by about 33% and it goes down to
about I think itís between 15 to about 20%. And then third page, or third ranking goes
down to only about like 10 or about 5% so thereís huge gap difference as soon as you
jump different spots.
Yeah particularly when youíre going after a high traffic keyword phrase. Now, onto the
monetization thatís the thing. I thought I was going to crack it first before monetizing.
Now Iím getting absolute chocolate, traffic is going to the site now the next stage is
to monetize. So obviously I want to come out to some sort of course. I want to be lightly
capturing which is obviously good. Now I have noticed like whatís the traffic stats, theyíre
automatically zoning up anyway.
And so I go okay, these guys like in position 2 or 3 and it must be something about homebased
business or that arena. And so now the next stage is obviously to get enough traffic coming
to the door to then obviously bring my course out and then obviously train people out in
order to start their homebased business and overcome all the hurdles, all the usual stuff
out there.
Thatís really, really interesting. And itís really amazing because all you have to do
is just focus on one strategy just keep doing strategy, just keep repeating the process
and youíll get there. You know, obviously thereís a lot of advanced stuff particularly
on competitive terms but for anybody whoís approaching local businesses or just starting
in various niche market then this is good for them.
One other thing I just want to just do add for that, what helped me in my page rank on
its own was my Youtube channel. Because now, ah because there was like last year, from
April last year to about January February this year, thereís no page rank update.
And so Iím sitting and oh well Iím not seeing results -- well Iím seeing results but not
that youíre counting on that. What I see are at least a bit of what I see itís actually
is. Now when I did the update, my front page of my website went from
nothing to page rank 4. Because all the backlinks are done from all the other deep links from
different sites. Bu then I thought I wonder what my Youtube channel is because Iím going
like crazy on that thing now Iíve got about 40 page rank 8s now and a whole bunch other
things are coming, I noticed other things too.
If youíre commenting on a video, on individual video not just the channels, but the videos
as well pass page rank. Now one of things that I didnít notice when Iím doing backlink
check was the actual video that actually got me the most page rank and it was a page rank
5. Then I made a comment on and it was like on page 2 comments now but that pass page
rank on the actual thing. So when I do backlink check, there was like one of the top ones
like in page rank 5 that pass the juice.
Thatís amazing. So really, if you just solidly focus which Iím always emphasizing when weíre
talking about niche marketing and what not is to focus on high quality PR sites which
allow you to be able to get that page rank. It wonít sit right now because it doesnít
happen instantly but what will happen is that as soon as it goes up, that obviously affects
your rankings through Google so that when people search for you, or even Youtube when
people are searching for you, your listings will come up much higher.
So a lot of people just say thereís a lot of courses there at the moment that are doing
.edu backlinks and .gov backlinks. It takes like forever like by the time you find them
or by the time you come in there, you can make at least 20 posts on Youtube and youíre
getting a ton more traffic to that rather some obscure school site that like 3 people
look at per year, for that particular page.
Yeah itís got huge page rank what do you do? Like no one comes to it. So what you want
to do is tap into the power of like a video channel, Youtube or basically Google has -- considers
that as authority and itís getting a ton of traffic so why not tap into that rather
than some obscure like school website youíre trying to get into -- like wow I got .edu
backlink, well thatís all good as part of your strategy but donít focus on trying to
find a ton of them.
You can literally do like 10x amount of work in less time just by making some comments
and becoming friends on Youtube.
That sounds like a simple strategy and easy strategy. Well Carl, I want to wrap it up
right now. Thank you so much for sharing all these awesome tips about video. I mean I have
learned so much and Iím really keen and excited to go back and apply just to my Youtube channel
so I really, really appreciate your time to come out and share all these great tips.
And I just want to give you opportunity as well, too just to share with other people
if they want to get in contact with you, maybe take on your services or anything like that,
how can they get in contact with you?
Yeah, well pretty much a lot of the services that I have is in my offline business towards
local marketing like local businesses. So we do things like Youtube, ah we actually
do like Youtube marketing or video marketing. So if you type in video engine optimization,
youíll see here I am. Iím number one and number two. We also do -- we do web design
in our regards but itís more around like SEO optimized design as well as sales written.
So actually looking to make sales.
So if youíre a sales type business thatís obviously perfect, obviously if you want some
money online, just what weíve just earned, hopefully the purpose.
Thatís right.
We also do pay per click, we can handle pay per click campaigns. We can also do -- what
they call Google Places listings, thatís another one. Weíll get into another subject
later on is not only you get Youtube but one of the things is the local search and you
can literally get up there in number one spot within -- I did in about 9 hours in one of
the clients there.
Very powerful.
Very powerful. Basically itís like youíre literally re-paying the guys thatís paying
the money so which is really good. So I love that there. But my main site for my internet
marketing site itís Itís
Iíll make sure I put the link at the bottom as well.
Yeah sure. Yeah so thatís the main site you can get me on. Iíve actually got a section
up there like ìAsk me questionsî itís been live since 1996 so a lot of stuff come and
go. And I want to be I guess helpful to especially you guys if youíll come to the site, Iíll
try to answer your questions without sort of holding anything back. Iím not one of
those guru types, Iíll give you this information but Iíll give you a secret sort of thing.
Youíve provided a lot of ton information already so thatís proof there.
Thatís right yeah. So if you want to come to the site, you can subscribe to the newsletter
there. Iím not one of those guys like spams you every second Iíve got to try this sort
of thing, not like that. What I do as youíll see in the site, I do actually get the product
or either buy and theyíll give me access to it and Iíll review it. And go okay, hereís
the upside, hereís the downside make the decision from there. Rather than itís all
good, itís all good, it makes me look like -- Iíve got a lot of complaints like oh this
is all bad -- like I didnít do review about that one.
But Iíll -- if thereís bad points in there, Iíll literally point the thing out. Iím
not one of those guys that tries to hide that stuff, thatís not about that. So because
if it was me, Iíll pretend that if it was me buying it then obviously I want to get
some sort of value out of it.
All about honesty and just showing and sharing exactly what you think in terms of your perspective
thatís the way I think the market we should be working. Anything that we -- you know try
Integrity is the key.
Integrity is the key exactly. All right Carl, thank you so much and itís a real pleasure.
And yeah, I hope to have you soon back on this video as well, too and share some excellent
tips about video marketing soon.
Now, if you like more resources like this one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource
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