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just listen to what they do. And I thought back to my bachelor days and I said, "Darn".
You almost looked like you were going to give Daddy a kiss! Nooo! Where are you in telling
the kids? We're not. When do you start to? Where he is in bed sick and at that time they
will understand. They will see that he is sick so the words "Your Daddy is sick will
match with the picture 'Your Daddy is sick". Right now Daddy doesn't look sick. Right now
Daddy doesn't act sick. Where do you come up with all these great stories? Inside your
head? He and Jay were also recruiting playmates who also share Randy's spirit.. Like Randy's
niece and nephew who remember when Uncle Randy gave them two rules, "No whining and don't
tell Mom what we did." He was more determined to teach them that material things are just
not important. Once he had a brand new car. So cool. Awesome. Blue convertible. It's a
convertible. Yeah. Very cool. Their Mother was worried. Lecturing her kids about being
very careful. Uncle Randy opened a can of coke and poured it right in onto the seat.
We couldn't believe it. Song: And you ask me what I want this year. And I'll try to
make this good and clear. Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days. Because I don't
need boxes wrapped in string. Randy and Jay also got help to prepare for that unbearable
conversation. The one Jay would have in the days to come. They were guided by Doctor Michelle
Reese. In very simple terms that Mommy or Daddy got so very sick that their heart couldn't
beat anymore. One of the things that we were told was "Don't talk about dying as like going
to sleep. A lot of young children if you use that as your metaphor will be afraid that
if they go to sleep they're going to die too. Adios! Goodbye! Sayornara! Lots of different
ways to say goodbye. He also left a 'someday' message for Jay. Certainly I want her to be
happy. And I want my kids to be happy. And if that means her remarrying I'm all for it.
On questions of religion Randy told us that he wanted to keep those private. He did say
his late father, a Presbyterian was the most Christian man he'd ever met. And he said that
he'd often returned to a familiar prayer. Well you know the serenity prayer's not a
bad prayer for anybody. God grant me the strength to change the things I can. Accept the things
I can't. And the wisdom to know the difference. And for Jay a different phrase. Was there
something that you'd read. Something that someone had said that you repeat to yourself
in the darkest times now? "I have everything I need." She's used it in a kind of meditation.
But are you saying that today at this point you have a kind of peace? Yes. Yes. For better
or for worse. It is what it is and I can't change the fact that Randy has cancer. I can't
make those tumors go away. No matter how bad I would want to. So it is what it is and I
have to live with that. And in order to do so I accept the circumstances. I accept the
conditions, the conditions in which we are living. I do and I am at peace with that.
I don't like it but I accept it. On a family trip to Orlando the night at the hotel we
watched Randy put the kids to bed with the questions he asked at the end of everyday.
Randy at bedtime, he asks them questions. "What was the best thing about your day?"
"What was the best part of today?" "Playing with Mommy". "Okay what was the worst part
of today?" "Playing with you". "Playing with me? Are you joking with me?" "Yes". "You are?"
"Okay." So let's say you're in your pajamas. What was the best thing about your day? And
what was the worst thing about your day? Well first off I'd say the day's not over yet so
there's always a chance that there will be a new best. And on Halloween, Randy, Jay and
the children dressed as the Incredibles. When we come back, some of the people and some
of the ways they say Randy Pausch completely changed their lives. And the Professor takes
a chance at something he never thought he'd do. Never lose the childlike wonder. It's
just too important. It's what drives us. And there I actually have a picture of me dreaming.
And I did a lot of that. It's a famous event in the Pausch household when Randy was a little
boy and asked to paint some of his dreams on the walls of his room. And the great thing
about this is that they let me do it. And they didn't get upset about it. And it's still
there. If you go to my parents house. It's still there. I'd always wanted a submarine
and an elevator. Well they'd put up "Disco sucks" and I made them take "sucks" out. That's
the only That's the only hand I'd had in it. Anybody out there who's a parent if your kids
want to paint their bedroom as a favor to me let them do it. Okay. It will be okay.
Don't worry about resale value on the house. And all the people that watched his lecture
have answered the call. Peter Ringling of Virginia let his daughter do it. Diane Gregory
let her son. Carol Castle's daughter Chelsea wanted shocking pink. I'm like why do you
want to paint the room pepto bismol? But because Chelsea had also watched Randy's lecture she
painted some bricks on her shocking pink wall. Let me let you in on a little secret. But
not only that in schools across the country students have performed Randy's speech. A
faltering beauty queen in Kent Ohio didn't quit. He helped me achieve my dream. A business
man hands out copies to his employees. A minister uses the tape to inspire song at choir practice.
And in California a breast cancer patient, Kajee Lane watched a took heart. His positive
attitude just kind of lifted that fear out of me. Alfred Nicolosie of Salen New Jersey
battling illness and depression cleaned his house and began to live. Randy's life turned
mine around. You just have to decide if you're a Tigger of an Eeyor. In goldbeach Oregan
Barb with terminal multiple myliloma. If he can do it, so can I. If I don't seem as depressed
or morose as I should be sorry to disappoint you. I love that line. She packed up and moved
across country to be with her grandchildren. I'd like them to remember me as the fun grandma.
Randy Pausch said maybe you should keep a crayon in your pocket so the smell can remind
you of when you were young and you thought you could fly. He kept the list that he made
as a little boy of impossible dreams. Win stuffed animals. We know how that one ended.
Write an article in the World Book Encyclopedia. He checked that one off the list too. But
we noticed there was something on Randy's list that had long been out of reach. Alright
let's talk about football. My dream was to play in the National Football League. And
most of you don't know that I actually... No. We were with Randy at one of his Doctor's
appointments. We'd made a couple of calls and told him there was an invitation. This
wednesday the Pittsburg Steelers were wondering if you wanted to come to practice and toss
around a football. You have got to be kidding me! So bring your sneakers. Bye. Wow. Wow.
That will be so cool. He walked out onto the field wearing the jersey of his favorite player
legendary wide receiver Hinds Ward. Only to learn that the man about to throw the passes
is Hinds Ward himself. Look at him run. Yes! The once scrawny kid hammered by the coach
of the PeeWee league caught every single pass. You look like me out there! Then they asked
was he up for one more dare? They want to know if you want to try and kick it? Haven't
done that in a while. But sure! Nervous but he is the guy who said sometimes the only
safe thing is to take a chance. I used to be able to do it. It's better to be a used
to be than never was. That's for damn sure. You know what I mean? I can do this. I think.
How's it going? Daniel. Nice to meet you. I'm Randy. Nice to meet you. Here we go.