Mahabharat - Episode 65

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Pride is blind by birth
It can only touch itself
Which is why it is weak and helpless
It fears every footstep because ...
... it feels its Destruction is nearing
That is Duryodhan's state
He cannot see that Hastinapur is threatened ...
... that Bharat's dynasty is threatened
He is bound by his Honour and Pride
He knows only one thing
Krishna has insulted him by refusing to dine with him
The foolish man did not realize that he couldn't ...
... honour Krishna by giving him good food
He did not know that ...
... Mahatma Vidur was in a different class
The bonds of love are the strongest
Refusing the delicacies of Duryodhan's house ...
... the Lord prefers the simple fare of Vidur's house
The bonds of love are the strongest
The Lord lovingly ate Shabiri's tasted berries
Showing his simple ascetic nature
The path of service is true love
That is the teaching of the Lord
When Yuddhistir performed the Rajsuya ritual ...
... the Lord helped clear the dirty utensils
In love, he even drove his friend's chariot ...
... forgetting that He was the Lord Himself
This is how Love blossomed in Brindawan ...
... and the milkmaids danced in joy
How else can l praise the Lord!
- Enough! - A little more ?
What are you thinking?
l didn't expect you to be so unthoughtful
What else?
You should not have stayed here
Duryodhan is evil
God knows what he will think about your staying here
Had you stayed with Dushasan ...
... he may have listened to you
Now he will never listen to you
That's his problem. My duty is to speak
Whether he listens to me or not, I’ll do my duty
He thinks he is well protected by Grandsire ...
... Sages Drona and Kripa, Ashwathama and Karna
His ears are closed
Even if he wants to listen, his ears are closed
He thinks the Pandavas will never fight ...
... an army led by Sage Drona or Grandsire
But both of them fought in Viraat
That was different!
That was not Arjun's war
Arjun was obliged to the King of Matsya ...
... and Duryodhan had attacked him
But if there is war now ...
... it will be Arjun's personal war
Even they know that if there is war ...
... they will have to fight Grandsire and Sage Drona
Then let there be war! Let Hastinapur be destroyed
And from its ruins let a new...
... healthy Hastinapur rise
Don't present your peace proposal in court
Those who will listen to you ...
... are helpless
Those who aren't helpless won't listen to you
l know that!
Yet, l am a messenger of peace
l must do my duty
Messenger of Peace! Brave Warrior !
Lord Krishna is on his way!
Accept my respects, my lord
Please honour me by taking a seat
Please be seated!
My respects, Grandsire
Please sit!
Please sit, Grandsire!
What proposal have you brought from the Pandavas?
O King!
Taking Grandsire's leave l would like to state that ...
... l have not brought anyone's proposal
l am here with my own proposal
However, l assure you that ...
... whatever l accept ...
... will be acceptable to the Pandavas
O King! You are yourself a Man of Knowledge
You know that Peace is not a debatable issue
Peace is essential!
Only one side wins a war ...
... but there are deaths on both sides
There are knowledgeable men in this court
Bhishma, Vidur, Sages Drona and Kripa
No other court in the world has ...
... as many warriors as this court has
So, your responsibility is the greatest
lf there is war, this gathering will be dispersed
lf that is so, History will hold you responsible ...
... for the tears shed after the war
O King ! You are a descendent of Bharat
You are an inheritor of Truth, Religion ...
... Tradition and Justice
There should be no miscarriage of Justice
O protector of Truth!
Listen to me carefully
Peace is never impossible
Take the Kurus on the path of Peace
Therein lies the good of the Kurus and India
History will not condemn Shakuni for his treachery ...
... because it happened in your court
History will not ask Prince Duryodhan ...
... why he insulted Draupadi
You will have to answer for that because ...
... he is your Crown Prince
History will not ask Dushasan ...
... why he tried to disrobe Draupadi
You will be held responsible for it
Remember, Peace is not debatable
Maybe no one desires war, O Krishna
lf no one desires war, why the ''maybe''?
