DON'T GET SICK (Zombies vs. Ninjas #9)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 29.06.2012

That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard!
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I haven't puked this much since that last Taylor Swift concert.
Ooooh, Andre have infestation of the clitoris.
It's called stomach flu, you idi- BLEEEAACCKKK!
Gross! It smells like a Taylor Swift concert in here!
I warned you sharing our used hankies was a bad idea!
But I used the money we saved to buy that awesome new motivational poster!
You know, there are free programs that help the poor get medical attention.
Yeah, right. And those penis enlargers actually work.
Don't believe me, Rogi? Fine. Let's go ask a real doctor.
Free programs for the poor? You are a riot!
All right, I'll cover their bill. Anything to stop the hurling.
Excellent. Swallow these.
Don't you want to examine them first?
A Doctor of Medicine be in the same room with a sick person? Why, that's the most disgusting
thing I've ever heard! Have you ever noticed how weird they smell?
Mmm! These pills are delicious!
That'll be four million dollars.
Four million dollars?!
That's insane! We don't have that kind of money!
Relax! You can work off your bill by helping us tend to patients who are receiving vitally
important medical treatments.
What kind of treatments?
Welcome to our state-of-the-art Anal Bleaching Ward where we bring a little sunshine to where
the sun don't shine!
What kind of utter moron considers this a "vitally important medical treatment"?
Quit yer whining back there! My starfish ain't gonna bleach itself!
Holy ----! It's the Real Housewives of Orange County!
Oy, babushka!
Oooo, I've never been done by a Mexican before.
If we need to communicate I'll wink once for "yes," twice for "no."
Dayum! That is one ugly-ass soda machine!
That's no soda machine, that's Senator Donald Trump! He may be in an iron lung, but he's
still a ladies' man!
Please. kill. me.
Well, Doc, looks like you got everything covered. Guess you don't need MY help.
Just one small task: I need to you empty all those used bedpans and give them a good scrubbing.
Don't worry, Sweetie, it's not as bad as the giant pile of crap we call a TV show.
Can't argue that!
Hey, this sucky thing don't work!
Try plugging it in, Einstein.
Ohhhh. Thank. God.
Geez, where do I get rid of these things?
Guys! This hospital dumps poor people out on the streets to be torn apart by zombies!
What gives you the right to deny medical treatment to poor people?
Oh, please, they buy their shoes at the supermarket! They're much better off this way!
Besides, if I tried to help every diseased hobo that stumbled in off the street I'd have
less time to devote to my rich patients, like Donald Trump over there.
Hey, where's Donald Trump?
Oh God, they're all dead! Why didn't they prepare me for this in medical school?
Geez, Rogi, why didn't you save the guy?
I thought you had him!
Good work, team. And check it out: I managed to swipe some pills from the pharmacy.
This isn't medicine. It's just candy! Which means we all got better on our own.
Let's hope we stay that way.
That's easy! Just follow my foolproof insurance plan.
Which is?
Don't get sick!
Hey, Tanz, I know you feel like hell, so I brought a little something to make you feel
What is it?
You guys suck.