mala ali kurd shifay Quran with english subtitles

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subtitles by Salih Barwary
In the name of the God
this man hasn't been able to walk for 8 months, he uses wheelchair
he's come frome Netherlands , he had surgeries and has taken many kind of medicines but no result at all
but now God willing I'll read out Quran on him
and God willing and for the sake of Holy QUran he'll be cured
is this the first time you have come here ?
patient speaks in Dutch
after we've learnt that there is a man who cures by Quran in kurdistan we've come here
this is sir Abdol khalegh he's come from Netherlands now we'll heal him God willing
I don't heal him but the Allah , I'm only a small mean to do it
the Allah heals everyone
you all people give up on politics and secular life and return to Allah and Quran's plan
this life is very short we'll die all
and we'll need this Quran
I have faith in Allah and Quran and I believe if you have enough faith in Allah and Quran you can move even mounts by that faith
you see with your own eyes that this man hasn't been able to walk for 8 months and he's come a long way from Netherlands to me
and before your eyes I'll read out Quran on him and God willing he'll be healed
mala ali's praying
dear Allah heal this man for the sake ot your Holy Quran
now I'll tell him to walk if he walk then you all say God almighty
now he'll be healed God willing
he'll be cured without any medicines and prescriptions and I don't make difference between any religeon wethere it'd be Muslims or Christains or else
I ask all people to return on Allah's plan the righteous path
muhammed the prophet said that we'd all created form soil and we all were Adam and Eve's children
there is no difference between any races
now I'll read out Quran on him and he'll be walking God willing by Holy Quran he'll be cured without any chemical medicines
as the Quran is very big and holy you all should read it to know how holy and sensefull it is
all the other religeons book's have been mutilated but the QUran , and the QUran is the true one still
the Quran is all Allah's quotations
quotaions from QUran
now he'll walk God willing
God almighty
I testify there is no God but Allah and I testify Muhammed is the Allah's prophet
you all saw that he walked ,did you know that the Quran is a miracle?
come you all kiss the Quran
you people return on Quran's plan before you regret
your father got cured without any medicines he got cured by the Holy Quran
now you all should see that he'll walk without wheelchair this is all the Quran's miracle
Sir Abdol khalegh has been sitting on wheelchair for 8 months and then he came to me from Netherlands
he got cured by the Holy Quran and he'll return back to the Netherlands again
congratulations Sir Abdol khalegh
what would you like to say ?
The Allah gave me sickness and he got me healed too
I ask all people to return on Quran's plan
only The Allan is almighty
subtitled by Salih Barwary
subtitled by Salih Barwary