Both you and l know that ...
... there are war mongers on both sides
Therefore, discard words like ''maybe''
We cannot talk of peace with words like these
Explain this to your king, O Grandsire
lf the Kauravas and Pandavas come together ...
... the whole world will be theirs
There will be no border beyond theirs
But if there is war ...
... nothing will be left
Not even your sons!
Who knows on whose corpses you will have to weep
lf a corpse from the Pandava camp is brought to you ...
... will you call it an enemy corpse and rejoice?
O King! Before your life ends...
... try to collect your clan
The Pandavas have grown up under your care
They have a right to your love and blessing
O protector of Truth!
Return Indraprasth to them !
This Peace proposal is unacceptable
At least give it a thought
What is there to think?
According to the wager, they should accept exile ...
... not ask for their Kingdom
Learn to speak softly, Duryodhan
Treachery cuts down a man ...
... like an axe cuts down a tree
Also, my son, Krishna is a friend
And the friend asks me to give up half my kingdom
lf this is friendship, what is enmity?
An enemy is one who encourages one to do wrong
What Krishna says is the Truth
I’ll never give up Indraprasth
lf Krishna has another proposal I’ll think of it
You are all Duryodhan's well-wishers. Explain to him
India’s future cannot be sacrificed to his ambition
Yes! l have another proposal
lf Duryodhan wants to keep Indraprasth then he may
On behalf of the Pandavas l ask for five villages
Avisthal, Vakrasthal, Makandi, Varnavat and one more
Only five villages!
O King! lf you give them these five villages ...
... the Pandavas will be content
Five villages! To those Pandavas!
I’ll not give them even one grain of land
O Duryodhan! Why do you compel your mother ...
... to weep on your corpse?
Had you not been a messenger, l would have ...
Let him speak, Grandsire
What would you have done?
l would have pulled out your tongue
l would have cast you in the dungeon
Would you dare imprison a messenger? A guest ...
O arrogant Duryodhan!
Arrest me, if you can!
Arrest this milkman !
Foolish fellow! What are you doing?
The Lord of the world ...
... reveals His True Form
Those who have the sight ...
... can recognize Him
Why are you worrying, my lord?
Worry has cast a shadow on your face
The cause of my worry is the Sun God
The Sun God?
l cannot even berate him
What has the Sun God done?
He has sired a son for Kunti and created a problem
Even you have sired a son for Kunti
That is the problem which has made me restless
A mighty battle is to take place on Earth
What do we have to do with their battle?
Maybe not for you but ...
... for the Sun God and l it does matter
The Sun God's son Karna and my son Arjun ...
... will fight on opposite sides
That should not be a matter for worry
Arjun has acquired all the divine weapons
Who can harm him?
No divine weapon can pierce Karna's shield
l am worried about Arjun
There are many weapons in Heaven ...
... but only one shield and ...
... pair of earrings which can withstand divine weapons
Then it is a matter for worry
Besides, Karna hates the Pandavas
In particular, he lives so as to kill Arjun
As long as he has the shield and earrings ...
... Arjun is not safe
But he is born with the shield and earrings
There is one solution. He respects the Sun God
He worships the Sun at noon everyday
lf anyone asks for a favour at the end of the ritual ...
... he does not refuse
Will you ...
That's what l am thinking
Karna should not use the shield in battle
My friend!
How are you?
What's it? You are very happy today
It is a happy occasion
Then share it with me
Who else can l share it with?
My mother will be too scared to do so
l have two sweethearts
Two sweethearts!
Why haven't l met them till now?
Tell me, who are they?
lf need be, l will kidnap them for you
They cannot be kidnapped my friend
l can unite with only one of them
Don't talk in riddles. Who are they?
Why not? I’ll do it myself
l know that but ...
... these sweethearts are such that ...
... they will embrace the one who kidnaps them
l don't understand
One of them is Arjun's death...
