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Hello, everyone.
It's Mia, and I'm going to be doing your Glee Project recap
for the week.
So, it's getting down to business.
There are seven contenders left, and it is as crazy ever.
And the theme this week was tenacity.
And I was like, wait, what?
What is that?
Apparently my years of AP classes
didn't teach me anything.
So thank you, Ali, for clarifying.
It's basically persistence and drive, and that's
all you need to know.
Don't worry.
Got you covered.
The homework assignment is "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.
It was just so much oomph.
They were just bringing it, and I wanted to throw pillows
and break chairs and stuff.
A plus, A plus.
OK, ready?
Ready for the guest judge?
Not going to freak out this week.
Not going to freak out like I usually do.
It was Amber Riley.
Amber Riley of Glee, the Mercedes of Glee.
Cool, calm, and collected.
It was Amber Riley.
So Ali won the homework assignment again, and I was
extremely happy for her.
The group number this week is "Eye of the Tiger." And the
best part, it was shot in one shot.
This means if one of them goes down, all of
them go down, literally.
I want an Oreo.

I love Oreos.
So there's no choreography this week,
but there are vocals.
So when they had to go into the vocal booth for the group
part of the song, Lily was in front, of course, and she was
singing really loud and high, and nobody cam concentrate, so
Nikki made her move to the back.
And I was laughing.
Is that bad?
She's mean, and I don't like her.
But Aylin was being mean, too.
And I don't really like her either.
So it's like--
Aylin said something to her, and was like, oh my god, why
are you so loud?
And she did say it kind of mean.
I don't like people like that.
So the video, it's basically just a huge obstacle course
and they're passing balls and running and hitting balls and
wheelbarrowing each other.
And this is all while they're singing their lines.
And keep in mind, this is all in one shot.
Sucks to suck.
So Michael does something and Lily slips.
And then Abraham slips and basically breaks his ankle,
and some of them aren't singing, and it was crazy, and
oh my gosh.
And I felt really bad.
That sucked, and that probably was the worst.
I can't even imagine.
After 34 takes, they finally get it right, and the video
was so good.
So good.
I really liked it.
It looked really hard to do, so I commend them all on that.
So Blake, Ali, and Shanna all get called back first.
And they rightfully deserved it.
They're amazing.
Basically, they're perfect.
They've never really done anything wrong, they're always
great, and everyone loves them.
So I like them.
So the bottom three this week are
Michael, Lily, and Abraham.
So first up is Michael, and he does "Brick," by
the Ben Folds Five.
Ryan, at the end of his performance, compares him in a
negative way to Blake.
And I was like, ouch, that's got to sting because Blake is
he best friend on the show.
And I was like, that's awkward.
Abraham does "Man in the Mirror," by the legendary
Michael Jackson.
And it was great.
I loved the performance.
But he got in a little tiff afterwards with Ryan Murphy.
Right, this is what Abraham said-- oh, I know it's not an
excuse, but my ankle.
And Ryan Murphy was like, the people who say that it's not
an excuse are using it as an excuse.
And I was like, dang, Ryan Murphy.
Oh my god, just came at him hot.
But anyway--
Lily sings "I am the Greatest" from some musical.
I don't remember what musical it was.
But it was super fantastic.
She killed that song.
So in the end, Abraham wasn't called back, and
I was really sad--
sad face-- because I liked him.
Well, I felt like it wasn't his time to go, honestly.
I know he had that whole thing with excuses, and I know Ryan
Murphy was mad about that.
But he never really did anything before that.
And it was weird because I feel like Michael needs to go.
I like Michael, but I don't think he has a shot at
winning, so why is he still here?
He's cute and he can kinda sing.
He's been struggling the entire time, so I don't feel
like he deserves to be here.
I'll see you guys next week, and I hope
you enjoyed the video.
Leave a comment, and I'll see you guys.