Anyone But Me Season One: Ep 1. "Heavy Lifting"

Uploaded by AnyoneButMeWebSeries on 19.12.2009

>>VIVIAN (V.O.): We went down to Battery Park. The sun was setting.
She looked... amazing. But I could barely look at her.
How could I tell her I was leaving? It's hard to imagine what my life would be like without her.
Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days before 9/11; Before my dad ran into those buildings.
He was a firefighter and... the air that day made him sick.
So, now we have to move out of the city.
Aster didn't understand. I didn't either.
I found this awesome person I love more than I thought possible.
And I'm leaving her.
>>FIREMAN: Hey, no way.
>>GABE: Oh, come on, just a thanks. All you've done..?
>>FIREMAN: You take care, Gabe.
>>GABE: Keep safe out there, alright?
>>FIREMAN: You got it, Captain.
>>GABE: Be careful out there.
>>VIVIAN: Dad, what are you doing? Now you're gonna have to get back up.
>>GABE: Well, see, that's the beauty part.
If it means I get to spend a few more seconds in New York City with my daughter then it's worth it.
And once we're out of here, you don't need to be worried of me so much.
Your aunt Jodie gets to yell about whether or not I'm taking care of myself.
>>VIVIAN: Aren't you lucky.
>>GABE: Take it easy, Viv, you don't know her.
>>VIVIAN: Don't you think moving in with your sister-in-law is just..
>>GABE: Ex-sister-in-law.
>>VIVIAN: Whatever. Don't you think it's just a little weird?
Oh, God... oh, dad... You're not... the two of you aren't...
>>GABE: Jesus, Viv, no. I love your mind but... sometimes...
Your aunt Jodie loves you. And she wants to do for you what I can't.
Anyhow, it's not like you'd be exactly keen on any woman I might decide to show an interest in.
>>VIVIAN: What? Like that woman on the internet? "I make best bed"?
You can do at least a bit better than that.
Well, I guess that's our cue.
>>GABE: Everything will be fine, Viv. These are your best years.
>>VIVIAN: He also said "These are the worst of times".
>>GABE: Westchester is not that far, you know.
>>VIVIAN: Yeah, I know. Just not here.
>>ASTER: You didn't think I'd let you go that easy, did you?
>>VIVIAN: I'd hope not.
OK, I have to go or I never will.
>>ASTER: OK. Go. See you soon.
>>VIVIAN: Yeah, you will.
>>AUNT JODIE: You doing OK? I was gonna put up some posters
But all I had was Einstein and Mick Jagger, so... Then, well, I thought magazines, um...
Do you read Vanity Fair or Wall Street Journal? People? It's... don't really know.
And you're way too - look at you - mature for stuffed animals,
So the elephant, the bear, and the little pig are all stuffed in the closet should you ever want to
Please stop me.
>>VIVIAN: You don't have to do anything, Aunt Jodie. I'm fine.
>>AUNT JODIE: I just... wanna be here for you.
>>VIVIAN: I can take care of myself, really.
>>AUNT JODIE: Yeah. I guess you kinda had to. I hate that your mom left when you were so young.
I mean, nobody can make up for that. But, I'm thinking it could be good for you to have a woman around.
We can have girl talks.
>>VIVIAN: You mean like how it feels to get your period? Because I'm sixteen so that sheep has sailed.
>>AUNT JODIE: Or... boys? I mean, not that I'm very reliable on the topic of the opposite sex.
>>VIVIAN: Yeah, me neither.
>>AUNT JODIE: My history with men isn't exactly... Anyhow, I know this is just too weird, isn't it? I should leave you alone.
>>VIVIAN: That'd be good.
>>AUNT JODIE: So, at least can I make you something to eat? And by that I mean I'll try.
Or we could order in. Love to order in.
>>VIVIAN: Maybe later?
>>AUNT JODIE: This is a hard day, I know. But things can work out. You might even like it here.
Just... be open to the possibilities.
Can I... I mean, is it...? Do you do hugs?
>>VIVIAN: Aunt Jodie, you gotta chill.
>>AUNT JODIE: Yeah. I'm working on it.