... and the other is mine
Arjun's death is the only aim of my life
Will you kill Arjun and deny me that pleasure?
Arjun's death will be a balm for the insults ...
... that have been heaped on me all my life
Arjun's death will prove that l, Karna ...
... am a warrior by my actions
O Duryodhan! l am obliged to you for giving me ...
... this opportunity of killing Arjun
Understand one thing, my friend...
... l live for your life and Arjun's death
l remember every insult ....
... which stings me like scorpions
Poison runs through my veins
My humiliations do not let me sleep ...
... do not let me breathe
But my tale of insults is almost over
The end is nearing
My friend!
Don't be afraid! Congratulate me
For now, l will unite with ...
... one of my two sweethearts
My respects, O Teacher!
You are the King's charioteer
Yes, O Teacher!
Is this your son?
Yes, O Teacher!
What's your name?
Why Radheya?
His mother's name is Radha
Your name does not match your face ...
... which is as bright as the Sun
Name him Karna
As you wish!
What do you want?
My son wants to learn the art of weaponry
Who else can any father think of but you?
l would be pleased to gift him Knowledge but ...
Forgive me, but l do not accept charity
Besides, Knowledge cannot be gifted
May you live long!
This school is only for warriors and princes
Karna does not fit into any of these categories
Find another teacher for him
Is Knowledge limited to the high born?
Whatever the world calls me, you call me Radheya
Karna sounds too impersonal from your lips
May l ask you a question?
Of course
Who's that youth?
My son Ashwathama
Which means he's neither a prince nor a warrior
My respects, O Teacher
l, too, seek permission for battle
l wish to cut away this Tree of Ego ...
... which threatens to take root in Hastinapur
Do you only have words to fight with?
Is this bow and these arrows for show?
Remember! I’ll fight you to your last weapon
A gifted kingdom cannot make you a warrior
Only your deeds and bravery...
... can make you a warrior
Ask this charioteer's son to drive your chariot
Come away Arjun. He is not worth fighting
No one asks where saints and warriors were born
Besides, questions can also be asked ...
... about your birth, too
l am not a charioteer's son. He challenged Arjun
l challenge all five of you to fight me
May you live long?
l am blessed by your appearance
l was compelled to appear
You have sworn not to disappoint anyone ...
... who asks for a favour after your noon worship
Lord Indra seeks to take advantage of this oath
He will ask for your shield and earrings
Do not give them to him
That's not possible
Even if he asks for my life then, l must give it
This shield will protect you from Fate
Forgive me, my lord
Even after knowing this ...
... l will give him this shield if he asks for it
My oath is more sacred than my life
None except my mother and Duryodhan ...
... has given me anything but humiliation
So, when my end comes l wish to leave ...
... with people indebted to me
In that case ...
... when Lord Indra blesses you..
... ask for the Shakti Weapon
May you live long!
Do not bless me thus!
Tell me how can l serve you?
l do not seek wealth like the others
So what?
But you do want something!
Tell me what do you wish for?
l want your shield and earrings
But they are a part of my body
You may take any of my weapons
No! l want nothing else but those
Why do you greet me again?
The first was for the Brahmin
The other is for Lord Indra
Do not worry!
l know why you want my shield and earrings
l am bound by my oath
l cannot refuse at this moment
l am proud to be the only man ...
... of whom Lord Indra asked a favour
Even Lord Brahma, the Creator, will be unable ...
... to create another man like you
The Sun God had told you that l would come
You also knew what l was going to ask for
And yet, you did not falter
You not only faced this moment squarely ...
... but defeated it
Ask for a boon, my child
Ask for anything
lf l ask for anything now ...
... my giving will become meaningless
Forgive me, my lord
l cannot violate the limits of my charity
But l must shield you from future criticism
lf you must, give me the Shakti weapon
But you can use it only once
After that, it will revert to me
l do not wish to use it twice
l have only one enemy
The shield and earrings ...
... were a part of his body
And yet, he gave them away
Such was this unique incident